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From the Editor's Desk

    1. R From the Editor's Desk

Original Article

    1. R Prehistoric Art and Ideology1
    2. R Micro-Evolution: Cultural Elements in Physical Variation
        W. W. HOWELLS
    3. R Values, Attitudes, and Social Concepts of Japanese and American Children
    4. R An Eta Community in Japan: The Social Persistence of Outcaste Groups
    5. R Intergroup Hostility and Social Cohesion1
    6. R Dream Learning and Individual Ritual Differences in Mohave Shamanism
    7. R Possession "Hysteria" in a Kenya Tribe1
    8. R Acculturation in the Context of Selected New and Old World Peasant Cultures1

Brief Communications

    1. R On Defining Culture
      1. Leon J. Goldstein
    2. R Methodological Considerations in the Study of Intergroup Relations
      1. Walter P. Zenner
    3. R Some Factors Affecting Residence Mobility
      1. William K. Carr

Letter to the Editor

    1. R Greek Kinship Terms in Everyday Use
      1. John Andromedas

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Man's Role in Changing the Face of the Earth. William L. Thomas, Jr.
      1. Eric R. Wolf
    2. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Toward a Unified Theory of Human Behavior. Roy R. Grinker
      1. John Gillin
    3. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: On Human Communication. Colin Cherry
      1. Howard Maclay
    4. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Socio-Culture: Inter-disciplinary Essays on Society and Culture. Gutorm Gjessing
      1. Murray Wax
    5. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: The Social Structure of Islam. Reuben Levy
      1. Franz Rosenthal
    6. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: The Nature and Function of Priesthood. E. O. James
      1. Lawrence Krader
    7. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Dawn in Arctic Alaska. Diamond Jenness
      1. Cornelius Osgood
    8. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Last Kings of Thule: A Year among the Polar Eskimos of Greenland. Jean Malaurie
      1. Edmund Carpenter
    9. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Aboriginal Population of the North Coast of California. S. F. Cook
      1. Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin
    10. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Die Reisernte der Ojibwa-Indianer: Wirtschaft und Recht eines Erntevolkes
      1. Ruth Landes
    11. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Seminole Music. Frances Densmore
      1. John M. Goggin
    12. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Los Guarao del Delta Amacuro
      1. Thomas McCorkle
    13. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Etnologia Brasileira (Fulniô—Os últimos Tapúias.)
      1. W. D. Hohenthal
    14. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Village and Plantation Life in Northeastern Brazil. Harry William Hutchinson
      1. Bernard J. Siegel
    15. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Coastal Bantu of the Cameroons (The Kpe-Mboko, Duala-Limba and Tanga-Yasa Groups of the British and French Trusteeship Territories of the Cameroons.) Edwin Ardener
      1. Simon Ottenberg
    16. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Mariage et Industrialisation: Évolution De La Mentalité Indigène Dans Une Cité de Travailleurs D'Elisabethville. Georges Forthomme
      1. Jean Comhaire
    17. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Bantu Bureaucracy: A Study of Integration and Conflict in the Political Institutions of an East African People. Lloyd A. Fallers
      1. John W. Bennett
    18. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Indus and Swat Kohistan: An Ethnographic Survey. Frederik Barth
      1. Elizabeth E. Bacon
    19. R Book Reviews
      1. John Musgrave
    20. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Living Conditions of Plantation Workers and Peasants on Java in 1939–1940: (Final Report of the Coolie Budget Commission.) (Translated by Robert Van Niel)
      1. Charles O. Frake
    21. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Nieuw-Guinea Studiën. Orgaan van de Stichting Studiekring voor Nieuw-Guinea
      1. Robert A. Hall
    22. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Hoofdtrekken der Sociale Struktuur in Het Westelijke Binnenland van Sarmi. Alexander C. Van der Leeden
      1. H. Th. Fischer
    23. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: An Ethno-Atlas: A Student's Manual of Tribal, Linguistic, and Racial Groupings. Robert F. Spencer
