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Original Article

    1. R Peasant Society and the Image of Limited Good*
    2. R Some North Pacific Coast Poems: a Problem in Anthropological Philology
      1. DELL HYMES
    3. R Structural and Conceptual Replication in Zinacantan Culture1
      1. EVON Z. VOGT
    4. R Charcoals, Sands, and Channel Decorated Pottery from Northern Rhodesia1
        B. M. FAGAN
    5. R Acculturation, Self-Identification, and Personality Adjustment1
    6. R Choices in Legal Procedure: Shia Moslem and Mexican Zapotec1
      1. LAURA NADER

Variation and Adaptability of Culture: A Symposium

    1. R Variation and Adaptability of Culture: A Symposium: Introduction*
      1. Walter Goldschmidt
    2. R Theory and Strategy in the Study of Cultural Adaptability
    3. R Environmental Potentials and Economic Opportunities—A Background for Cultural Adaptation
    4. R Individuality, Freedom of Choice, and Cultural Flexibility of the Kamba
    5. R Korok: A Variable Unit of Physical and Social Space among the Pokot of East Africa
    6. R The Political Context of Economic Adaptation in the Southern Highlands of Tanganyika
      1. EDGAR V. WINANS


    1. R "Cultural" vs. "Ecological" Factors in the Expression of Values, Attitudes, and Personality Characteristics
    2. R VERRIER ELWIN 1902–1964
      1. David G. Mandelbaum
    3. R JANE ORSTAN BRIGHT 1940–1964
      1. Harry Hoijer
    4. R ROBERT CANNON 1909–1964
      1. Edmund Carpenter

Brief Communications

    1. R Body-Image and Identity: A Comparison of Kwakiutl and Hopi1
      1. Susan Koessler Postal
    2. R Brief Notes on the Furlong Collections
      1. C. W. Furlong
    3. R On Hayden's List of Cheyenne Military Societies
      1. Karen Daniels Petersen
    4. R Report from VIIth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnographic Sciences*
      1. P. Stephen
        Ethel Dunn
      1. Walter P. Zenner
    6. R Sociolinguistics, Ethnolinguistics, and Anthropological Linguistics
      1. C. F. Voegelin
    7. R Some Comments on Norbeck's African Rituals or Conflict
      1. Pierre L. Berghe
    8. R Norbeck's Reply to van den Berghe
      1. Edward Norbeck
    9. R Directed Change of the Culture Core
      1. Henry G. Burger
    10. R Venn Diagrams and Human Taxonomy
      1. Winthrop A. Burr
        Donald E. Gerson
    11. R Inventaria Archaeologica Africana*
      1. Jacques Nenquin
    12. R A Counter to a Reply to a Comment
      1. Milton Jacobs
    13. R Crow Terminological Scales: Corrections
      1. I. R. Buchler

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Religious Freedom of Indians Again Upheld
      1. Weston Barre
    2. R Criticism of Review of "Hidden Heart of Baja"
      1. Clement W. Meighan
    3. R Reply to Hurt's Review of "Wakinyan: Contemporary Teton Dakota Religion"
      1. Stephen E. Feraca
    4. R Rejoinder to Feraca's Reply
      1. Wesley R. Hurt

