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    1. R Preface
      1. Laura Nader

Original Article

    2. R The Anthropological Study of Law1
      1. LAURA NADER
    3. R The Differing Realms of the Law
    4. R Part Two Ethnographic Approaches: Fundamental Cultural Postulates and Judicial Lawmaking in Pakistan1
    5. R The Family and Kinship System of Illegitimate Children in California Law
    6. R Anthropological Notes on Disputes and Law in India1
      1. BERNARD S. COHN
    7. R Sex Identity Conflict and Physical Violence: A Comparative Study
    8. R PART THREE METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES. Ethnographic Description and the Study of Law
      1. MARY BLACK
    9. R A Formal Analysis of Substantive Law: Kapauku Papuan Laws of Inheritance
    10. R Oaths, Autonomic Ordeals, and Power1
      1. JOHN M. ROBERTS
    11. R The Social Consequences of a Dry Well1
      1. JAMES F. DOWNS
    12. R The Marginal Peasant in Rural Brazil
    13. R Koya Language Morphology and Patterns of Kinship Behavior1
    14. R The Meaning and Method of Afa Divination among the Northern Nsukka Ibo
    15. R Quarrels in a Balkan Village
    16. R An Eye for an Eye, A Tooth for a Tooth: A Cross-Cultural Study of Feuding1
    17. R Responses to Interpersonal Conflict by Middle Class Males in Guadalajara and Michigan1
      1. NOEL F. McGINN
    18. R The Stylistic Significance of Consonantal SanaThi in Trukese and Ponapean
      1. J. L. FISCHER


    1. R J. LOUIS GIDDINGS (1909–1964)*
      1. Froelich Rainey
      1. Paul Bohannan George Dalton
    3. R H. NEWELL WARDLE 1875–1964
      1. J. Alden Mason

Brief Communications

    1. R The "Born-Between" Phenomenon Among the Navajo
      1. Blodwen Hammond
        Mary Shepardson
    2. R Lagging Emulation in Southern Nigeria
      1. Evalyn Aligwekwe
    3. R A Type of Cashibo Moral Judgment
      1. Lila Wistrand
    4. R Remarks on Diebold, "A Control Case for Glottochronology"
      1. Karl V. Teeter
    5. R A Biased View: A Rebuttal to Solien
      1. Douglas Taylor
    6. R Reply to Taylor
      1. Nancie L. Solien González
    7. R The Evolution of the Potter's Wheel: The Philippines Data
      1. Daniel J. Scheans
    8. R Notes on the Ecology of Irrigation Agriculture in Contemporary Peasant Societies
      1. Henry Orenstein
    9. R The Ordos System of Kinship Relations and Terminology
      1. Lawrence Krader
    10. R Reply to Johnson's Comments on Freilich's Review of "Reason in Society: Five Types or Decisions and Their Conditions"
      1. Morris Freilich
    11. R Samoa: A Matter of Emphasis
      1. Derek Freeman
    12. R A Note on Fisher's Exact Test
      1. Allan D. Coult
    13. R The Consanguineal Household and Matrifocality
      1. Nancie L. Solien González
    14. R Frogs, Breasts, and Primitive Art: A Reply to Jule Eisenbud
      1. Roberta S. Greenwood
    15. R What is Graduate Education in Anthropology?
      1. Stanley M. Garn
    16. R "Other-Culture" vs. "Own-Culture": Some Thoughts on L. White's Query
      1. Mary R. Haas

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Comment on Matson's "The Broken Image: Man, Science, and Society"
      1. Murray Wax
      1. John Beattie
      1. Evon Z. Vogt
      1. Edmund R. Leach

Book Reviews

    1. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: Navaho Indian Ethnoentomology. Leland C. Wyman and Flora L. Bailey. (University of New Mexico Publications in Anthropology Number 12.)
      1. Ralph Bulmer
    2. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: Kaibah: Recollection of a Navajo Girlhood. Kay Bennett. With chapter illustrations by the author. (Great West and Indian Series XXVII.)
      1. Flora L. Bailey
    3. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: No Turning Back: A True Account of a Hopi Indian Girl's Struggle to Bridge the Gap Between the World of Her People and the World of the White Man. Polingaysi Qoyawayma (Elizabeth White). As told to Vada F. Carlson
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    4. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: The Shoshonis: Sentinels of the Rockies. Virginia Cole Trenholm and Maurine Carley. (The Civilization of the American Indian Series, 74.)
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    10. R Book Reviews
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    28. R Book Reviews
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    42. R Book Reviews
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Film Reviews

    1. R Aufbau der völkerkundlichen Film-Enzyklopädie (The Building up of the Ethnological Film Encyclopedia). Produced by the Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film
      1. E. Richard Sorenson
    2. R One Hundred Years of Archaeology (in India). Produced by the Government of India, directed by Mr. Ezra-Mir, 1962. 16 mm., black-and-white, optical sound, running time 18 minutes
      1. Walter A. Fairservis
    3. R Urban Life. 9 Film loops. Produced by International Communications Foundation with Pat and John Hitchcock as consultants. 8 mm., color, silent, running time less than 4 minutes each
      1. Michael M. Horowitz

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received