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Original Article

    1. R The Part and the Whole: Reflections on the Study of a Region1
    2. R Ambilineal Descent Groups in the Northern Gilbert Islands1
    3. R Tooth Size Reduction: A Hominid Trend
    4. R Unity in Diversity in the Celebration of Cattle-Curing Rites in a North Indian Village: A Study in the Resolution of Conflict1
      1. RUTH S. FREED
    5. R Context and Variation in Koya Kinship Terminology1
    6. R Cultural Dimensions: A Factor Analysis of the World Ethnographic Sample1
      1. JACK SAWYER

Brief Communication

    1. R "Bridewealth" vs. "Brideprice"1
      1. George Dalton
    2. R Oblique Discontinuous Exchange: A New Formal Type of Prescriptive Alliance
      1. P. G. Rivière
    3. R Achievement Motivation in Navaho and White Students1
      1. Roland Reboussin
        Joel W. Goldstein
    4. R Material Culture and Cognition1
      1. Michael C. Robbins
    5. R Responses of Brazilian Children to the Pikünas Graphoscopic Scale1
      1. Adrienne Barnwell

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Concerning the Galla
      1. Eike Haberland
    2. R A Reply to Eike Haberland
      1. Simon D. Messing
    3. R Boas: One Phonological Level or Two?
      1. Paul M. Postal
    4. R A Reply to Postal
      1. C. F. Voegelin
        F. M. Voegelin
    5. R Hindu Cousin Marriages
      1. Edwin Eames

Official Reports

    1. R American Anthropological Association Council Meeting, Saturday, November 20, 1965, Denver, Colorado
      1. Stephen T. Boggs
        George D. Spindler
        William C. Sturtevant
        Gordon D. Gibson

