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Original Article

    1. R Aleut Reference Group Alienation, Mobility, and Acculturation
    2. R The Dionysian Innovation
      1. ALFRED G. SMITH
    3. R Pre-Marital Sex and Social Control among the Rotumans1
      1. Alan Howard
        Irwin Howard
    4. R The End of the Ancient Cities of the Indus
    5. R Where the Family of God Is the Family: The Role of the Dead in Japanese Households
      1. DAVID W. PLATH
    6. R The Emergence of Language1
      1. WILLIAM F. ORR
    7. R Ethnic Identity and Acculturation in two Eskimo Villages1

Alcohol Symposium

    1. R Alcohol Symposium
    2. R Ceremonial Drinking in an Afro-Brazilian Cult1
    3. R The Alcoholic Agringado
    4. R Forms and Pathology of Drinking in Three Polynesian Societies1
      1. EDWIN M. LEMERT
    5. R Beer as a Locus of Value among the West African Kofyar1


    1. R JOHN MANN GOGGIN 1916–1963
      1. William C. Sturtevant
    2. R MORRIS SIEGEL 1906–1961
      1. Natalie F. Joffe

Brief Communications

    1. R Logical Deduction, Unconscious Inference and Culture Change: A Caveat
      1. Stephen P. Dunn
    2. R A Whimper from a Pink Granite Tower
      1. James A. Ford
    3. R Reflections on the Downgrading of Man and the Grading of Cultures: A Reply
      1. Morris E. Opler
    4. R A Worm's-Eye View of Marriage, Authority, and Final Causes or, What Underlies Structure and Sentiment?
      1. Alice B. Kehoe
    5. R Anthropologist at Play: The Research Implications of Balladmongering1
      1. John Messenger
    6. R Reply to Goldkind's Critique of "Ethnic Relations in Southeastern Mexico"
      1. Benjamin N. Colby
        Pierre L. Berghe
    7. R The Equine Subconscious in Ireland
      1. Francis Lee Utley
    8. R Comments on Plains Indian Cultural Development
      1. James F. Downs
    9. R Resin-Glazed Pottery in Bolivia
      1. Mary Key
    10. R An Operational Approach to "Race"
      1. Steven Polgar

Letters to the Editor

    1. R The Absorption of Melanin in the Ultraviolet
      1. Stanley M. Garn
    2. R Comment on Scheffler's Note on the Mangaian Kopu
      1. Edmund R. Leach
    3. R A Correction in Review of "Golden River to Golden Road"
      1. Robert A. Fernea

