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From the Editor's Desk

    1. R From the Editor's Desk

Original Article

    1. R Does Natural Selection Continue to Operate in Modern Mankind?
    2. R Primary Group Experience and the Processes of Acculturation1
    3. R Na-Déné and Positional Analysis of Categories1
      1. D. H. HYMES
    4. R Asymmetrical Marriage Systems1
    5. R The Social Structure of Grandparenthood1
    6. R Structure and Function: Family Organization and Socialization in a Jamaican Community1
      1. YEHUDI A. COHEN
    7. R A Preliminary Index of Social Development
    8. R Recent Studies of the Russian Peasant*
    9. R Some Rules of Directed Culture Change Under Roman Catholicism
      1. M. D. W. JEFFREYS

Brief Communication

    1. R Resin-Coated Pottery in the Philippines
      1. George M. Foster

Letter to the Editor

    1. R Further Comments on Boas
      1. M. J. Herskovits

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Mathematical Thinking in the Social Sciences. Paul F. Lazarsfeld
      1. Frederick Mosteller
    2. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Das Mutterrecht. Wilhelm Schmidt
      1. Robert F. Spencer
    3. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Man's Nature and Nature's Man: The Ecology of Human Communities. Lee R. Dice
      1. Frank J. Essene
    4. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Religion and Society, Elizabeth K. Nottingham
      1. William J. Goode
    5. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Modem Homesteaders: The Life of a Twentieth-Century Frontier Community. Evon Z. Vogt
      1. Robert A. Manners
    6. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Navaho Acquisitive Values. Richard Hobson
      1. Edward P. Dozier
    7. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Papeles de la Chinantla I: Mayultianguis y Tlacoatzintepec. Roberto J. Weitlaner and Carlo Antonio Castro G
      1. A. Kimball Romney
    8. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Weltbild und Kult der Kwakiutl-Indianer. Werner Müller
      1. William W. Elmendorf
    9. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Trumaí Indians of Central Brazil. Robert F. Murphy and Buell Quain. Foreword by Charles Wagley
      1. Gertrude E. Dole
        Robert Carneiro
    10. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Sociologie Actuelle de l'Afrique Noire: Dynamique des Changements Sociaux en Afrique Centrale. Georges Balandier
      1. Alan P. Merriam
    11. R Book Reviews
      1. Horace Miner
    12. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Baba of Karo: A Woman of the Moslem Hausa. M. F. Smith. Preface by Daryll Forde
      1. Joseph H. Greenberg
    13. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Great Loochoo: A Study of Okinawan Village Life. Clarence J. Glacken
      1. Wayne Suttles
    14. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Village Life in Modem Thailand. John E. de Young
      1. L. M. Hanks
    15. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Himalayan Barbary. Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf
      1. Robert J. Miller
    16. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Religion of an Indian Tribe. Verrier Elwin
      1. Oscar Lewis
    17. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Midland Discovery: A Report on the Pleistocene Human Remains from Midland, Texas. Fred Wendorf, et al
      1. Frank H. H. Roberts
    18. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Present Status of the Archaeology of Western Mexico: A Distributional Study. Robert H. Lister
      1. J. Charles Kelley
    19. R ARCHEOLOGY: Geochronology; With Special Reference to Southwestern United States. Terah. L, Smiley
      1. Frederick Johnson
    20. R ARCHEOLOGY: Rome Beyond the Imperial Frontiers. Sir Mortimer Wheeler
      1. J. J. Van Nostrand
    21. R Book Reviews
      1. Robert H. Dyson
    22. R ARCHEOLOGY: El Segundo Mamut Fosil de Santa Isabel Iztapan, México, y Artefactos Asociados. Luis Aveleyra A. de Anda
      1. J. Charles Kelley
    23. R ARCHEOLOGY: An Archaeological Report on the Excavation of a Prehistoric Site at Zuma Creek, Los Angeles County, California. Stuart L. Peck
      1. William James Wallace
    24. R LINGUISTICS: Spraakkunst Van Het Marind: Zuidkust Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea. P. Drabbe. Preface by J. Gonda
      1. Robert A. Hall
    25. R ACCULTURATION AND APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY: Health, Culture and Community: Case Studies of Public Reactions to Health Programs. Benjamin D. Paul
      1. Emilio Willems
    26. R CULTURE AND PERSONALITY: Childhood in Contemporary Cultures. Margaret Mead and Martha Wolfenstein
      1. Thomas Gladwin
    27. R FOLKLORE, ART AND MUSIC: De Kunst van Nieuw-Guinea. S. Kooijman
      1. H. D. Gunn
    28. R OTHER: Indian Corn in Old America. Paul Weatherwax
      1. Volney H. Jones
    29. R OTHER: Jews and Arabs: Their Contacts Through the Ages. S. D. Goitein
      1. Clark Hopkins
    30. R OTHER: Class and Society. Kurt B. Mayer
      1. Melvin Tumin
    31. R OTHER: Present-Day Psychology. A. A. Roback
      1. Weston La Barre
    32. R OTHER: Social Psychology. Otto Klineberg
      1. George D. Spindler
    33. R OTHER: Geography of the Northlands. George H. T. Kimble and Dorothy Good
      1. Lawrence Krader
        Demitri B. Shimkin
    34. R OTHER: Society and Health. Walter E. Boek and Jean K. Boek. Forewords by H. E. Hilleboe and M. W. Sheahan
      1. Ozzie G. Simmons
    35. R OTHER: Research Films in Biology, Anthropology, Psychology and Medicine. Anthony R. Michaelis. Foreword by Sir Robert Watson-Watt
      1. J. E. Weckler