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Part One Introduction


Part Two Linguistic Approaches

    1. R Directions in (Ethno-) Linguistic Theory1
      1. DELL HYMES
    2. R The Sememic Approach to Structural Semantics1
      1. SYDNEY M. LAMB
    3. R Descriptive Semantics of Tzeltal Numeral Classifiers1

Part Three Anthropological Approaches

    1. R Studies in Ethnoscience1
    2. R Notes on Queries in Ethnography1
    3. R Cognitive Aspects of English Kin Terms

Part Four Psychological Approaches

    1. R Semantic Differential Technique in the Comparative Study of Cultures1
    2. R Cultural Differences in Mathematical Concept Learning
    3. R Considerations of Meta-Method in Cross-Cultural Studies

Part Five Discussion And Summary

    1. R Summary of Participants' Discussion
    2. R Discussion of the Conference
      1. ROGER BROWN

Original Article

    1. R The Human Being in Culture Theory
      1. MORRIS E. OPLER
    2. R The Establishment of Identity in a Social Nexus: The Special Case of Initiation Ceremonies and Their Relation to Value and Legal Systems
      1. YEHUDI A. COHEN
    3. R Some Observations on Kinship and Political Authority in Samoa
    4. R Lagging Emulation in Post-Peasant Society1
    5. R Relative Molar Size and Fossil Taxonomy1
      1. S. M. GARN
        A. B. LEWIS
        R. S. KEREWSKY
    6. R The Matrifocal Family among the Mescalero: Additional Data1
      1. RUTH M. BOYER


    1. R ALFRED MÉTRAUX 1902–1963
      1. Charles Wagley
    2. R EARL HOYT BELL 1903–1963
      1. Douglas G. Haring

Brief Communications

    1. R That's Not What I Said: A Reply to Derek Freeman
      1. Marshall D. Sahlins
    2. R Reply to Freeman: A Rejoinder
      1. Melvin Ember
    3. R On the Origin of Menstrual Taboos
      1. H. Clyde Wilson
    4. R "The Mother's Brother in South Africa" Revisited
      1. Igor Kopytoff
    5. R The"Matrifocal Family"as a Comparative Category
      1. Richard R. Randolph
    6. R Memorandum Submitted to Subcommittees on Indian Affairs of the Senate and House of Representatives1
      1. Stanley Diamond
        William C. Sturtevant
        William N. Fenton
    7. R On Interpreting Change: A Reply to Milton Jacobs1
      1. Alex Weingrod

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Hazards Encountered in Publishing in Europe
      1. Margaret Mead
    2. R Concerning Krader's Review of"Chahar and Dagor Mongol Bureaucratic Administration: 1912–1945"
      1. David F. Aberle
    3. R Comments on Spiro's Review of"The Birth and Death of Meaning: A Perspective in Psychiatry and Anthropology"
      1. Ernest Becker
    4. R Comments on Jordheim and Olsen's Use of A Non-Verbal Test of Intelligence in the Pacific Islands Trust Territory
      1. A. Richard King
    5. R Concerning Dundes' Criticisms of Mann's Analysis of German Folktales
      1. John Mann

