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Original Article

    1. R Matthew Arnold, E. B. Tylor, and the Uses of Invention1
    2. R The Origin of West Indian Creole Languages: Evidence from Grammatical Categories1
    3. R The Indo-Europeans: Archeological Problems
    4. R A Cross-Cultural Study of Female Initiation Rites
      1. JUDITH K. BROWN
    5. R Matrilocal Residence and Local Endogamy: Environmental Knowledge or Leadership
      1. PETER KLOOS
    6. R Land Tenure among the Ancient Mexicans*
    7. R An Objective Method for Determining the Collective Caste Hierarchy of an Indian Village1


      1. Douglas G. Haring
    2. R MUNGO MARTIN 1879–1962
      1. Frederica Laguna

Brief Communications

    1. R Cultural Anthropology: An Addendum to a 'Working Paper'
      1. Morris E. Opler
    2. R A Further Note on the Mangaian Kopu
      1. H. W. Scheffler

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Comments on Gerow's Review of "The New Golden Bough"
      1. Daniel F. McCall
    2. R Gerow's Rejoinder to McCall's Criticisms
      1. Bert A. Gerow
    3. R On String Figures: A Protest
      1. Barbara Lane
    4. R Re The Cavalier and the Casual: A Reply
      1. Joseph B. Birdsell
    5. R Concerning Livingstone's "Reconstructing Man's Pliocene Pongid Ancestor"
      1. Leon Siroto
    6. R Concerning Dundes' "Earth-Diver: Creation of the Mythopoeic Male"
      1. Seymour Parker
    7. R Rejoinder to Parker's Comments on Dundes' Article
      1. Alan Dundes
    8. R Further Comments on Dundes
      1. John Mann
    9. R Dundes' Reply to Mann
      1. Alan Dundes
    10. R Dundes Continued
      1. Barbara Harrisson
    11. R Needham's Reply to Murdock's Comment on Needham
      1. Rodney Needham
    12. R Murdock's Reply to Needham
      1. George P. Murdock

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY.: Matrilineal Kinship. David M. Schneider and Kathleen Gough
      1. Ward H. Goodenough
    2. R Desert People: A Study of the Walbiri Aborigines of Central Australia
      1. Jane C. Goodale
    3. R Le Totèmisme Aujourd'hui
      1. David Maybury-Lewis
    4. R Culture and Behavior: Collected Essays of Clyde Kluckhohn
      1. David F. Aberle
    5. R Isleta Paintings
      1. Edward P. Dozier
    6. R Pima Indian Basketry
      1. David M. Brugge
    7. R Curtis' Western Indians
      1. John C. Ewers
    8. R The Kiowas
      1. Jerrold E. Levy
    9. R Bad Medicine and Good: Tales of the Kiowas
      1. Alice Marriott
    10. R Menomini Women and Culture Change
      1. Eleanor Leacock
    11. R Cultural Stability and Change Among the Montagnais Indians of the Lake Melville Region of Labrador
      1. Eleanor Leacock
    12. R An Anthropological Survey of Communities in the Mackenzie-Slave Lake Region of Canada
      1. John J. Honigmann
    13. R Band Organization of the Peel River Kutchin
      1. Cornelius Osgood
    14. R Eskimo Administration: I. Alaska
      1. Margaret Lantis
    15. R Fokon'olona et Collectivités Rurales en Imerina
      1. Pierre Vérin
    16. R Première Approche Socio-économique d'Anjouan, Archipel des Comores
      1. Pierre Vérin
    17. R Bhaca Society: A People of the Transkeian Uplands, South Africa
      1. M. G. Marwick
    18. R The Dispossessed: A Study of the Sex-Life of Bantu Women in Urban Areas in and around Johannesburg
      1. Absolom Vilakazi
    19. R An Introduction to the History of West Africa
      1. Daniel F. McCall
    20. R Cameroons Village: An Ethnography of the Bafut
      1. Phyllis M. Kaberry
    21. R Marriage and the Family in Northern Somaliland
      1. Frank J. Mahony
    22. R Golden River to Golden Road: Society, Culture and Change in the Middle East
      1. Robert A. Fernea
    23. R The Mongols of Afghanistan: An Ethnography of the Moghols and Related Peoples of Afghanistan
      1. Alfred Janata
    24. R The A pa Tanis and their Neighbours: A Primitive Civilization of the Eastern Himalayas
      1. Robbins Burling
    25. R Folk Elements in Burmese Buddhism
      1. Manning Nash
    26. R The Journals of Captain James Cook on his Voyages of Discovery, Volume II: The Voyage of the Resolution and Adventure, 1772–1775
      1. G. S. Parsonson
    27. R The Ethnohistory of Northern Luzon
      1. William Henry Scott
    28. R Ainu Creed and Cult
      1. Joseph M. Kitagawa
    29. R The Income of the Chinese Gentry
      1. Robert M. Marsh
    30. R China: A Critical Bibliography
      1. Morton H. Fried
    31. R Notes on Technology and the Moral Order
      1. Morris E. Opler
    32. R The Economic History of World Population
      1. Robert Anderson
    33. R Factors Affecting Human Fertility in Nonindustrial Societies: A Cross-cultural Study
      1. Paul H. Gebhard
    34. R The Anatomy of Dirty Words
      1. Alan Dundes
    35. R ARCHEOLOGY.: Mexico.
      1. William T. Sanders
    36. R Prehistoric Rock Art of Nevada and Eastern California
      1. Julian H. Steward
    37. R Rock Engravings from Driekops Eiland and Other Sites Southwest of Johannesburg
      1. R. R. Inskeep
    38. R Lost Tribes and Sunken Continents: Myth and Method in the Study of American Indians
      1. Richard B. Woodbury
    39. R Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques
      1. Junius B. Bird
    40. R Archeological Studies at Tonto National Monument, Arizona
      1. Richard Shutler
    41. R Report of the Investigations of the Four Bear Site, 39DW2, Dewey County, South Dakota, 1958–1959
      1. Waldo R. Wedel
    42. R The Archeology of Carcajou Point: With an Interpretation of the Development of Oneota Culture in Wisconsin
      1. Dale R. Henning
    43. R OTHER.: Östergötland "Västanstang": Studien über die ältere Agrarlandschaft und ihre Genese.
      1. Fritz L. Kramer
    44. R Medieval Technology and Social Change
      1. Malcolm F. Farmer
    45. R Man, Crime, and Society: The Forms of Criminal Behavior
      1. Omer C. Stewart
    46. R Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: The Psychology and Symbolisms of Gambling Games
      1. J. L. Fischer
    47. R Introduction to Psychological Research
      1. D. R. Price-Williams
    48. R The Birth and Death of Meaning: A Perspective in Psychiatry and Anthropology
      1. Melford E. Spiro
    49. R Intergroup Relations and Leadership: Approaches and Research in Industrial, Ethnic, Cultural, and Political Areas
      1. Raymond D. Fogelson
    50. R The Occasion Instant: The Structure of Social Responses to Unanticipated Air Raid Warnings
      1. Stanley M. Newman
    51. R Reason in Society: Five Types of Decisions and Their Social Conditions
      1. Morris Freilich

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received