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Original Article

    1. R Man and Culture: An Essay in Changing Anthropological Interpretation1
      1. FRED W. VOGET
    2. R Donship in a Mexican-American Community in Texas
    3. R Origin of the Native American Steam Bath
      1. IVAN A. LOPATIN
    4. R Displacement Activity in Human Behavior
      1. G. I. C. INGRAM
    5. R Emergence of the Village as a Social Unit in a Coast Lappish Fjord1
    6. R Ambivalence and the Learning of Drinking Behavior in a Peruvian Community1
    7. R Culture Change and Integration: An Eskimo Example1


    1. R STANLEY STUBBS 1906–1959
      1. Fred Eggan
    2. R ELMER R. SMITH 1909–1960
      1. Charles E. Dibble

Brief Communication

    1. R On Accuracy in Scientific Controversy
      1. Melville J. Herskovits
    2. R Association Methods in Anthropology
      1. Robert Sommer
        Humphry Osmond

Letter to the Editor

    1. R Rejoinder to Dr. Moore's "Psychological Deterrents to Incest" (1960)
      1. Mariam K. Slater
    2. R Rejoinder to Dr. Kehoe's "Lactation and Pregnancy"
      1. Mariam K. Slater
    3. R Correction
      1. June Helm MacNeish

Book Review

    1. R GENERAL: Culture and History: Prolegomena to the Comparative Study of Civilizations. Philip Bagby
      1. Clyde Kluckhohn
    2. R GENERAL: The Anthropology of Franz Boas: Essays on the Centennial of His Birth. Walter Goldschmidt
      1. Melville J. Herskovits
    3. R GENERAL: Exploring the Ways of Mankind. Walter Goldschmidt
      1. Cora Bois
    4. R GENERAL: Plans and the Structure of Behavior. George A. Miller, Eugene Galanter, and Karl H. Pribram
      1. Anthony F. C. Wallace
    5. R GENERAL: Freedom and Culture. Dorothy Lee
      1. David French
    6. R ETHNOLOGY: Robert H. Lowie, Ethnologist: A Personal Record. Robert H. Lowie
      1. D. B. Shimkin
    7. R ETHNOLOGY: Lewis Henry Morgan: American Scholar. Carl Resek
      1. Leslie A. White
    8. R ETHNOLOGY: People and Places. Margaret Mead
      1. Edmund Carpenter
    9. R ETHNOLOGY: Cochiti, A New Mexico Pueblo, Past and Present. Charles H. Lange
      1. Esther S. Goldfrank
    10. R ETHNOLOGY: Ethnographic Interpretations (7–11). A. L. Kroeber
      1. Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin
    11. R ETHNOLOGY: Fishing among the Indians of Northwestern California. A. L. Kroeber and S. A. Barrett
      1. Harold E. Driver
    12. R ETHNOLOGY: The Story of a Tlingit Community: A Problem in the Relationship between Archeological, Ethnological, and Historical Methods. Frederica de Laguna
      1. Viola E. Garfield
    13. R ETHNOLOGY: Culture and Conquest: America's Spanish Heritage. George M. Foster
      1. John Gillin
    14. R ETHNOLOGY: A Survey of Indian Assimitation in Eastern Sonora. Thomas B. Hinton, Marobavi: A Study of an Assimilated Group in Northern Sonora. Roger C. Owen
      1. Charles J. Erasmus
    15. R ETHNOLOGY: Power and Property in Inca Peru. Sally Falk Moore
      1. John V. Murra
    16. R ETHNOLOGY: African Homicide and Suicide. Paul Bohannan
      1. Elliott P. Skinner
    17. R ETHNOLOGY: Continuity and Change in African Cultures. William R. Bascom and Melville J. Herskovits
      1. Stanley Diamond
    18. R ETHNOLOGY: Dahomean Narrative: A Cross-Cultural Analysis. Melville J. and Frances S. Herskovits
      1. Richard M. Dorson
    19. R ETHNOLOGY: The Land and People of West Africa. C. R. Niven
      1. H. D. Gunn
    20. R ETHNOLOGY: Official Publications of French West Africa 1946–1958: A Guide. Helen F. Conover
      1. Elliott P. Skinner
    21. R ETHNOLOGY: Études Bakongo: Sociologie—Religion et Magie. J. Van Wing
      1. Alvin W. Wolfe
