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From the Editor's Desk

    1. R From the Editor's Desk

Original Article

    1. R The Impact of the American Indian on American Culture
    2. R Race and Evolution1
      1. STANLEY M. GARN
    3. R Culture and Conflict in an Egyptian Village
    4. R Some Aspects of Tagalog Family Structure
    5. R Totemism on Truk and Ponape1
      1. J. L. FISCHER
    6. R Family Quarrels in a North Malayan Teochiu Chinese Vegetable-Growing Community
      1. W. H. NEWELL
    7. R The Subsistence Role of Cattle Among the Pakot and in East Africa1
    8. R More Puzzles on the Northwest Coast1
      1. JOYCE WIKE
    9. R Boas and Mason: Particularism versus Generalization1


      1. Daryll Forde

Original Article

      1. E. W. Gifford

Brief Communications

    1. R Environmental Limitation on Maya Culture: A Re-Examination
      1. William R. Coe
    2. R The Chin of the Kanam Mandible*
      1. M. F. Ashley Montagu
    3. R The Statistical Analysis of Whiting and Child's Child Training and Personality1
      1. Thurlow R. Wilson

Letters to the Editor

    1. R On Asymmetrical Marriage Systems
      1. E. R. Leach
    2. R Reply
      1. Richard F. Salisbury
    3. R In Reply to Radcliffe-Brown on Australian Local Organization
      1. Ronald M. Berndt

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Peasant Society and Culture: An Anthropological Approach to Civilization. Robert Redfield
      1. Vincenzo Petrullo
    2. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Current Anthropology: A Supplement to Anthropology Today. Edited by William L. Thomas, Jr.
      1. Gabriel Lasker
    3. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Race Relations in World Perspective. Papers read at the Conference on Race Relations in World Perspective—Honolulu—1954. Andrew W. Lind
      1. Clair Drake
    4. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Societies Around the World. Shorter Edition. Howard Becker
      1. Inez Adams
    5. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Taboo. Franz Steiner. Preface by E. E. Evans-Pritchard. Edited by Laura Bohannan
      1. Cora DuBois
    6. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: The All-Knowing God: Researches into Early Religion and Culture. Raffaele Pettazzoni. Authorized translation by H. J. Rose
      1. William A. Lessa
    7. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Tlingit Indians: Results of a Trip to the Northwest Coast of America and the Bering Straits. Aurel Krause. Translated by Erna Gunther
      1. Helen Codere
    8. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Peyote Religion: A Study in Indian-White Relations. J. S. Slotkin
      1. Weston Barre
    9. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Culture and Acculturation of the Delaware Indians. William W. Newcomb, Jr.
      1. Fred W. Voget
    10. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Missions of New Mexico, 1776. Fray Francisco Atanasio Dominguez. (Translated and annotated by Eleanor B. Adams and Fray Angelico Chavez. Drawings by Horace T. Pierce)
      1. Leslie A. White
    11. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Kikuyu Social and Political Institutions. H. E. Lambert
      1. May Edel
    12. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Peoples and Languages of the Caucasus. Preface by John Lotz
      1. William W. Elmendorf
    13. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Persian Beliefs and Customs. Henri Massé. Translated by Charles A. Messner
      1. Louis Dupree
    14. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: This Is Israel. By Theodore Huebener and Carl Hermann Voss
      1. R. Patai
    15. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Changing Society in India and Pakistan: A Study in Social Change and Social Stratification. A. K. Nazmul Karim
      1. F. K. Lehman
    16. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Two Japanese Villages: Matsunagi, A Japanese Mountain Community, Kurusu, A Japanese Agricultural Community. John B. Cornell and Robert J. Smith
      1. Yuzuru Okada
    17. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Bukidnon of Mindanao. Fay-Cooper Cole
      1. Harold C. Conklin
    18. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Land Tenure among the Garia: the Traditional System of a New Guinea People. Peter Lawrence
      1. James B. Watson
    19. R ARCHEOLOGY: Chugach Prehistory: The Archaeology of Prince William Sound, Alaska. Frederica de Laguna
      1. Robert F. Heizer
    20. R ARCHEOLOGY: Archaeology of the Uyak Site, Kodiak Island, Alaska. Robert F. Heizer
      1. J. L. Giddings
    21. R ARCHEOLOGY: Archeological Investigations on the Uncompahgre Plateau in West Central Colorado. H. M. Wormington and Robert H. Lister
      1. Jesse D. Jennings
    22. R ARCHEOLOGY: Highway Salvage Archaeology, Vol. II. Edited by Fred Wendorf
      1. Joe Ben Wheat
    23. R ARCHEOLOGY: Higgins Flat Pueblo, Western New Mexico. Paul S. Martin, John B. Rinaldo, Elaine H. Bluhm, and Hugh C. Cutler
      1. Albert H. Schroeder
    24. R Book Reviews
    25. R ARCHEOLOGY: From the Tablets of Sumer: Twenty-Five Firsts in Man's Recorded History. Samuel Noah Kramer
      1. George G. Cameron
    26. R ARCHEOLOGY: Chinese Bronze Age Weapons. Max Loehr
      1. Sidney M. Kaplan
    27. R ARCHEOLOGY: Archaeological Excavations in New Caledonia. E. W. Gifford and Dick Shutler, Jr.
      1. Erik K. Reed
    28. R APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY: Anthropology in Administration. H. G. Barnett
      1. Cyril S. Belshaw
    29. R Book Reviews
    30. R CULTURE AND PERSONALITY: Sexual Behavior in American Society: An Appraisal of the First Two Kinsey Reports, Jerome Himelhoch and Sylvia Fleis Fava
      1. Margaret Mead
    31. R CULTURE AND PERSONALITY: The Analysis of Fantasy: The Thematic Apperception Technique in the Study of Personality. William E. Henry
      1. George Vos
    32. R FOLKLORE: Voices on the Wind: Polynesian Myths and Chants. Katharine Luomala
      1. Edwin G. Burrows
    33. R FOLKLORE: The Pollen Path: A Collection of Navajo Myths. Retold by Margaret S. Link. Psychological commentary by Joseph L. Henderson
      1. Evon Vogt
    34. R Book Reviews