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL: Human Nature and the Study of Society, The Papers of Robert Redfield. Margaret Park Redfield (ed.)
      1. Alan R. Beals
    2. R Explanation in Social Science. Robert Brown
      1. Albert C. Spaulding
    3. R African Genesis. Robert Ardrey
      1. J. E. Havel
    4. R Understanding Culture. John J. Honigmann
      1. Robert Anderson
    5. R PREHISTORY AND EVOLUTION: The Evolution of Man. G. H. R. von Koenigswald
      1. William L. Straus
    6. R The Prehistory of East Africa. Sonia Cole. Introduction by Richard Carrington
      1. J. Desmond Clark
    7. R The Greeks until Alexander. Robert M. Cook
      1. Saul S. Weinberg
    8. R Book Reviews
    9. R Aboriginal Cultural Development in Latin America: An Interpretative Review. B. J. Meggers and Clifford Evans, (eds.)
      1. Gordon R. Willey
    10. R The Accokeek Creek Site, A Middle Atlantic Seaboard Culture Sequence. Robert L. Stephenson and Alice L. L. Ferguson, with sections by Henry G. Ferguson
      1. Clifford Evans
    11. R The Ethnobotony of Pre-Columbian Peru. Margaret A. Towle
      1. Edward P. Lanning
    12. R ETHNOLOGY: From Stone to Steel: Economic Consequences of a Technological Change in New Guinea. R. F. Salisbury
      1. H. G. Barnett
    13. R Excess and Restraint: Social Control among a New Guinea Mountain People. Ronald M. Berndt
      1. Leopold Pospisil
    14. R Under the Mountain Wall: A Chronicle of Two Seasons in the Stone Age. Peter Matthiessen
      1. Leopold Pospisil
    15. R Sorcerers of Dobu: the Social Anthroeology of the Dobu Islanders of the Western Pacific. R. F. Fortune
      1. Ann Chowning
    16. R The Paliau Movement in the Admiralty Islands. 1946–1954. Theodore Schwartz
      1. William Stanner
    17. R Flower in My Ear: Arts and Ethos of Ifaluk Atoll. Edwin Grant Burrows
      1. J. L. Fischer
    18. R The Structure of Chin Society: A Tribal People of Burma Adapted to a Non-Western Civilisation. F. K. Lehman
      1. Theodore Stern
    19. R Treacherous River: A Study of Rural Chinese in North Malaya. William H. Newell
      1. Richard J. Coughlin
    20. R Afrique: Les Civilisations Noires. Jacques J. Maquet
      1. Colin M. Turnbull
    21. R Family and Social Change in an African City: A Study of Rehousing in Lagos. Peter Marris
      1. William B. Schwab
    22. R African Mud Sculpture. Ulli Beier
      1. Philip D.C. Dark
    23. R A Pastoral Democracy: A Study of Pastoralism and Politics among the Northern Somali of the Horn of Africa. I. M. Lewis
      1. A.A. Castagno
    24. R The Tribe and its Successors: An Account of African Traditional Life and European Settlement in Southern Rhodesia. William Rayner
      1. Charles Frantz
    25. R Africa in World Politics. Vernon McKay
      1. Thomas Hovet
    26. R The Sonjo of Tanganyika: An Anthropological Study of an Irrigation-based Society. Robert F. Gray
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    28. R Bei Töpfern und Töpferinnen in Kreta, Messenien und Zypern. Roland Hampe and Adam Winter
      1. Hélène Balfet
    29. R Shonto: A Study of the Role of the Trader in a Modern Navaho Community. William Y. Adams
      1. David F. Aberle
    30. R Indians as the Westerners Saw Them. Ralph W. Andrews
      1. John C. Ewers
    31. R Navahos Have Five Fingers. T. D. Allen
      1. Jerrold E. Levy
    32. R Das Buch des Rates: Popul Vuh; Schöpfungsmythos und Wanderung der Quiché-Maya. Wolfgang Cordan
      1. R. J. Weitlaner
    33. R LINGUISTICS: Perspectives in Linguistics. John T. Waterman
      1. Henry M. Hoenigswald
    34. R Style in Language. Thomas Sebeok
      1. J.L. Fischer
    35. R Typological and Comparative Grammar of Uto-Aztecan: I (Phonology). C. F. and F. M. Voegelin and Kenneth L. Hale
      1. Wick R. Miller
    36. R Klamath Texts. M. A. R. Barker
      1. Theodore Stern
    37. R OTHER: Medical Genetics. Widukind Lenz. Translated by Elizabeth F. Lanzi
      1. A.H. Sturtevant
    38. R Book Reviews
      1. Theodore D. Graves
    39. R Society, Culture, and Drinking Patterns. David J. Pittman and Charles R. Snyder
      1. William Mangin
    40. R Psychiatric Disorder among the Yoruba: A Report from the Cornell-Aro Mental Health Research Project in the Western Region, Nigeria. Alexander H. Leighton
      1. D.R. Price-Williams
    41. R Verbal Interaction in a Young Married Couple. William S. Soskin
      1. Ray L. Birdwhistell
    42. R Sociology: A Text with Adapted Readings. Leonard Broom and Philip Selznick
      1. John J. Honigmann

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received