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Editorial Preview

    1. R Editorial Preview

Original Article

    1. R A System for the Notation of Proxemic Behavior1
      1. EDWARD T. HALL
    2. R Tahitian Fosterage and the Form of Ethnographic Models1
      1. PAUL KAY
    3. R Chronological Ordering by Computer
    4. R Two Further Solutions to Galton's Problem1
        ROY G. D'ANDRADE
    5. R Informant Error and Native Prestige Ranking in Zinacantan1
    6. R A Formal Ethnographic Analysis of Tenejapa Ladino1 Weddings
    7. R WILLIAM DUNCAN STRONG 1899–1962
      1. Ralph Solecki
        Charles Wagley

Brief Communications

    1. R Induced Competition: A Technique to Increase Field Data and Rapport
      1. Barton M. Schwartz
    2. R Walbiri and State Department Graphics
      1. Edmund S. Glenn
    3. R Sex Differences in Dreams of Primitive Tribes
      1. Kenneth Mark Colby
    4. R The Use of a Non-Verbal Test of Intelligence in the Trust Territory of the Pacific
      1. G. D. Jordheim
        Inger A. Olsen
    5. R Polynesian Migration Voyages: Accidental or Purposeful?
      1. J. P. Frankel

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Concerning Ember's"Political Authority and the Structure of Kinship in Aboriginal Samoa"
      1. Lowell D. Holmes
    2. R Reply to Holmes
      1. Melvin Ember
    3. R Concerning Haberland's Comments on Review ofAltvölker Süd-Äthiopiens: A Rejoinder
      1. Harold C. Fleming
        Herbert S. Lewis
    4. R Regarding Opler's Review of"India's Villages"
      1. Divyadarshi Kapoor
    5. R Concerning Maunowski's Description of the Trobriand Paramount Chief
      1. Ian Cunnison
        Max Gluckman