Book Reviews

    1. R PRIMATOLOGY AND PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Primates. John Napier and N. A, Barnicot
      1. John Buettner-Janusch
    2. R PRIMATOLOGY AND PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Evolutionary and Genetic Biology of Primates. Vol. I. John Buettner-Janusch
      1. James A. Gavan
    3. R PRIMATOLOGY AND PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Evolutionary and Genetic Biology of Primates. Vol. II. John Buettner-Janusch
      1. William S. Laughlin
    4. R PRIMATOLOGY AND PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Human Biology: An Introduction to Human Evolution, Variation and Growth. G. A. Harrison, J. S. Weiner, J. M. Tanner, and N. A. Barnicot
      1. Alice M. Brues
    5. R PRIMATOLOGY AND PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Bone and Tooth: Proceedings of the First European Symposium held at Somerville College, Oxford, April 1963. H. J. J. Blackwood
      1. James E. Anderson
    6. R PRIMATOLOGY AND PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Davidson Black: A Biography. Dora Hood
      1. Ralph G. H. R. Koenigswald
    7. R PRIMATOLOGY AND PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: La población prehispánica de las Islas Canarias: Investigaciones antropológicas. Ilse Schwidetzky
      1. Lawrence Oschinsky
    8. R PRIMATOLOGY AND PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Analysis of the Racial Structure of Egyptian Population in Predynastic Period. Andrzej Wiercinski
      1. Lloyd Cabot Briggs
    9. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: La antropologia social aplicada en México: trayectoria y antología. Juan Comas
      1. Richard N. Adams
    10. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: The Azetecs Under Spanish Rule: A History of the Indians of the Valley of Mexico, 1519–1810. Charles Gibson
      1. William Madsen
    11. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Medicina y magia: El proceso de aculturación en la estructura colonial. Gonzalo Aguirre Beltrán
      1. William Madsen
    12. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Medicina Maya en los altos de Chiapas: un estudio del cambio socio-cultural. William R. Holland
      1. Evon Z. Vogt
      1. Aubrey Williams
    14. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Puerto Rico: Freedom and Power in the Caribbean. Gordon K. Lewis
      1. Robert A. Manners
    15. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: The Urban Ambience: A Study of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Theodore Caplow, Sheldon Stryker, and Samuel E. Wallace
      1. Andrew H. Whitford
    16. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: The Early Jewish Community of Boston's North End: A Sociologically Oriented Study of an Eastern European Jewish Immigrant Community in an American Big-City Neighborhood between 1870 and 1900. Arnold A. Wieder
      1. Walter P. Zenner
    17. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Inter-Ethnic Relations in a Plural Society. Elizabeth Wittermans. Groningen, The Netherlands: J. B. Wolters
      1. Edward Norbeck
    18. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: The Vanishing Village: A Danish Maritime Community. Robert T. Anderson, and Barbara Gallatin Anderson
      1. Donald S. Pitkin
    19. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Social Change: Sources, Patterns, and Consequences. Amitai Etzioni and Eva Etzioni
      1. Robert S. Merrill
    20. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: The After Hours: Modern Japan and the Search for Enjoyment. David W. Plath
      1. Edward Norbeck
    21. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: From Peasant to Pedicab Driver: A Social Study of Northeastern Thai Farmers who Periodically Migrated to Bangkok and Became Pedicab Drivers. Robert B. Textor. Foreword by Harry J. Benda
      1. Joel M. Halpern
    22. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Les Économies paysannes malgaches du Bas-Mangoky. Paul Ottino
      1. Peter J. Wilson
    23. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Africans on the Land: Economic Problems of African Agricultural Development in Southern, Central, and East Africa, with Special Reference to Southern Rhodesia. Montague Yudelman
      1. Hugh Ashton
    24. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Transforming Traditional Agriculture. Theodore W. Schultz
      1. J. A. Silva Michelena
    25. R CULTURE CHANGE, APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Culture Change in Tribal Bihar: Munda and Oraon. Sachchidananda
      1. R. S. Khare
    26. R ETHNOMUSICOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: The Anthropology of Music. Alan P. Merriam
      1. David P. McAllester
    27. R ETHNOMUSICOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: Theory and Method in Ethnomusicology. Bruno Nettl
      1. Wllard Rhodes
    28. R ETHNOMUSICOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: Musicology. Frank Ll. Harrison, Mantle Hood, and Claude V. Palisca
      1. Darius L. Thieme
