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Original Article

    1. R Notes on Some Anthropological Aspects of Communication


    1. R Comment
      1. A. L. KROEBER

Original Article

    1. R A Complex of Traits of Probable Transpacific Origin on the Coast of Ecuador1
    2. R Demography and Evolution on Providencia Island, Colombia1
      1. PETER J. WILSON
    3. R Serial Polygyny, Negro Peasants, and Model Analysis
    4. R Speech Variation and the Study of Indian Civilization1
      1. JOHN J. GUMPERZ
    5. R The Family Cycle in a Coastal Peruvian Slum and Village1
      1. E. A. HAMMEL
    6. R Chippewa Social Atomism
    7. R An Epicyclical Model for Western Civilization


    1. R ALFRED LOUIS KROEBER 1876–19601
      1. Julian H. Steward

Brief Communications

    1. R Shamans as Neurotics
      1. George Devereux
    2. R On Devereux's Discussion of Ute Shamanism
      1. Marvin K. Opler
    3. R The Essence of Anthropological Education
      1. John H. Weakland

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Bride-wealth: the Economic vs. the Noneconomic Interpretation
      1. Philip H. Gulliver
    2. R Japanese place names in English
      1. Chester S. Chard
        Harumi Befu
    3. R The Calpulli as a Clan Organization
      1. Alfonso Caso
    4. R With Apologies to Dr. Caso
      1. Hugo G. Nutini

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL: Historical Types of Community among People: Clan, Tribe, Nationality, Nation—USSR. A. A. Satybalov
      1. Morton H. Fried
    2. R The Preindustrial City: Past and Present. Gideon Sjoberg
      1. Robert M. Adams
    3. R The Human Use of the Earth. Philip L. Wagner
      1. Morris Freilich
    4. R Amerikanische Miszellen: Festband Franz Termer in Freundschafl und Verehrung gewidmet von Freunden, Kollegen und Schulern zur Vollendung des 65. Lebensjahres.
      1. H. B. Nicholson
    5. R Ethnographic Bibliography of North America, 3rd Edition.
      1. Frederick J. Dockstader
    6. R ETHNOLOGY: Mambu: A Melanesian Millennium. Kenelm O. L. Burridge
      1. C. A. Valentine
    7. R Historische Probleme in Nordost-Neuguinea. Carl A. Schmitz
      1. Theodore Schwartz
    8. R Bali: Studies in Life, Thought and Ritual. H. J. Franken and others
      1. Margaret Mead
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    10. R Rural China: Imperial Control in the Nineteenth Century. Kung-chuan Hsiao
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    11. R Political Leadership among Swat Pathans. Fredrik Barth
      1. Lawrence Krader
    12. R A Bibliography of Indology (Enumerating Basic Publications on All Aspects of Indian Culture). J. M. Kanitkar (Compiler). Edited, Revised and Enlarged by D. L. Banerjee and A. K. Ohdedar
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    15. R Taboo: A Study of Malagasy Customs and Beliefs. Jørgen Ruud
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    16. R The East African High Commission and Other Regional Documents. Helen F. Conover (Compiler)
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    19. R Cherokees at the Crossroads. John Gulick
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    20. R The Assiniboines: From the Accounts of the Old Ones Told to First Boy (James Larpenteur Long). Michael Stephen Kennedy (Ed.)
      1. John C. Ewers
    21. R Indian Days on the Western Prairies. Marius Barbeau. Portraits by W. Langdon Kihn. Design and illustrations by Arthur Price
      1. Alice Marriott
    22. R Eskimo Childhood and Interpersonal Relationships: Nunivak Biographies and Genealogies. Margaret Lantis. Genealogies and illustrations drawn by Edward G. Schumacher
      1. Charles C. Hughes
    23. R ARCHEOLOGY: Digging for History: Archaeological Discoveries throughout the World, 1945 to 1959. Edward Bacon. Introduction by William Foxwell Albright
      1. Jacques Bordaz
    24. R Archeology in China. Chêng Tê-k'un
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    25. R The Origins of Rome. Raymond Bloch
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    26. R The Archaeology of Hamilton County, Ohio. S. F. Starr
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      1. Joseph H. Greenberg
    29. R Rantjak Dilabueh: A Minangkabau Kaba. A Specimen of the Traditional Literature of Central Sumatra Based on the Version of Datuk Paduko Alam and Sutan Pamuntjak as Reprinted by Firma Soeleiman, Bukit Tinggi, 1951.
      1. Rufus S. Hendon
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      1. Bruno Nettl
    32. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Manual of Physical Anthropology. Juan Comas
      1. W. S. Laughlin
    33. R The Evolution of Man: A Brief Introduction to Physical Anthropology. Gabriel Ward Lasker
      1. Jack Kelso
    34. R Man, Race and Darwin. Introduction and epilogue by Philip Mason
      1. S. L. Washburn
    35. R II Meticciato di Guerra e Altri Casi. Luigi Gedda, Angelo Serio and Adriana Mercuri. Preface by R. Ruggles Gates
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    36. R The Future of Man: The BBC Reith Lectures, 1959. P. B. Medawar
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    37. R Races of Mankind: Their Origin and Migration. Calvin Kephart
      1. John Buettner-Janusch
    38. R OTHER: Philosophical Anthropology and Practical Politics. F. S. C. Northrop
      1. Ethel M. Albert
    39. R Outline History of the Glen Canyon Region 1776–1922. C. Gregory Crampton

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received