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Original Article

    1. R Ideology and Culture in Uganda Nationalism1
    2. R Food Transport and the Origin of Hominid Bipedalism1
      1. GORDON W. HEWES
    3. R A Reconsideration of Malayo-Polynesian Social Organization1
      1. ROBERT B. LANE
    4. R Social-Psychological Dimensions of Ojibwa Acculturation1
    5. R Avunculocality and Incest: The Development of Unilateral Cross-Cousin Marriage and Crow-Omaha Kinship Systems
      1. DAVID B. EYDE
        PAUL M. POSTAL
    6. R Ethnic Relations in Southeastern Mexico1
    7. R Experimental Archeology1

Brief Communications

    1. R Sorcery on Ifaluk
      1. Ulithi Atoll
        William A. Lessa
    2. R Sorcery, Evil Spirits, and Functional Analysis: A Rejoinder
      1. Melford E. Spiro
    3. R On Ancestor Propitiation Among the Mapuche of Central Chile
      1. Louis C. Faron

Letters to the Editor

    1. R On Psychological Definitions
      1. Horace B. English
    2. R More on Psychological Definitions: Rejoinder to English
      1. Sidney Axelrad
    3. R Scientific Method in Monographs on Religion
      1. Ivar Paulson

Viking Awards

    1. R Viking Awards 1960

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Culture in History: Essays in Honor of Paul Radin. Stanley Diamond (Ed.) Foreword by Abram Leon Sachar
      1. Robbins Burling
    2. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Man, Mind and Land: A Theory of Resource Use. Walter Firey
      1. Richard N. Adams
    3. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Image of the City. Kevin Lynch
      1. Edmund Leach
    4. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Two Cities of Latin America: A Comparative Description of Social Classes.
      1. Charles J. Erasmus
    5. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Shoshone-Bannock Subsistence and Society. Robert F. and Yolanda Murphy
      1. Omer C. Stewart
    6. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Apache, Navaho and Spaniard. Jack D. Forbes
      1. Charles Kaut
    7. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Ingalik Mental Culture. Cornelius Osgood
      1. Edmund Carpenter
    8. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Letters of Francis Parkman. Wilbur R. Jacobs (Ed.)
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    9. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Central Desert of Baja California: Demography and Ecology. Homer Aschmann
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    10. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Tropical Africa. George H. T. Kimble
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    11. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Eastern Lacustrine Bantu (Ganda and Soga). Margaret Chave Fallers
      1. Robert F. Gray
    12. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Bamiléké de l'Ouest Cameroun. Claude Tardus. Preface by Hubert Deschamps
      1. Phyllis Kaberry
    13. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Social Bandits and Primitive Rebels: Studies in Archaic Forms of Social Movement in the 19th and 20th Centuries. E. J. Hobsbawm
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    16. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Oasis and Casbah: Algerian Culture and Personality in Change. Horace M. Miner and George De Vos
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    19. R ARCHEOLOGY: Archeological Investigations in British Guiana. Clifford Evans and Betty J. Meggers
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    23. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Ozark Bluff-Dwellers. M. R. Harrington
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    24. R ARCHEOLOGY: Oneota Sites on the Upper Iowa River. Mildred Mott Wedel
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    25. R ARCHEOLOGY: Table Rock Pueblo, Arizona. Paul S. Martin and John B. Rinaldo
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    26. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Hubbard Site and Other Tri-Wall Structures in New Mexico and Colorado. R. Gordon Vivian
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    27. R ARCHEOLOGY: Cultural Sequences at The Dalles, Oregon. L. S. Chessman. In collaboration with David L. Cole, Wilbur A. Davis, Thomas M. Newman and Daniel J. Scheans
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    30. R Book Reviews
    31. R LINGUISTICS: Yana Dictionary. Edward Sapir and Morris Swadesh. Edited by Mary R. Haas
      1. A. Richard Diebold
    32. R LINGUISTICS: Central Sierra Miwok Dictionary with Texts. L. S. Freeland and Sylvia M. Broadbent
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    38. R OTHER: Social Statistics. Hubert M. Blalock, Jr.
      1. Frank C. Miller
    39. R OTHER: Discussions on Child Development: a Consideration of the Biological, Psychological, and Cultural Approaches to the Understanding of Human Development and Behavior. J. M. Tanner and Bärbel Inhelder (Eds.)
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    40. R OTHER: The Types of the Folktale in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Spanish South America. Terrence Leslie Hansen
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    41. R OTHER: The Missionary's Role in Socio-Economic Betterment. John J. Considine
      1. H. G. Barnett