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Original Article

    1. R The Genesis of Bilaterality Among Two Divisions of Chippewa1


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Original Article

    1. R Cultural Structuring of Tactile Experience in a Borneo Society1
    2. R Medical Anthropology and the Study of Biological and Cultural Adaptation1


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Original Article

    1. R Navajos and Eastern Kentuckians: A Comparative Study in the Cultural Consequences of the Demographic Transition1
    2. R Computer Simulation and Analysis of Problems in Kinship and Social Structure
      1. JOHN P. GILBERT
        E. A. HAMMEL
    3. R Changing Patterns of Social Integration: A Prehistoric Example from the American Southwest1
    4. R Cranial Capacity, Neural Reorganization, and Hominid Evolution: A Search for More Suitable Parameters1
    5. R The Limitations of the Principle of Limited Possibilities1


    1. R BETTY WARREN STARR 1906–1964
      1. Joseph B. Casagrande
    2. R IVAR SKARLAND 1899–1965
      1. Frederick Hadleigh West
    3. R JOHN FINLEY FREEMAN 1929–1965
      1. George W. Stocking
    4. R WILLARD Z. PARK 1906–1965
      1. George Peter Murdock

Brief Communications

    1. R Glottochronology and the Turkish Basic Vocabulary
      1. JOE E. PIERCE
    2. R On "Anthropological Linguistics" and Congeners
      1. DELL HYMES
    3. R The Couvade: A Reply to Kupferer
    4. R Turu Esthetic Concepts
      1. Harold K. Schneider
    5. R Comments on a Translation of Durkheim on Incest
      1. Rodney Needham
    6. R Samoan Kinship and Political Structure: An Archeological Test to Decide Between the Two Alternative Reconstructions1 (Ember's vs. Freeman's)
      1. Melvin Ember
    7. R Anthropological Theorizing and Historical Scholarship: A Reply to M. Ember
      1. Derek Freeman
    8. R Comments on the Analysis of Purum Society
      1. Rodney Needham
    9. R On Determining the Probable Rate of Population Growth During the Neolithic
      1. Robert L. Carneiro
        Daisy F. Hilse
    10. R Drinking Behavior and Race Relations
      1. Eugene Ogan
    11. R Joking Relationships in an Industrial Setting
      1. A. J. M. Sykes
    12. R Pre-Folsom Estimates of the Age of Man in America (With Comments by Cotter)
      1. John. L. Cotter
    13. R Cognitive Aspects of American Kin Terms
      1. Pertti J. Pelto
    14. R Foster's "Image of Limited Good": An Example of Anthropological Explanation1
      1. David Kaplan
        Benson Saler
    15. R Further Remarks on Foster's "Image of Limited Good"
      1. John W. Bennett
    16. R Foster's Reply to Kaplan, Saler, and Bennett
      1. George M. Foster
    17. R Comments on "The Renaissance Foundations of Anthropology"
      1. John W. Bennett
    18. R Further Notes on the Renaissance and Anthropology: A Reply to Bennett
      1. John Howland Rowe

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Comas' Rejoinder to R. N. Adams
      1. Juan Comas
    2. R A Reply to Comas
      1. Richard N. Adams
    3. R On Culture: A Critique of Kaplan's "Superorganic"
      1. Clifton Amsbury
    4. R Re: "Utopiates"—A Reply to La Barre
      1. Richard H. Blum
    5. R La Barre's Rejoinder
      1. Weston Barre
    6. R Concerning Pilling's Review of "Australian Aboriginal Studies"
      1. F. D. McCarthy
    7. R Response to Zuidema's Review of "The Empire of the Inca"
      1. Burr C. Brundage
    8. R A Reply to Brundage
      1. R. T. Zuidema
    9. R Concerning Montagu's Criticisms of Conrad's "The Many Worlds of Man"
      1. Jack Conrad
    10. R A Reply to Conrad
      1. Ashley Montagu

