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Original Article

    1. R Acculturation: An Exploratory Formulation


    1. R Comment by H. G. BARNETT

Original Article

    1. R The Relationships between Neanderthal Man and Homo sapiens
      1. J. E. WECKLER
    2. R The Prehistory of East Africa*
      1. SONIA COLE
    3. R A West African Inquest*
    4. R The Lappish Herding Leader: A Structural Analysis*
    5. R EARNEST ALBERT HOOTON 1887–1954
      1. H. L. Shapiro
    6. R PAUL REITER 1909–1953
      1. Clyde Kluckhohn

Brief Communications

    1. R Courtship Whistling of the Mexican Kickapoo Indians
      1. Robert E. Ritzenthaler
        Frederick A. Peterson
    2. R Fermented Drinks in Mexico
      1. J. S. Slotkin
    3. R Recommendations for Standardizing Formosan Tribal Names
      1. Michael D. Coe

Technical Notes

        Carolyn Osborne
    2. R Recording Primitive and Folk Music in the Field
      1. Bruno Nettl
    3. R A Basic Vocabulary for Ethnic Dance Descriptions
      1. Phil C. Orr

Book Review

    1. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Theoretical Anthropology. David Bidney
      1. Robert F. Spencer
    2. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Primitive Heritage: An Anthropological Anthology. Margaret Mead and Nicolas Calas
      1. Dorothy Lee
    3. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: An Introduction to Field Theory and Interaction Theory. Chris Argyris
      1. Henry W. Riecken
    4. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: For the Dean: Essays in Anthropology in Honor of Byron Cummings on His Eighty-Ninth Birthday, September 20, 1950. Erik K. Reed and Dale S. King
      1. Frank H. H. Roberts
    5. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Guide d'Étude Directe des Comportements Culturels. M. Maget
      1. Harold Orlans
    6. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Allgemeine Vökerkunde: Formen und Entwicklung der Kultur. Kunz Dittmer
      1. Robert H. Lowie
    7. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Red Man's America: A History of Indians in the United States. Ruth Murray
      1. D'Arcy McNickle
    8. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Iroquois Eagle Dance: An Offshoot of the Calumet Dance. William N. Fenton
      1. Anthony F. C. Wallace
    9. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Florentine Codex: Book 7: The Sun, Moon, and Stars, and the Binding of the Years. Fray Bernardino de Sahagun
      1. J. Eric S. Thompson
    10. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Kinship System of the Kalmuk Mongols. David F. Aberle
      1. Elizabeth E. Bacon
    11. R Die Vokstänze in Osterreich und verwandte Tänze in Europa. Richard Wolfram
      1. Gertrude Kurath
    12. R Book Review
    13. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Accommodating the Spirit amongst Some North-Eastern Shona Tribes. J. F. Holleman
      1. James B. Christensen
    14. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Histoire et Coutumes des Bamums.
      1. Robert A. Lystad
    15. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Afrika Bibliographie 1943–1951. Norbert Mylius
      1. Joseph H. Greenberg
    16. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Die soziale Organisation in Mikronesien. Bernhard Stillfried
      1. George P. Mördock
    17. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Religion of the Tempasuk Dusuns of North Borneo. I. H. N. Evans
      1. Fay-Cooper Cole
    18. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Field Notes on Indonesia: South Celebes, 1949-50. Raymond Kennedy
      1. Fay-Cooper Cole
    19. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Northern States of Fiji. A. M. Hocart
      1. Alexander Spoehr
    20. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: Explorers of the Pacific: European and American Discoveries in Polynesia. Te Rangi Hiroa (Peter H. Buck)
      1. Donald Stanley Marshall