    29. R ETHNOMUSICOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: A Guide for Field Workers in Folklore. Kenneth S. Goldstein
      1. Alan Dundes
    30. R ETHNOMUSICOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: Fundamentals of Folk Literature. George W. Boswell and J. Russell Reaver
      1. Francis Utley
    31. R ETHNOMUSICOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis. Robert Graves and Raphael Patai
      1. Omer C. Stewart
    32. R ETHNOMUSICOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: Namazu-e and Their Themes: An Interpretative Approach to Some Aspects of Japanese Folk Religion. C. Ouwehand
      1. Mischa Titiev
    33. R ETHNOMUSICOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: The Krobo: Traditional Social and Religious Life of a West African People. Hugo Huber
      1. James B. Christensen
    34. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: Pattern in Cultural Anthropology. Melville Jacobs
      1. John P. Gillin
    35. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: Essays on Social Organization and Values. Raymond Firth
      1. Feed Eggan
    36. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: Other Cultures: Aims, Methods and Achievements in Social Anthropology. John Beattie
      1. Evon Z. Vogt
    37. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: Social Control in an African Society: A Study of the Arusha, Agricultural Masai of Northern Tanganyika. Philip H. Gulliver
      1. E. Adamson Hoebel
    38. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: Honour, Family and Patronage: A Study of Institutions and Moral Values in a Greek Mountain Community. J. K. Campbell
      1. Julian Pitt-Rivers
    39. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: Porodica u Transformaciji: Stadia u Tri Stotine Jugoslavenskih Sela [The Family in Transformation: Studies in Three Hundred Yugoslavian Villages]. Vera S. Erlich
      1. Irwin T. Sanders
    40. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: Life in a Turkish Village. Joe E. Pierce
      1. Leonard Kasdan
    41. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: Man and Society in Iran. A. Reza Arasteh, in collaboration with Josephine Arasteh
      1. Fredrik Barth
    42. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: Grundzüge des chimsischen Volkscharakters. Thaddäus Hang
      1. Wolfram Eberhard
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      1. Leon Siroto
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      1. Clark E. Cunningham
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      1. William B. Griffen
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      1. Wolfgang Haberland
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      1. Asen Balikci
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      1. James W. VanStone
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      1. William A. Lessa
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      1. Arnold R. Pilling
    55. R ETHNOLOGY AND GENERAL: The Peoples of Siberia. M. G. Levin and L. P. Potapov
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    56. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Archeology of Cape Denbigh. J. L. Giddings
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      1. Arthur H. Rohn
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      1. Robert Ascher
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      1. Lewis Binford
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      1. C. G. Holland
    63. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Archaeology of Central Philippines: A Study Chiefly of the Iron Age and its Relationships. Wilhelm G. Solheim, II
      1. H. R. Heekeren
    64. R LINGUISTICS: How to Do Things With Words. John L. Austin
      1. Dell Hymes
    65. R LINGUISTICS: Trends in Modern Linguistics. Christine Morhmann, F. Norman, and Alf Sommer-felt
      1. F. Gomes Matos
    66. R LINGUISTICS: A Programmed Introduction to Linguistics: Phonetics and Phonemics. Cynthia D. Buchanan
      1. F. Gomes Matos
    67. R Book Reviews
      1. Sophie D. Coe
        Michael D. Coe
    68. R LINGUISTICS: Indian Place-Names in New Jersey. Donald Wm. Becker. Cedar Grove
      1. Gordon M. Day
    69. R LINGUISTICS: Die Grundlagen des Ful und das Mauretanische. Hans G. Mukarovsky
      1. Hans Wolff
    70. R OTHER: Reflections on Community Studies. Arthur J. Vidich, Joseph Bensman, and Maurice R. Stein
      1. Charles Wagley
    71. R OTHER: Utopiates: The Use & Users of LSD-25. Richard Blum and Associates
      1. Weston Barre
    72. R OTHER: The Family. William J. Goode
      1. Melford E. Spiro
    73. R OTHER: The Family: Its Structure and Function. Rose Laub Coser
      1. Marvin K. Opler
    74. R OTHER: Foundations of Behavioral Research: Educational and Psychological Inquiry. Fred N. Kerlinger
      1. Raoul Naroll
    75. R OTHER: One World Divided: A Geographer Looks at the Modern World. Preston E. James. Map Design by Eileen W. James
      1. William L. Thomas

Film Review

    1. R Thompson: Amazon Family
      1. Robert F. Murphy

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received