Book Reviews

    1. R Ethnology and General: Millennial Dreams in Action: Essays in Comparative Study. Sylvia L. Thrupp
      1. Raymond Fogelson
    2. R Ethnology and General: Road Belong Cargo: A Study of the Cargo Movement in the Southern Madang District, New Guinea. Peter Lawrence
      1. William Davenport
    3. R Ethnology and General: Religiia v istorii narodov mira. S. A. Tokarev: Rannie formy religii i ikh razvitie. S. A. Tokarev
      1. Stephen P. Dunn
    4. R Ethnology and General: Hindu Polytheism. Alain Daniélou
      1. J. Mavalwala
    5. R Ethnology and General: Igama Tirtha: Five Studies in Hindu-Balinese Religion. C. Hooykaas
      1. Clifford Geertz
    6. R Ethnology and General: Die religiösen Vorstellungen in den Mythen der formosanischen Bergslämme. Alois Pache
      1. Erika Kaneko
    7. R Ethnology and General: Riddles in Filipino Folklore: An Anthropological Analysis. Donn V. Hart. Syracuse
      1. Charles O. Frake
    8. R Ethnology and General: African Systems of Thought: Studies Presented and Discussed at the Third International African Seminar in Salisbury, December 1960. M. Fortes and G. Dieterlen
      1. Jacques Maquet
    9. R Ethnology and General: Survivances préislamiques en pays Zaghawa. Marie-José Tubiana
      1. Andreas Kronenberg
    10. R Ethnology and General: La Division du temps et le calendrier rituel des peuples lagunaires de Côte d'Ivoire. Georges Niangoran-Bouah
      1. Igor Kopytoff
    11. R Ethnology and General: Spider Divination in the Cameroons. Paul Gebauer
      1. Phyllis Kaberry
    12. R Ethnology and General: Studies in Siberian Shamanism. Henry N. Michael
      1. D. B. Shimkin
    13. R Ethnology and General: Hawks of the Sun: Mapuche Morality and Its Ritual Attributes. L. C. Faron
      1. Mischa Titiev
    14. R Ethnology and General: The Shango Cult in Trinidad. George Eaton Simpson
      1. Donald W. Hogg
    15. R Ethnology and General: Peddlers and Princes: Social Change and Economic Modernization in Two Indonesian Towns. Clifford Geertz
      1. Edward M. Bruner
    16. R Ethnology and General: Masi en Samebygd. Adolf Steen
      1. Robert T. Anderson
    17. R Ethnology and General: No More for Ever; A Saharan Jewish Town. Lloyd Cabot Briggs and Nokina Lami Guede
      1. Leonard Kasdan
    18. R Ethnology and General: Social Nudism in America. Feed Ilfeld, Jr. and Roger Lauer
      1. J. F. Downs
    19. R Ethnology and General: The Lost Universe, with a closing chapter on The Universe Regained. Gene Weltfish
      1. Preston Holder
    20. R Ethnology and General: Catálogo de la colección de códices, John B. Glass
      1. Joaquín Galarza
    21. R Ethnology and General: Bibliografía de arqueologia y etnografía: Mesoamérica y Norte de México 1514–1960. Ignacio Bernal
      1. James R. Jaquith
    22. R Ethnology and General: Bibliografía básica de etnología de Venezuela. Helmut Fuchs
      1. Carroll L. Riley
    23. R Ethnology and General: Panorama der Volken. Deel I—Volken van Amerika en Oceanië. P. van Emst
      1. Robert F. Spencer
    24. R Ethnology and General: A Hundred Years of Anthropology. T. K. Penniman
      1. A. Irving Hallowell
    25. R Ethnology and General: The Study of Anthropology. Pertti J. Pelto
      1. Malcolm Collier
    26. R Ethnology and General: African Ecology and Human Evolution. F. Clark Howell and François Bourlière
      1. Maxine R. Kleindienst
    27. R Physical Anthropology: Human Diversity: The Nature and Significance of Differences Among Men. Kenneth Mather
      1. James F. Crow
    28. R Physical Anthropology: Craneotrigonometría: tratado práctico de geometría craneana. René Herrera Fritot