Official Reports

    1. R American Anthropological Association Council Meeting, Saturday, November 23, 1963 San Francisco, California

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Six Cultures: Studies of Child Rearing. Beatrice B. Whiting (ed.)
      1. Margaret Mead
    2. R Structural Models in Folklore. Elli-Kaija Köungäs, and Pierre Maranda
      1. Alan Dundes
    3. R Introducing Folklore. Kenneth W. and Mary W. Clarke
      1. J. L. Fischer
    4. R Poésie dynastique du Ruanda et épopée akritique: essai d'établissement d'une notion de temps anthropologique. Théxsodore Papadopoullos
      1. Jacques Maquet
    5. R The Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective. William N. Stephens
      1. David M. Schneider
    6. R World Revolution and Family Patterns. William J. Goode
      1. Richard N. Adams
    7. R A Study of Polyandry. H. R. H. Prince Peter of Greece and Denmark
      1. C. S. Ford
    8. R Industrialization and Society. Bert F. Hoselitz and Wilbert E. Moore (eds.)
      1. George M. Foster
    9. R The Technological Order: Proceedings of the Encyclopaedia Britannica Conference. Carl F. Stover (ed.)
      1. Betty J. Meggers
    10. R The Science of Man. Mischa Titiev
      1. Dorothy L. Keur
    11. R Samfunn og Kultur: Innføring i Noen Einografiske Problem. Gutorm Gjessing
      1. Robert T. Anderson
    12. R Leadership and Law among the Eskimos of the Keewatin District, Northwest Territories. G. van den Steenhoven
      1. Leopold Pospisil
    13. R Monuments in Cedar: the Authentic Story of the Totem Pole. Edward L. Keithahn
      1. Viola E. Garfield
    14. R Primitive Pragmatists: The Modoc Indians of Northern California. Verne F. Ray
      1. Theodore Stern
    15. R Ecological Determinants of Aboriginal California Populations. Martin A. Baumhoff
      1. Wayne Suttles
    16. R Aboriginal California: Three Studies in Culture History. Robert F. Heizer
      1. Gordon W. Hewes
    17. R Wakinyan: Contemporary Teton Dakota Religion. Stephen E. Feraca
      1. Wesley R. Hurt
    18. R The Kickapoos; Lords of the Middle Border. A. M. Gibson
      1. Robert E. Ritzenthaler
    19. R The Pueblo of Sia, New Mexico. Leslie A. White
      1. Esther S. Goldfrank
    20. R Ethnography and Acculturation of the Chichimeca-Jonaz of Northeast Mexico. Harold E. Driver and Wilhelmine Driver
      1. Thomas B. Hinton
    21. R Waiwai: Religion and Society of an Amazonian Tribe. Niels Fock, with appendices by Fridolin Weis Bentzon and Robert E. Hawkins
      1. Audrey J. Butt
    22. R Ethnographic Bibliography of South America. Timothy J. O'Leary
      1. William H. Crocker
    23. R Man's Place in the Island Ecosystem: a Symposium. F. R. Fosberg, (ed.)
      1. Alexander Spoehr
    24. R Indians in Fiji. Adrian C. Mayer
      1. Harry T. Getty
    25. R A Demographic Survey of the Aboriginal Population of the Northern Territory, with Special Reference to Bathurst Island Mission. F. Lancaster Jones
      1. Frederick G. G. Rose
    26. R Asia's Lands and Peoples: A Geography of One-third of the Earth and Two-thirds of Its People. George B. Cressey
      1. William L. Thomas
    27. R Peasant Life in Communist China. W. R. Geddes
      1. Donald E. Willmott
    28. R Ryukyu: A Bibliographical Guide to Okinawan Studies. Shunzo Sakamaki
      1. Douglas G. Haring
    29. R Aspects of Religion in Indian Society. L. P. Vidyarthi (ed.)
      1. Nur Yalman
    30. R Contours of Culture Change in South Asia. William L. Rowe (ed.)
      1. Alan R. Beals
    31. R Politics and Social Change. F. G. Bailey
      1. Martin Orans
    32. R Book Reviews
    33. R The Maler: A Study in Nature-Spirit-Man Complex of a Hill Tribe in Bihar. L. P. Vidyarthi
      1. Surajit Sinha
    34. R Sturgeon Hooks of Eurasia. Géza de Roheim-Csermak
      1. E. A. Hammel
    35. R African Music in Ghana. J. H. Kwabena Nketia
      1. Alan P. Merriam
    36. R Creoledom: A Study of Freetown Society. Arthur T. Porter
      1. B. H. A. Ranson
    37. R The Second Generation: A Study of the Family among Urbanized Bantu in East London. B. A. Pauw
      1. C. Frantz
    38. R ARCHEOLOGY: Science in Archaeology. Don Brothwell and Eric Higgs (eds.)
      1. Robert F. Heizer
    39. R Art and Archeology. James S. Ackerman, and Rhys Carpenter
      1. John Howland Rowe
    40. R Basket Maker III Sites near Durango, Colorado. Roy L. Carlson
      1. James H. Gunnerson
    41. R Pueblo Period Sites in the Piedra River Section, Navajo Reservoir District. Alfred E. Dittert, Jr. and Frank W. Eddy
      1. Dee Ann Suhm
    42. R Archaeology of the Four Corners Power Projects. James V. Sciscenti and Henry C. Greminger
      1. Floyd W. Sharrock
    43. R River Basin Surveys Papers Nos. 26–32. Frank H. H. Roberts, Jr. (ed.)
      1. Waldo R. Wedel
    44. R The Tucker Site on Alligator Harbor, Franklin County, Florida. William H. Sears
      1. Charles H. Fairbanks
    45. R Mexico Before Cortez: Art, History, Legend. Ignacio Bernal
      1. Hasso von Winning
    46. R Book Reviews
    47. R Seeberg, Burgäschisee-Süd. Veil 3. Die Tierreste. J. Boessneck, J.-P. Jéquier, and H. R. Stampfli
      1. Tilly Edinger
    48. R Troy and the Trojans. Carl W. Blegen
      1. Machteld J. Mellink
    49. R Deh Morasi Ghundai: A Chalcolithic Site in South-Central Afghanistan. Louis Dupree
      1. George F. Dales
    50. R The Medieval History of the Coast of Tanganyika. G. S. P. Freeman-Grenville
      1. Brian M. Fagan
    51. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: A Million Years of Man: The Story of Human Development as a Part of Nature. Richard Carrington
      1. T. D. Stewart
    52. R L'Origine de l'Homme. Jean Piveteau
      1. John E. Frisch
    53. R The Physical Characteristics of the Aboriginal La Jollan Population of Southern California. Spencer L. Rogers
      1. Thomas W. McKern
    54. R OTHER: Man and Society in Disaster. George W. Baker and Dwight W. Chapman (eds.)
      1. Margaret Mead
    55. R The Widening World of Childhood: Paths toward Mastery. Lois Murphy
      1. Margaret Mead
    56. R The Doctor and His Patient: A Sociological Interpretation. Samuel W. Bloom
      1. Weston La Barre
    57. R Community, Character and Civilization: Studies in Social Behaviorism. Don Martin-dale
      1. John J. Honigmann
    58. R This Island Now; The Surge of Social Change in the Twentieth Century. G. M. Carstairs
      1. John J. Honigmann
    59. R Sociology; a Guide to Problems and Literature. T. B. Bottomore
      1. David F. Pocock

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received