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Original Article

    1. R The Renaissance Foundations of Anthropology
    2. R Computer Methods for Analyzing Genealogical Space1
      1. ALLAN D. COULT
    3. R A Generalization of the Cross/Parallel Distinction1
      1. PAUL KAY
    4. R Primitive Money1
    5. R Caribbean Family Organization: A Comparative Analysis1


    1. R WILLIAM R. HOLLAND 1928–1964
      1. Edward H. Spicer

Brief Communications

    1. R Structure and Process: the Purum Case
      1. Charles Ackerman
    2. R Descent Systems, Affines and Kindreds: A Rejoinder to Befu
      1. Donna Nelson
    3. R Befu's Reply to Nelson
      1. Harumi Befu
    4. R Magic and Religion in Sinhalese Society
      1. Hans-Dieter Evers
    5. R Couvade: Ritual or Real Illness1
      1. Harriet J. K. Kupferer
    6. R Those Polynesian Voyages
      1. Andrew Sharp
    7. R Anthropological "Values" and Culture Change: A Note
      1. Austin J. Shelton
    8. R Prognosticative Calendar Systems
      1. Arthur J. Rubel
    9. R Formal Versus Informal Estimates of Cultural Stability
      1. Hans Hoffmann

Letters to the Editor

    1. R The "Human Versus Culture" Controversy
      1. Clifton Amsbury
    3. R Graves' Review of Barnouw's "Culture and Personality"
      1. Jack Conrad
    4. R Concerning Graves' Review of Barnouw: A Reply to Conrad
      1. Theodore D. Graves