      1. Harold E. Driver
    24. R AMERICAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE: American Culture: An Analysis of Its Development and Present Characteristics. Saxon Graham
      1. Margaret Lantis
    25. R AMERICAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE: Mass Culture: The Popular Arts in America. Bernard Rosenberg and David Manning White
      1. Raymond J. Murphy
    26. R AMERICAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE: The American Class Structure. Joseph A. Kahl
      1. Morton Rubin
    27. R AMERICAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE: American Families. Paul C. Glick
      1. Morton Rubin
    28. R AMERICAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE: Cultural Values of American Ethnic Groups. Sister Frances Jerome Woods
      1. Florence R. Kluckhohn
    29. R AMERICAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE: Five Hundred Over Sixty. Bernard Kutner, David Fanshel, Alice M. Togo and Thomas S. Langner
      1. Leo W. Simmons
    30. R AMERICAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE: When Prophecy Fails. Leon Festinger, Henry W. Riecken, and Stanley Schachter Minneapolis
      1. John J. Honigmann
    31. R AMERICAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE: American Indian and White Relations to 1830: Needs and Opportunities for Study. William N. Fenton
      1. A. Irving Hallowell
    32. R AMERICAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE: The Indian in Modern America. David A. Baerreis
      1. D'Arcy McNickle
    33. R ARCHEOLOGY: Contributions to Prehistoric Archaeology (Offered to Professor V. Gordon Childe in Honor of his Sixty-Fifth Birthday). Grahame Clark
      1. Robert W. Ehrich
    34. R ARCHEOLOGY: Klamath Prehistory: The Prehistory of the Culture of the Klamath Lake Area, Oregon. L. S. Cressman
      1. Frank H. Roberts
    35. R ARCHEOLOGY: Early Man in the Columbia Intermontane Province. Richard D. Daugherty
      1. Mark R. Harrington
    36. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Upper Pima of San Cayetano del Tumacacori: An Archaeohistorical Reconstruction of the Ootam of Pimería Alta. Charles C. Di Peso
      1. Thomas B. Hinton
    37. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Bayou Goula Site: Iberville Parish, Louisiana. George I. Quimby
      1. Philip Phillips
    38. R ARCHEOLOGY: Excavations at Kolomoki: Final Report. William H. Sears
      1. Charles H. Fairbanks
    39. R ARCHEOLOGY: Maya Art and Civilization. Herbert Joseph Spinden
      1. Robert Wauchope
    40. R ARCHEOLOGY: Los Barrios Antiguos de Tenochtitlan y Tlatelolco. Alfonso Caso
      1. René Millon
    41. R ARCHEOLOGY: Ceramic Sequence at Uaxactun, Guatemala. Robert E. Smith
      1. Robert L. Rands
    42. R ARCHEOLOGY: Toward Definition of the Nazca Style. A. L. Kroeber
      1. Gordon R. Willey
    43. R LINGUISTICS: Essays in Linguistics. Joseph H. Greenberg
      1. Norman A. McQuown
    44. R LINGUISTICS: Lapp Dictionary: Based on the Dialects of Polmak, Karasjok and Kautokeino. Konrad Nielsen and Asbjørn Nesheim
      1. Thomas A. Sebeok
    45. R MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: Folklore y Psicoanálisis. Paulo De
      1. Louis C. Faron
    46. R MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: The Evolution of an American Prose Epic: A Study in Comparative Literature. Paul Radin
      1. Stanley S. Newman
    47. R MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: The Gros Ventres of Montana: Part II. Religion and Ritual. John M. Cooper
      1. Åke Hultkrantz
    48. R MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: A Study of Navajo Symbolism. Franc Johnson Newcomb, Stanley Fishler, and Mary C. Wheelwright
      1. Leland C. Wyman
    49. R MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE: Cuentos Mixes. Walter S. Miller
      1. Stephen F. Borhegyi
    50. R OTHER: Salvador Brau y Su Tiempo: Drama y paradoja de una sociedad. Eugenio Fernández Méndez
      1. Sidney Mintz
    51. R OTHER: Colonial Students: A Study of the Social Adaptation of Colonial Students in London. A. T. Carey
      1. Hortense Powdermaker
    52. R OTHER: Report on Community Development Programs in India, Iran, Egypt and Gold Coast. William C. Gibson, Hugh B. Masters, and Ernest F. Witte
      1. Charles J. Erasmus
    53. R OTHER: Franz Joseph Gall, Inventor of Phrenology and His Collection. Erwin H. Ackerknecht and Henri V. Vallois
      1. William A. Lessa