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Original Article

    1. R Symbolic Values and the Integration of Society Among the Mapuche of Chile
      1. LOUIS C. FARON
    2. R Schools, Pots, and Potters
    3. R Economic Theory and Economic Anthropology
      1. EDWARD E. LeCLAIR
    4. R The Shango Cult in Nigeria and in Trinidad1
    5. R A Baby Is Born in the Punjab1
        John E. Gordon
    6. R Stratification in Plural Societies1
    7. R Merit and Power in the Thai Social Order1
      1. L. M. HANKS
    8. R Linguistic Relations Across Bering Strait

Brief Communications

    1. R Latency and the Equine Subconscious
      1. Thomas Gladwin
    2. R Comment on Adcock and Ritchie's"Intercultural Use of Rorschach"
      1. Barry Bricklin

Letters to the Editor

    1. R ConcerningThe Lappsand Its Translation
      1. Ian Whitaker
    2. R A Correction
      1. John Buettner-Janusch
    3. R On the Dyadic Contract
      1. Erika Bourguignon

Book Review

    1. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Structure and Sentiment: A Test Case in Social Anthropology. Rodney Needham
      1. Reviewed by F. G. Lounsbury
    2. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Sentiments and Activities: Essays in Social Science. George Caspar Homans
    3. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Marriage in Tribal Societies. Meyer Fortes
    4. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Die Struktur der Familie. William J. Goode
    5. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The First Five Minutes: A Sample of Microscopic Interview Analysis. Robert E. Pittenger, Charles F. Hockett, and John J. Danehy
    6. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Kin and Totem: Group Relations of Australian Aborigines in Ike Port Keats District. Johannes Falkenberg
      1. Rodney Needham
    7. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Biennial Review of Anthropology, 1961. Bernard J. Siegel (Ed.) Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1962. 338 pp., chapter bibliographies, index. $7.50
      1. Reviewed by Robbins Burling
    8. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Culture and Personality. Anthony F. C. Wallace
      1. George D. Spindler
    9. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Asylums: Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and Other Inmates. Erving Goffman
      1. Anthony F. C. Wallace
    10. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Social Structure and Personality: A Casebook. Yehudi A. Cohen
    11. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Projective Techniques and Cross-Cultural Research. Gardner Lindzey
      1. George D. Spindler
    12. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Maori Youth. David P. Ausubel. Foreword by Ernest Beaglehole
      1. Bruce Biggs
    13. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Crossroads: Land and Life in Southwest Asia. George B. Cressey
      1. Leonard Kasdan
    14. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Chugoku Noson Kanko Chosa (Rural Customs and Practices of China)
      1. Harumi Befu
    15. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Aspects of Padam-Minyong Culture. Sachin Roy. Foreword by Verrier Elwik
      1. Fredrik Barth
    16. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: History of Manipur. Jyotirmoy Roy
      1. Rodney Needham
    17. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Bhils of Ralanmal: An Analysis of the Social Structure of a Western Indian Community. Y. V. S. Nath. Foreword by Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf
      1. Edward J. Jay
    18. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Refugees, a Study in Changing Attitudes. R. N. Saksena
      1. Alan R. Beals
    19. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Tell Toqaan: A Syrian Village. Louise E. Sweet
      1. Herbert H. Williams
    20. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Mbomb'lpoku: le Seigneur à l'Abîme. Nestor Van Everbroeck
      1. J. Vansina
    21. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Bibliographie Ethnographique du Congo et des Régions Avoisinantes, 1959.
      1. Alan P. Merriam
    22. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Changements Sociaux en Côte d'Ivoire. B. Holas
      1. Immanuel Wallerstein
    23. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Religion in a Tswana Chief dorn. B. A. Pauw
      1. Max Gluckman
    24. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Klamath Personalities: Ten Rorschach Case Studies. James A. Clifton and David Levine. Foreword by L. S. Cressman
      1. Roy G. D'Andrade
    25. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Indian Tribes of the United States: Ethnic and Cultural Survival. D'Arcy McNickle
      1. Nancy Oestreich Lurie
    26. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Perspectives in American Indian Culture Change. Edward H. Spicer
      1. Ralph L. Beals
    27. R ARCHEOLOGY: COW A Surveys and Bibliographies.
      1. Grahame Clark
    28. R ARCHEOLOGY: Archaeology in the Holy Land. Kathleen M. Kenyon
      1. W. F. Albright
    29. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Biblical Archaeologist Reader. G. Ernest Wright and David Noel Freedman
      1. Edith Porada
    30. R ARCHEOLOGY: Essays in Pre-Columbian Art and Archaeology. Samuel K. Lothrop
      1. Franz Termer
    31. R LINGUISTICS: A Catalog of Maya Hieroglyphs. J. Eric S. Thompson
      1. Linton Satterthwaite
    32. R LINGUISTICS: Karen Linguistic Studies: Description, Comparison, and Texts. Robert B. Jones, Jr
      1. John K. Musgrave
    33. R LINGUISTICS: Khasi, A Language of Assam. Lili Rabel
      1. Barbara Anderson
    34. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Genes, Enzymes, and Inherited Diseases. H. Eldon Sutton
      1. J. Buettner-Janusch
    35. R LINGUISTICS: The Human Skeleton in Forensic Medicine, Wilton Marion Krogman
      1. Sheilagh T. Brooks
    36. R LINGUISTICS: Theoretical and Practical Problems of Medicine and Biology in Experiments on Monkeys. I. A. Utkin
      1. J. Buettner-Janusch
    37. R OTHER: Anthropology and the Public: The Role of Museums. H. H. Frese
      1. Alexander Spoehr

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received