      1. Santiago Genovés
    29. R Physical Anthropology: The Most Ancient Eskimos: The Eskimo Affinities of Dorset Culture Skeletal Remains. Lawrence Oschinsky
      1. Frederick A. Milan
    30. R Other: Basic Concepts in Sociology. Max Weber
      1. Jack Goody
    31. R Other: Social Structure and Personality. Talcott Parsons
      1. William Davenport
    32. R Other: Women in the New Asia: The Changing Social Roles of Men and Women in South and South-East Asia. Barbara E. Ward
      1. Anna P. McCormack
    33. R Other: The Ballad-Drama of Medieval Japan. James T. Araki
      1. William P. Malm
    34. R Other: The Legacy of China. Raymond Dawson
      1. Morton H. Fried
    35. R Other: Chasing the Dragon: A Report on Drug Addiction in Hong Kong. Albert G. Hess
      1. Cornelius Osgood
    36. R Other: Taiwan—ilha Formosa: A Geography in Perspective. Chiao-Min Hsieh
      1. Morton H. Fried
    37. R Other: Peranakan Chinese Politics in Indonesia. Mary F. Somers
      1. Lea Williams
    38. R Other: Letters of a Javanese Princess. Raden Adjeng Kartini
      1. Elizabeth Pino Wittermans
    39. R Other: Child of Two Worlds: a Kikuyu's Story. R. Mugo Gatheru
      1. John Middleton
    40. R Other: The Kurds and Kurdistan. Derk Kinnane
      1. Robert A. Fernea
    41. R Other: Mongols of the Twentieth Century, Part II. Robert A. Rupen
      1. Lawrence Krader
    42. R Other: Guide to Russian Reference Books. Volume II: History, Auxiliary Historical Sciences, Ethnography, and Geography. Karol Maichel. Edited by J. S. G. Simmons
      1. Dorthy Libby
    43. R Other: Man and the Land: A Cultural Geography. George F. Carter
      1. Richard B. Woodbury
    44. R Other: Aridity and Man: The Challenge of the Arid Lands in the United States. Carle Hodge and Peter C. Duisberg: Land and Water Use: A Symposium presented at the Denver Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 27–29 December 1961. Wynne Thorne
      1. John W. Bennett
    45. R Other: The Meaning of the Twentieth Century: The Great Transition. Kenneth E. Boulding
      1. David S. Tillson
    46. R Other: La esclavitud en Valencia durante el reinado de los Reyes Católicos (1479–1516). Vicenta Cortés
      1. Richard M. Morse
    47. R Other: A Study of a Biased Friendship Net. T. J. Fararo and Morris H. Sunshine
      1. Raoul Naroll
    48. R Other: Leadership in a Small Town. Aaron Wildavsky
      1. Y. T. Witherspoon
    49. R Other: Patienthood in the Mental Hospital: An Analysis of Role, Personality, and Social Structure. Daniel J. Levinson and Eugene B. Gallagher
      1. Charles C. Hughes
    50. R Other: Methodology of the Behavioral Sciences: Problems and Controversies. Rollo Handy
      1. David Bidney
    51. R Other: Theory of Man. Francisco Romero
      1. David Bidney
    52. R Other: Approaches to Semiotics: Cultural Anthropology, Education, Linguistics, Psychiatry, Psychology. Thomas A. Sebeok, Alfred S. Hayes, and Mary Catherine Bateson
      1. George L. Trager
    53. R Other: I Come from the Stone Age. Heinrich Harrer
      1. Denise O'Brien
    54. R Other: Farewell to Eden. Mathew Huxley and Cornell Capa
      1. Harold W. Scheffler
    55. R Other: U. S. Army Area Handbook for Venezuela. Wendell Blanchard and others
      1. Carroll L. Riley
    56. R MISCELLANIES. Müveltség és Hagyomány: Studia Ethnologica Hungariae el Centralis ac Orientalis Europae, V. Gunda Béla

Film Reviews

    1. R Matjemosh. Filmed and directed by Adrian A. Gerbrands, Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde
      1. Thomas M. Kiefer

New Publications

    1. R New Publications Received As of October 8, 1965