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Original Article

    1. R The Burwezi1
      1. H. CORY
    2. R Three Mexican Crafts
      1. E. B. SAYLES
    3. R The History of Seminole Clothing and Its Multi-Colored Designs
      1. HILDA J. DAVIS
    4. R Juan Sabeata and Diffusion in Aboriginal Texas
    5. R On the Number of Races of Mankind1
      1. STANLEY M. GARN
    6. R Social Anthropology and the Art Museum
      1. GEORGE T. MILLS
    7. R Cultural Diffusion via Salt
    8. R The Use of a Transitional Cloth-Money Token among the Wolof1
      1. DAVID W. AMES
    9. R Avunculocal Residence on Losap
      1. J. L. FISCHER
    10. R Bernard Mishkin, 1913–1954
      1. Charles Wagley
    11. R The Son of Many Beads, 1866–1954
      1. Clyde Kluckhohn
        Evon Z. Vogt

Brief Communications

    1. R Brief Communications
      1. Arthur J. Rubel
    2. R A Note on Cherokee-Delaware Pan-Indianism*
      1. W. W. Newcomb
    3. R Esoteric Efflorescence in Easter Island
      1. Marshall D. Sahlins

Letter to the Editor

    1. R On Lee's Review ofPrimitive Heritage
      1. Murray Wax

Book Reviews

    2. R Studies in the Scope and Method of "The Authoritarian Personality." Marie Jahoda and Richard Christie (eds.)
      1. Melvin M. Tumin
    3. R Suicide and Homicide: Some Economic, Sociological and Psychological Aspects of Aggression. Andrew F. Henry and James F. Short, Jr
      1. Francis X. Sutton
    4. R Man, Motives and Money: Psychological Frontiers of Economics. Albert Lauterbach
      1. Wilbert E. Moore
    5. R The Walter Buchanan Cline Memorial Volume
      1. Omer C. Stewart
    6. R The Catholic Indian Missions and Grant's Peace Policy, 1870–1884. Peter J. Rahill
      1. D'Arcy McNickle
    7. R The Real Americans. A. Hyatt Verrill
      1. Ruth Underhill
    8. R The Book of American Indians. Ralph B. Raphael. Introduction by Frank H. H. Roberts, Jr
      1. Robert Ritzenthaler
    9. R The Kaska Indians: An Ethnographic Reconstruction. John J. Honigmann
      1. Cornelius Osgood
    10. R Die Blaue Hütte: Zum Sinnbild der Perle bei Nordamerikanischen Indianern. Werner Müller
      1. John Witthoft
    11. R Ältere Ethnographica aus Nordamerika im Berliner Museum für Völkerkunde. Walter Krickeberg
      1. John Witthoft
    12. R Indians of the Southern Colonial Frontier, the Edmond Atkin Report and Plan of 1755. Wilbur R. Jacobs (ed.)
      1. John M. Goggin
    13. R The Last War Trail: The Utes and the Settlement of Colorado. Robert Emmitt
      1. Omer C. Stewart
    14. R Jungle Quest. Edward Weyer, Jr
      1. Robert Carneiro
        Gertrude E. Dole
    15. R Women of the Grassfields: A Study of the Economic Position of Women in Bamenda, British Cameroons. Phyllis M. Kaberry
    16. R Zur Gesellschaft und Religion der Nueer. J. P. Crazzolara
      1. Elizabeth Colson
    17. R Rituals of Rebellion in South-East Africa. Max Gluckman
      1. Gordon D. Gibson
    18. R The Bantu Tribes of South Africa: Vol. III, The Nguni: Section V, Baca, Hlubi, Xesibe
      1. Elizabeth Colson
    19. R Makhanya Kinship Rights and Obligations. D. H. Reader
      1. David M. Schneider
    20. R The Unwritten Law in Albania. Margaret Hasluck. Edited by J. H. Hutton
      1. Robert H. Lowie
    21. R The Finnish Shrovetide. Elsa Enäjärvi-Haavio
      1. Eric R. Wolf
    22. R Der Ursprung der Gottesidee: Eine historisch-kritische und positive Studie. Band XI, 3. Abteilung: Die Religionen der Hirtenvölker, V: Die asiatischen Hirtenvölker
      1. Lawrence Krader
    23. R Science and Civilization in China, Vol. 1: Introductory Orientations. Joseph Needham
      1. Wolfram Eberhard
    24. R Die Erscheinungsformen des Männerhawses und das Klubwesen in Mikronesien. Erhard Schlesier
      1. S. H. Riesenberg
    25. R Some Dependent Peoples of the South Pacific. Linden A. Mander
      1. H. B. Hawthorn
    26. R Book Reviews
    27. R An Atoll Culture: Ethnography of Ifaluk in the Central Carolines. Edwin G. Burrows and Melford E. Spiro
      1. William A. Lessa
    28. R Moturiki: A Pilot Project in Community Development. Howard Hayden
      1. Felix M. Keesing
    29. R ARCHEOLOGY: Caves of the Reserve Area. Paul S. Martin, John B. Rinaldo and Elaine Bluhm
      1. Frank H. H. Roberts
    30. R The Excavution of Pindi Pueblo, New Mexico. Stanley A. Stubbs and W. S. Stallings, Jr
      1. Richard B. Woodbury
    31. R Archaeological Studies in the Petrified Forest National Monument. Fred Wendorf
      1. Robert H. Lister
    32. R The Painted Men. T. C. Lethbridge
      1. Donald Pitkin
    33. R FOLKLORE AND THE ARTS: Art of Asia. Helen Rubissow
      1. Max Loehr
    34. R Songs and Stories of the Ch'uan Miao. David Crockett Graham
      1. Cornelius Osgood
    35. R Pomo Indian Myths and Some of Their Sacred Meanings. Cora Clark and Texa Bowen Williams
      1. Ernestine Friedl
    36. R Songs in Lepanto-Igorot as It Is Spoken at Bauko. Morice Vanoverbergh
      1. Grace L. Wood
    37. R LINGUISTICS: Psycholinguistics: A Survey of Theory and Research Problems. Charles E. Osgood and Thomas A. Sebeok (eds.)
      1. Stanley Newman
    38. R PSYCHOETHNOGRAPHY: Truk: Man in Paradise. Thomas Gladwin and Seymour B. Sarason
      1. David M. Schneider
    39. R Aspects of Culture and Personality: A Symposium. Francis L. K. Hsu (ed.)
      1. Anthony F. C. Wallace
    40. R Changing Navaho Religious Values, A Study of Christian Missions to the Rimrock Navahos. Robert N. Rapoport
      1. Fred Voget
    41. R OTHER: Return to Laughter. Elenore Smith Bowen
      1. Daniel F. MCcall
    42. R The Talladega Story: A Study in Community Process. SOLON T. KIMBALL and MARION PEARSALL
      1. Louis Dupree
    43. R America's Resources of Specialised Talent: A Current Appraisal and a Look Ahead. Dael Wolfle
      1. Evon Z. Vogt
    44. R The American Christmas: A Study in National Culture. James H. Barnett
      1. Wilfrid C. Bailey
    45. R A Study in Government: Guatemala. Part I. National and Local Government since 1944. K. H. Silvert
      1. Robert H. Ewald
    46. R Estampas de Honduras. Doris Stone
      1. Sidney W. Mintz
    47. R Bush Negro Art: An African Art in the American. Philip J. C. Dark
      1. H. D. Gunn
    48. R The Pacific Islands and Modern Commerce. V. D. Stace
      1. H. B. Hawthorn
    49. R Shadows in the Sun. Chad Oliver
      1. Evon Z. Vogt