Book Reviews

    1. R ETHNOLOGY.: The Ethnography and Ethnology of Franz Boas. Leslie White
      1. David G. Mandelbaum
    2. R Cycles of Conquest: The Impact of Spain, Mexico, and the United States on the Indians of the Southwest, 1533–1960. Edward H. Spicer
      1. Henry F. Dobyns
    3. R On the Theory of Social Change: How Economic Growth Begins. Everett E. Hagen
      1. Melford E. Spiro
    4. R The Analysis of Social Change Reconsidered: A Sociological Study. J. A. Ponsioen
      1. Walter Buckley
    5. R Diffusion of Innovations. Everett M. Rogers
      1. Mario J. A. Bick
    6. R Kultur og Diffusion: Foredrag pa Nordisk ctnograjmøte, Oslo 1960. Arne Martin Klausen
      1. Sigfrid Svensson
    7. R The Psychoanalytic Study of Society, Volume II. Warner Muensterberger and Sidney Axelrad (eds.)
      1. Weston Barre
    8. R Cooperation and Competition among Primitive Peoples. Margaret Mead (ed.)
      1. Marshall D. Sahlins
    9. R Problems in the History of Primitive Society (Problemy istorii pervobytnogo obshchestva). N. A. Butinov
      1. Marshall D. Sahlins
    10. R I, the Aboriginal. Douglas Lockwood
      1. Arnold R. Pilling
    11. R Peasant Marketing in Java. Alice G. Dewey
      1. Peter R. Goethals
    12. R Le Paysan Cambodgien. Jean Delvert
      1. May Ebihara
    13. R Croyances et pratiques religieuses des Viètnamiens, Vol. II [and] Vol. III. Léopold Cadière
      1. Gerald C. Hickey
    14. R Himalayan Polyandry: Structure, Functioning and Culture Change. A Field-Study of Jaunsar-Bawar. D. N. Majumdar
      1. Gerald D. Berreman
    15. R Die Achal-Teke: Zur Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft einer Tuurkmenen-Gruppe im XIX. Jahrhundert. Woxfgang König
      1. Lawrence Krader
    16. R Chahar and Dagor Mongol Bureaucratic Administration: 1912–1945. David F. Aberle
      1. Lawrence Krader
      1. P. Stephen
        Ethel Dunn
    18. R Die Religionen Nordeurasiens und der amerikanischen Arktis. Ivar Paulson, Åke Hultkrantz and Karl Jettmar
      1. Josef Haekel
    19. R Kavkazskii etnograficheskii sbornik, III. L. I. Lavrov (ed.)
      1. Stephen P. Dunn
    20. R Vasilika: A Village in Modern Greece, Ernestine Friedl
      1. Fred Gearing
    21. R Farming in Cultural Change. Bruno Benvenuti
      1. Robert T. Anderson
    22. R The Irish Border as a Cultural Divide:A Contribution to the Study of Regionalism in the British Isles. M. W. Heslinga
      1. Alfred McClung Lee
    23. R West Indian Family Structure. M. G. Smith
      1. William Davenport
    24. R Cultural Aspects of Delusion: A Psychiatric Study of the Virgin Islands. Edwin A. Weinstein
      1. Marvin K. Opler
    25. R Mitos de Creadon en Sudamerica. Alfredo Jiménez Nuñez
      1. Johannes Wilbert
    26. R Ayvu Rapyta: Texlos miticos de los Mbyá-Guarani del Guairá. León Cadogan
      1. W. D. Hohenthal
    27. R Hombu: Indian Life in the Brazilian Jungle. Harald Schultz
      1. William H. Crocker
    28. R ART AND ANTHROPOLOGY.: The Eternal Present: A Contribution on Constancy and Change. [Vol. 1:] The Beginnings of Art. S. Giedion
      1. André Leroi-Gourhan
    29. R Art and Mankind: Larousse Encyclopedia of Prehistoric and Ancient Art. René Huyghe
      1. George Kubler
    30. R Primitive Art. Douglas Fraser
      1. Adrian A. Gerbrands
    31. R Oceanic Sculpture: Sculpture of Melanesia. Carl A. Schmitz
      1. William Davenport
    32. R ARCHEOLOGY.: Prehistoric Investigations in Iraqi Kurdistan. Robert J. Braidwood and Bruce Howe
      1. Jean Perrot
    33. R Indian Archaeology Today. H. D. Sankalia
      1. Walter A. Fairservis
    34. R The Cerro Colorado Site and Pithouse Architecture in the Southwestern United States prior to A.D. 900. William Rotch Bullard, Jr
      1. H. Daifuku
    35. R Johnny Ward's Ranch: A Study in Historic Archaeology. Bernard L. Fontana and J. Cameron Greenleaf
      1. G. Hubert Smith
    36. R LINGUISTICS.: The Semantics of Biblical Language. James Barr
      1. Joseph E. Grimes
    37. R Semantics: An Introduction to the Science of Meaning. Stephen Ullmann
      1. Eugene A. Nida
    38. R Concordance and Thesaurus of Cheremis Poetic Language. Thomas A. Sebeok and Valdis J. Zeps
      1. Roy Wisbey
    39. R Contributions to the History of Bantu Linguistics: Papers Contributed 1935–1960. C. M. Doke and D. T. Cole
      1. Joseph H. Greenberg
    40. R Yoruba Numerals. Robert G. Armstrong
      1. Hans Wolff
      1. Gerald Kelley
    42. R The Grammatical Structure of Oaxaca Chontal. Viola Grace Waterhouse
      1. Morris Swadesh
    43. R Indian Place Names of New England. John C. Huden
      1. Gordon M. Day
    44. R Book Reviews
      1. Frank P. Saul
      1. Garrett Hardin
    46. R Introducing Population Statistics. Norma McArthur
      1. Joseph B. Birdsell
    47. R Society and the Law: New Meanings for an Old Profession. F. James Davis, Henry H. Foster, Jr., C. Ray Jeffery, and E. Eugene Davis
      1. Leopold Pospisil
    48. R Perceptions of Illness and Medical Practice. Stanley H. King
      1. Ralph Patrick
    49. R Life in the Ward. Rose Laub Coser
      1. Stewart E. Perry
    50. R A Practice of Social Medicine: A South African Team's Experiences in Different African Communities. Sidney L. Kark and Guy W. Steuart (eds.)
      1. Robert F. Gray
    51. R American Indian Policy in the Formative Years: The Indian Trade and Intercourse Acts, 1790–1834. Francis Paul Prucha
      1. D'Arcy McNickle
    52. R "I Will Fight No More Forever": Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War. Merrill D. Beal
      1. Theodore Stern
    53. R A Guide to Current Latin American Periodicals: Humanities and Social Sciences. Irene Zimmerman
      1. E. J. Pariseau

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received