    22. R ETHNOLOGY: The Mugwe, A Failing Prophet: A Study of a Religious and Public Dignitary of the Meru of Kenya. B. Bernardi
      1. Edgar V. Winans
    23. R ETHNOLOGY: Tribal Maps of East Africa and Zanzibar. J. E. Goldthorpe and F. B. Wilson
      1. Philip H. Gulliver
    24. R ETHNOLOGY: Trance in Bali. Jane Belo
      1. Clifford Geertz
    25. R ETHNOLOGY: Malay Kinship and Marriage in Singapore. Judith Djamour
      1. Richard E. Downs
    26. R ETHNOLOGY: Leadership and Cultural Change in Palau. Roland W. Force
      1. Homer G. Barnett
    27. R ETHNOLOGY: The Polynesian Family System in Ka-'u, Hawai'i. E. S. Craighill Handy and Mary Kawena Pukui
      1. Barbara Lane
    28. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Prehistory of Southern Africa. J. Desmond Clark
      1. Albert C. Spaulding
    29. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Archaeology of the Lower Tapajós Valley, Brazil. Heien Constance Palmatary
      1. Betty J. Meggers
    30. R ARCHEOLOGY: Archäologische Studien in den Kordilleren Boliviens. Hermann Trimborn
      1. Alfred Kidder
    31. R ARCHEOLOGY: Excavations in the Upper Little Colorado Drainage, Eastern Arizona. Paul S. Martin and John B. Rinaldo
      1. Richard B. Woodbury
    32. R ARCHEOLOGY: Archaeological Excavations in Yap. E. W. and D. S. Gifford
      1. Roland W. Force
    33. R ARCHEOLOGY: Anthropological Papers Numbers 49–56.
      1. James B. Griffin
    34. R LINGUISTICS: Language Change and Linguistic Reconstruction. Henry M. Hoenigswald
      1. Joseph H. Greenberg
    35. R LINGUISTICS: The Grammar of English Nominalizations. Robert B. Lees
      1. Henry Allan Gleason
    36. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Antecedents of Man: An Introduction to the Evolution of the Primates. W. E. Le Gros Clark
      1. F. Clark Howell
    37. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Molecular Basis of Evolution. Christian B. Anfinsen
      1. John Buettner-Janusch
    38. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Methods for Research in Human Growth. Stanley M. Garn and Zvi Shamir, Chemical Anthropology: A New Approach to Growth in Children. Ici G. Macy and Harriet J. Kelly
      1. Marshall T. Newman
    39. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Contributions to the Physical Anthropology of the Soviet Union. V. V. Bunak, G. F. Debets and M. G. Levin
      1. Paul Tolstoy
    40. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Skeletal Remains of Bambandyanalo. Alexander Galloway. Phillip V. Tobias
      1. Lois W. Mednick
    41. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Il Favismo. G. Sansone, A. M. Piga and G. Segni
      1. Stephen P. Dunn
    42. R OTHER: The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology. Joseph Campbell
      1. Stephen P. Dunn
    43. R OTHER: Gold: Its Beauty, Power and Allure. C. H. V. Sutherland
      1. Dudley T. Easby
    44. R OTHER: United States University Cooperation in Latin America: A Study Based on Selected Programs in Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Mexico. Richard N. Adams and Charles C. Cumberland
      1. Charles J. Erasmus
    45. R OTHER: From Field to Factory: New Industrial Employees. James Sydney Slotkin
      1. Cyril S. Belshaw
    46. R OTHER: Social Change. John Eric Nordskog
      1. Robert T. Anderson
    47. R OTHER: The Eclipse of Community: An Interpretation of American Studies. Maurice R. Stein
      1. Robert A. Manners
    48. R OTHER: American Folklore. Richard M. Dorson
      1. Ann Chowning
    49. R OTHER: Water Witching U.S.A. Evon Z. Vogt and Ray Hyman
      1. Edmund Carpenter
    50. R OTHER: Religious Behaviour. Michael Argyle
      1. Weston Barre

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received