Book Reviews

    1. R ETHNOLOGY: Cooperation in Change: An Anthropological Approach to Community Development. Ward Hunt Goodenough
      1. Homer G. Barnett
    2. R ETHNOLOGY: Capital, Saving and Credit in Peasant Societies: Studies from Asia, Oceania, The Caribbean and Middle America, Raymond Firth and B. S. Yamey
    3. R ETHNOLOGY: Kapauku Papuan Economy. Leopold Pospisil
      1. Raymond Firth
    4. R ETHNOLOGY: A Study in Ritual Modification: The Work of the Gods in Tikopia in 1929 and 1952. Raymond Firth and James Spillius
      1. William A. Lessa
    5. R ETHNOLOGY: Government, Politics, and Social Structure in Laos: A Study of Tradition and Innovation. Joel M. Halpern
      1. Michael Moerman
    6. R ETHNOLOGY: The Sherpas of Nepal: Buddhist Highlanders. Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf
      1. Geoffrey E. Gorer
    7. R ETHNOLOGY: Family and Marrriage. John Mogey
      1. David M. Schneider
    8. R ETHNOLOGY: Mediterranean Countrymen: Essays in the Social Anthropology of the Mediterranean. Julian Pitt-Rivers
      1. Michael Kenny
    9. R ETHNOLOGY: Buurri Al Lamaab: A Suburban Village in the Sudan. Harold B. Barclay
      1. Kenneth L. Crose
    10. R ETHNOLOGY: The Mossi of the Upper Volta: The Political Development of a Sudanese People. Elliott P. Skinner
      1. Peter B. Hammond
    11. R ETHNOLOGY: Social and Ritual Life of the Ambo of Northern Rhodesia. Bronislaw Stefaniszyn
      1. Elizabeth Colson
    12. R ETHNOLOGY: Folk Songs of Ghana.J. H. Kwabena Nketia
      1. Darius L. Twieme
    13. R ETHNOLOGY: Africa and Africans. Paul Bohannan
      1. Alfred Harris
    14. R ETHNOLOGY: A Cross-Polity Survey. Arthur S. Banks and Robert B. Textor
      1. Harold Guetzpow
    15. R ETHNOLOGY: Sacrifice: Its Nature and Function. Henri Hubert and Marcel Mauss
      1. Grace Harris
    16. R ETHNOLOGY: The Masks of God: Occidental Mythology. Joseph Campbell
      1. Stephen P. Dunn
    17. R ETHNOLOGY: Pueblo Gods and Myths. Hamilton A. Tyler
      1. Charles H. Lange
    18. R ETHNOLOGY: Pima Indian Legends. Anna Moore Shaw
      1. Clara Tanner
    19. R ETHNOLOGY: Friends of Thunder: Folktales of the Oklahoma Cherokees. Jack F. Kilpatrick and Anna G. Kilpatrick
      1. Alice Marriott
    20. R ETHNOLOGY: The Sioux: Life and Customs of a Warrior Society. Royal B. Hassrick
      1. George Metcalf
    21. R ETHNOLOGY: The Indians and Metis of Northern Saskatchewan: A Report on Economic and Social Development. Helen Buckley, J. E. M. Kew, and John B. Hawley
      1. James H. Howard
    22. R ETHNOLOGY: Napaskiak: An Alaskan Eskimo Community. Wendell Oswalt
      1. Margaret Lantis
    23. R ETHNOLOGY: The Indian in America's Past. Jack D. Forbes
      1. Wilcomb Washburn
    24. R ETHNOLOGY: The Americas on the Eve of Discovery. Harold E. Driver
      1. Alice B. Kehoe
    25. R ETHNOLOGY: Les Kayapo du nord, état de Para-Brésil: Contribution à l'étude des Indiens Gé.Simone Dreyfus
      1. Terence S. Turner
    26. R LINGUISTICS: An Introduction to Transformational Grammars. Emmon Bach.
      1. Wallace L. Chafe
    27. R On Linguistic Method: Selected Papers. Paul L. Garvin
      1. Eugene A. Nida
    28. R The Lexicostatistical Classification of the Austronesian Languages. Isidore Dyen
      1. Samuel H. Elbert
    29. R Intermediate Javanese. Elinor C. Horne
      1. Rufus S. Hendon
    30. R Handbook of the Seneca Language. Wallace L. Chafe
      1. Annemarie A. Shimony
    31. R A History of Palaihnihan Phonology.D. L. Olmsted
      1. Harry Hoijer
    32. R ARCHEOLOGY: Prehistoric Man in the New World. Jesse D. Jennings and Edward Norbeck
      1. James A. Ford
    33. R ARCHEOLOGY: Treasures of Ancient America: The Arts of the Pre-Columbian Civilizations from Mexico to Peru.S. K. Lothrop
      1. Clifford Evans
    34. R ARCHEOLOGY: Andes 2, Excavations at Kotosh, Peru. Seiichi Izumi and Toshihiko Sono
      1. Clifford Evans
    35. R ARCHEOLOGY: Excavation of a Portion of the East Ruin, Aztec Ruins National Monument, New Mexico. Roland Richert
    36. R ARCHEOLOGY: Paleo-Indian Culture in Kentucky: A Study Based on Projectile Points. Martha Ann Rolingson
      1. Alfred K. Guthe
    37. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Clam River Focus.W. C. McKern
      1. Warren L. Wittry
    38. R ARCHEOLOGY: Diving Into the Past: Theories, Techniques and Applications of Underwater Archaeology. June Drenning Holmquist and Ardis Hillman Wheeler
      1. Robert F. Heizer
    39. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Human Skeletal Remains from Harappa.N. K. Bose, A. Ghosh, J. M. Datta, P. Gupta, P. C. Dutta, and A. Basu
      1. Theodore D. McCown
    40. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Anthropometric Survey of Turkey, Greece, and Italy.H. T. E. Hertzberg, E. Churchill, C. W. Dupertuis, R. M. White, and A. Damon