Book Review

    1. R ETHNOLOGY: Letters from Edward Sapir to Robert H. Lowie. Edward Sapir
      1. A. Irving Hallowell
    2. R ETHNOLOGY: Culture Against Man. Jules Henry
      1. Rhoda Métraux
    3. R ETHNOLOGY: Initiation Ceremonies: A Cross-Cultural Study of Status Dramatization. Frank W. Young
      1. Yehudi Cohen
    4. R ETHNOLOGY: The Psychoanalytic Study of Society, Volume III. Warner Muensterberger and Sidney Axelrad
      1. Alan Dundes
    5. R ETHNOLOGY: Deep Down in the Jungle: Negro Narrative Folklore from the Streets of Philadelphia. Roger D. Abrahams
      1. Richard M. Dorson
    6. R ETHNOLOGY: A Folklore Reader. Kenneth and Mary Clarke
      1. Alan Dundes
    7. R ETHNOLOGY: The Morphology of North American Indian Folktales. Alan Dundes
      1. Theodore Stern
    8. R ETHNOLOGY: Obshchestvennyi stroi Eskimosov i Aleutov ot materinskogo roda k sosedskoi obshchine. L. A. Fainberg
      1. James W. VanStone
    9. R ETHNOLOGY: The Coast Yuki. Edward W. Gifford
      1. George M. Foster
    10. R ETHNOLOGY: The White Path. W. E. S. Folsom-Dickerson
      1. Raymond D. Fogelson
    11. R ETHNOLOGY: Warriors of the Colorado: The Yumas of the Quechan Nation and their Neighbors. Jack D. Forbes
      1. Bernard L. Fontana
    12. R ETHNOLOGY: Sirma: Residence and Work Organization in a Lappish-Speaking Community. Siri Lavik Dikkanen
      1. Pertti J. Pelto
    13. R ETHNOLOGY: Bus Stop for Paris: The Transformation of a French Village. Robert T. Anderson and Barbara Gallatin Anderson
      1. Lucien Bernot
    14. R ETHNOLOGY: Saints and Fireworks: Religion and Politics in Rural Malta, Jeremy Boissevain
      1. Michael Kenny
    15. R ETHNOLOGY: Religion and Progress in Modern Asia. Robert N. Bellah, Religion in South Asia. Edward B. Harper
      1. Melford E. Spiro
    16. R ETHNOLOGY: Twelve Doors to Japan. John Whitney Hall and Richard K. Beardsley
      1. R. J. Smith
    17. R ETHNOLOGY: Thai Peasant Personality: The Patterning of Interpersonal Behavior in the Village of Bang Chan. Herbert P. Phillips
      1. Charles F. Keyes
    18. R ETHNOLOGY: Folk Practices in North Mexico: Birth Customs, Folk Medicine, and Spiritualism in the Laguna Zone. Isabel Kelly
      1. Arthur J. Rubel
    19. R ETHNOLOGY: Economics and Prestige in a Maya Community: The Religious Cargo System in Zinacantan. Frank Cancian
      1. June Nash
    20. R ETHNOLOGY: Codex Egerton 2895, British Museum, London. C. A. Burland
      1. Donald Robertson
    21. R ETHNOLOGY: Göttergestalten in den mexikanischen Bilderhandschriften der Codex Borgia-Gruppe: Eine ikonographische Untersuchung. Bodo Spranz
      1. H. B. Nicholson
    22. R ETHNOLOGY: Ritual of the Bacabs. Ralph L. Roys
      1. Munro S. Edmonson
    23. R ETHNOLOGY: The Igbo of Southeast Nigeria. Victor C. Uchendu
      1. Simon Ottenberg
    24. R ETHNOLOGY: A Maori Community in Northland. P. W. Hohepa
      1. Marianne L. Stoller
    25. R LINGUISTICS: Kharia-Texte (Prosa und Poesie). Heinz-Jürgen Pinnow
      1. William Bright
    26. R LINGUISTICS: Handling Unsophisticated Linguistic Informants. Alan Healey
      1. Kenneth L. Hale
    27. R LINGUISTICS: Toward a Science of Translating, with Special Reference to Principles and Procedures Involved in Bible Translating. Eugene A. Nida
      1. William L. Wonderly
    28. R LINGUISTICS: Acoma Grammar and Texts. Wick R. Miller
      1. Irvine Davis
    29. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Archaeology of New York State. William A. Ritchie
      1. W. J. Mayer-Oakes
    30. R ARCHEOLOGY: Southwestern Archaeology. John C. McGregor
      1. Richard B. Woodbury
    31. R ARCHEOLOGY: Salvage Archaeology in Painted Rocks Reservoir Western Arizona. William W. Wasley, and Alfred E. Johnson
      1. James A. Neely
    32. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán: 1959 Investigations. René Millon, Bruce Drewitt and James A. Bennyhoff
      1. Paul Tolstoy
    33. R ARCHEOLOGY: Late Classic Finds at Baking Pot, British Honduras. William R. Bullard
      1. L. R. V. Joesink-Mandeville
    34. R ETHOLOGY AND ANTHROPOMETRY: Naturalistic Behavior of Nonhuman Primates. C. R. Carpenter
      1. Phyllis C. Jay
    35. R ETHOLOGY AND ANTHROPOMETRY: Weight, Height, and Selected Body Dimensions of Adults: United States, 1960–1962. Howard W. Stoudt, Albert Damon, Ross McFarland, and Jean Roberts
      1. T. D. Stewart
    36. R ETHOLOGY AND ANTHROPOMETRY: Suggested Norms of Physical Status for White South African Males Aged 10–26 Years, Based on an Anthropometric Survey. C. S. Grobelaar
      1. Wilton M. Krogman
    37. R OTHER: American History and the Social Sciences. Edward N. Saveth
      1. Wilcomb E. Washburn
    38. R OTHER: The Fur Trader and the Indian. Lewis O. Saum
      1. Harold Hickerson
    39. R OTHER: A Record of Travels in Arizona and California, 1775–1776. Francisco Garces
      1. Edward H. Spicer
    40. R OTHER: Trade Castles and Forts of West Africa. A. W. Lawrence
      1. J. C. Anene
    41. R OTHER: Missions to the Niger; Vol. I: The Journal of Friedrich Hornemann's Travels from Cairo to Murzuk in the Years 1797–98, [and] The Letters of Major Alexander Gordon Laing 1824–26. E. W. Bovill
      1. Daniel McCall
    42. R OTHER: Africa before They Came: The Continent, North, South, East and West, Preceding the Colonial Powers. Galbraith Welch
      1. Jan Vansina
    43. R OTHER: Descent from the Hills. Stanhope White
      1. Keith F. Otterbein
    44. R OTHER: The Road to Independence: Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Immanuel Wallerstein
      1. Leslie Rubin
    45. R OTHER: Racial Themes in Southern Rhodesia: The Attitudes and Behavior of the White Population. Cyril, A. Rogers and C. Frantz. Foreword by Robert C. Tredgold
      1. Ralph Heine
    46. R OTHER: The Natural History of Aggression: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the British Museum (Natural History), London, from 21 to 22 October 1963. J. D. Carthy and F. J. Ebling, The Nature of Human Conflict. Elton B. McNeil
      1. Ralph Holloway
    47. R OTHER: Functionalism in the Social Sciences: The Strengths and Limits of Functionalism in Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology. Don Martindale
      1. Michael G. Owen
    48. R OTHER: Interviewing: Its Forms and Functions. Stephen A. Richardson, Barbara Snell Dohrenwend, and David Klein
      1. June Nash
    49. R OTHER: Social Science Research on Latin America: Report and Papers of a Seminar on Latin American Studies in the United States held at Stanford, California, July 8–August 23, 1963. Charles Wagley
      1. David E. Apter
    50. R OTHER: The Resources, Levels of Living, and Aspirations of Rural Households in Negros Oriental. Agaton P. Pal
      1. Charles Kaut
    51. R OTHER: Dress, Adornment, and the Social Order. Mary Ellen Roach and Joanne Bubolz Eicher
      1. Ruth Boyer
    52. R OTHER: Gesture and Rank in Roman Art: The Use of Gestures to Denote Status in Roman Sculpture and Coinage. Richard Brilliant
      1. Hans Guggenheim


    1. R Homenaje a Juan Comas en su 65 aniversario. Vol. I: Indigenismo—Lingüística—Arqueología; Vol. II: Antropología física. Alfonso Caso, Eusebio Dávalos H., Santiago Genovés, Miguel León-Portilla, and Demetrio Sodi

Film Review

    1. R Corn and the Origins of Settled Life in Meso-America. Filmed and produced in 1963–1964 by Educational Services, Inc. Consultants and and commentators: Michael Coe, Richard MacNeish, and Paul Mangelsdorf
      1. J. Charles Kelley
    2. R Sinew-Backed Bow and Its Arrows. Photographed and produced in 1961 by the University of California Extension Media Center, with Samuel A. Barrett as consultant
      1. T. M. Hamilton
    3. R Totem Pole. Filmed and produced in 1963 by the University of California Extension Media Center under the direction of Wilson Duff
      1. Helen Codere

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received