      1. J. Lawrence Angel
    41. R GENERAL: Physical Anthropology and Archaeology: Selected Readings. Peter B. Hammond: Cultural and Social Anthropology: Selected Readings. Peter B. Hammond
      1. James R. Jaquite
    42. R GENERAL: Invitation to Anthropology. Douglas L. Oliver
      1. Stephen C. Cappannari
    43. R GENERAL: The Origin of Man and His Culture. Stephen Fuchs
      1. Harumi Befu
    44. R GENERAL: The Problem of Man's Antiquity: An Historical Survey
      1. L. G. Freeman
    45. R OTHER: The Political Systems of Empires.S. N. Eisenstadt
      1. Eric R. Wolf
    46. R OTHER: Empire of the Inca. Burr Cartwright Brundage. With a foreword by Arnold J. Toynbee
      1. R. T. Zuidema
    47. R OTHER: Africa in Time-Perspective: A Discussion on Historical Reconstruction from Unwritten Sources. Daniel F. McCall
      1. Conrad C. Reining
    48. R OTHER: Histoire de l'Afrique.Tome I: Des Origines au XVIe Siècle. Robert Cornevin
      1. Jan Vansina
    49. R OTHER: A History of Ghana.W. E. F. Ward
      1. Robert A. Lystad
    50. R OTHER: Population Characteristics of the Commonwealth Countries of Tropical Africa.T. E. Smith and J. G. C. Blacker
      1. Irene B. Taeuber
    51. R OTHER: The Population Crisis and the Use of World Resources. Stuart Mudd
      1. Paul H. Gebhard
    52. R OTHER: Human Fertility and Population Problems. Roy O. Greep
      1. Vernon R. Dorjahn
    53. R OTHER: Eugenics: Hereditarian Attitudes in American Thought. Mark H. Haller
      1. Earl W. Count
    54. R OTHER: Race: The History of an Idea in America. Thomas F. Gossett
      1. Guy B. Johnson
    55. R OTHER: American Minority Relations: The Sociology of Race and Ethnic Groups. James W. Vander Zanden
      1. George E. Simpson
    56. R OTHER: Caneville: The Social Structure of a South African Town. Pierre L. van den Berghe
      1. Marvin Opler
    57. R OTHER: Amish Society. John A. Hostetler
      1. Harry B. Hawthorn
    58. R OTHER: Class and Nationality: English and American Studies. Joel B. Montague, Jr
      1. Paul Bohannan
    59. R OTHER: Indian Immigrants in Britain. Rashmi Desai
      1. Ruth Hill Useem
    60. R OTHER: A New Maori Migration: Rural and Urban Relations in Northern New Zealand. Joan Metge
      1. James E. Ritchie
    61. R OTHER: The Social Sciences and American Civilization. Bruce Watson and William Tarr
      1. John P. Gillin
    62. R OTHER: The Other Side: Perspectives on Deviance. Howard S. Becker: The Sober Alcoholic: An Organizational Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous. Irving Peter Gellman
      1. Mario J. A. Bick
    63. R OTHER: The Hospital in Modern Society. Eliot Freidson
      1. Kathrine S. French
    64. R OTHER: Game Theory and Related Approaches to Social Behavior: Selections. Martin Shubik
      1. William Davenport
    65. R OTHER: The Broken Image: Man, Science and Society. Floyd W. Matson
      1. Robert Anderson
    66. R OTHER: Morocco: Problems of New Power.I. William Zartman
      1. Clifford Geertz
    67. R OTHER: The Small World of Khanh Hau. James B. Hendry
      1. Charles S. Brant
    68. R OTHER: The Caste War of Yucatan. Nelson Reed. Foreword by Howard F. Cline
      1. Bernard J. Siegel
    69. R OTHER: Navaho Expedition: Journal of a Military Reconnaissance from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the Navaho Country made in 1849 by Lieutenant James H. Simpson
      1. Richard B. Woodbury
    70. R OTHER: The American Drawings of John White 1577–1590, with Drawings of European and Oriental Subjects. Paul Hulton and David Beers Quinn
      1. William N. Fenton
    71. R OTHER: Concepts of Personality. Joseph M. Wepman and Ralph W. Heine
      1. Bert Kaplan
    72. R OTHER: Industrial Creativity: The Psychology of the Inventor. Joseph Rossman. Introduction by Gardner Murphy
      1. H. G. Barnett
    73. R OTHER: Taos Adobes: Spanish Colonial and Territorial Architecture of the Taos Valley. Bainbridge Bunting. Illustrations by Jean Lee Booth and William R. Sims, Jr
      1. E. Boyd
    74. R OTHER: Land and Life: A Selection from the Writings of Carl Ortwin Sauer. Edited, with an introduction, by John Leighly
      1. Ralph L. Beals
    75. R OTHER: The Ecology of North America. Victor E. Shelford
      1. Malcolm F. Farmer
    76. R OTHER: The Nile. Eliot Elisofon
      1. Gordon D. Gibson
    77. R OTHER: Man, Time, and Fossils: The Story of Evolution. Ruth Moore
      1. Jesse D. Jennings
    78. R OTHER: Biologist Philosopher: A Study of the Life and Writings of Alfred Russel Wallace. Wilma George
      1. Betty J. Meggers

Film Review

    1. R Glen Canyon Archeology II. Glen Canyon Archeology III
      1. Nathalie F. S. Woodbury
        Richard B. Woodbury

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received

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