    21. R ARCHEOLOGY: River Basin Surveys Papers: Inter-Agency Archeological Salvage Program Nos. 1–6. Waldo R. Wedel
      1. Wm. Duncan Strong
    22. R ARCHEOLOGY: Copan Ceramics: A Study of Southeastern Maya Pottery. John M. Longyear
      1. George W. Brainerd
    23. R ARCHEOLOGY: Stone-Worker's Progress: A Study of Stone Implements in the Pitt Rivers Museum. Sir Francis H. S. Knowles
      1. E. F. Greenman
    24. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Indus Civilization. Sir Mortimer Wheeler
      1. Eugene C. Worman
    25. R ARCHEOLOGY: Kharga Oasis in Prehistory. G. Caton-Thompson
      1. Hallam L. Movius
    26. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Man, Time, and Fossils: The Story of Evolution. Ruth Moore
      1. Robert W. Ehrich
    27. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Demographic Survey of the British Colonial Empire: Vol. III. West Indian and American Territories. R. R. Kuczynski
      1. Warren S. Thompson
    28. R LINGUISTICS: Les Langues du Monde. By a group of linguists under the direction of A. Meillet and Marcel Cohen
      1. Joseph H. Greenberg
    29. R Book Review
    30. R LINGUISTICS: The Structure and Development of Russian. W. K. Matthews
      1. Paul L. Garvin
    31. R LINGUISTICS: Grammaire l'Élé. G. Bon. Glossaire l'Élé-Français. F. Nicolas
      1. D. L. Olmsted
    32. R LINGUISTICS: Les Langues Mandé-Sud du Groupe Mana-Busa. A. Prost
      1. D. L. Olmsted
    33. R LINGUISTICS: The Idoma Language. Idoma Wordlists. Idoma Chrestomathy. Idoma Proverbs. Roy C. Abraham
      1. Robert G. Armstrong
    34. R LINGUISTICS: Grammaire de la langue tahitienne. R. D. Lovy and L. J. Bouge
      1. Isidore Dyen
    35. R CULTURE CONTACT AND CULTURE CHANGE: Culture Change: An Analysis and Bibliography of Anthropological Sources. Felix M. Keesing
      1. Joseph B. Casagrande
    36. R CULTURE CONTACT AND CULTURE CHANGE: Ensayos sobre Indigenismo. Juan Comas
      1. Harry Tschopik
    37. R Book Review
    38. R CULTURE CONTACT AND CULTURE CHANGE: Race and Culture Relations. Paul A. F. Walter, Jr
      1. William H. Kelly
    39. R PSYCHOETHNOGRAPHY: The Study of Culture at a Distance. Margaret Mead and Rhoda Metraux
      1. Anthony F. C. Wallace
    40. R PSYCHOETHNOGRAPHY: Shame and Guilt: A Psychoanalytic and a Cultural Study. Gerhart Piers and Milton B. Singer
      1. John W. M. Whiting
    41. R PSYCHOETHNOGRAPHY: Understanding the Japanese Mind. James Clark Moloney
      1. Iwao Ishino
    42. R OTHER: Class, Status and Power: A Reader in Social Stratification. Richard Bendix and Seymour Martin Lipset
      1. Evon Z. Vogt
    43. R OTHER: Economics and Economic Policy of Dual Societies as Exemplified by Indonesia. J. H. Boeke
      1. Wilbert E. Moore
    44. R OTHER: Art in the Ice Age, Spanish Levant Art, Arctic Art. Johannes Maringer and Hans-Georg Bandi
      1. Harry Bober
    45. R OTHER: Notes and Queries on Anthropology.
      1. Evon Z. Vogt
    46. R OTHER: The Struggle for Africa. Vernon Bartlett
      1. John V. Murra
    47. R OTHER: Africa: A Study in Tropical Development. L. Dudley Stamp
      1. William B. Schwab
    48. R OTHER: The Design of Social Research. Russell L. Ackoff
      1. John W. Bennett
    49. R OTHER: Man and Modern Society: Conflict and Choice in the Industrial Era. Karl de Schweinitz, Jr., Kenneth W. Thompson, with Paul K. Hatt
      1. John W. Bennett
    50. R OTHER: The Political System: An Inquiry into the Stale of Political Science. David Easton
      1. L. P. Mair
    51. R Book Review
    52. R OTHER: The Itinerant Ivory Tower: Scientific and Literary Essays. G. E. Hutchinson
      1. Harvey C. Moore
    53. R OTHER: Astrology and Alchemy: Two Fossil Sciences. Mark Graubard
      1. William A. Lessa
    54. R OTHER: Science and the Social Order. Bernard Barber
      1. William A. Lessa
    55. R Book Review
    56. R OTHER: On the Oregon Trail: Robert Stuart's Journey of Discovery. Kenneth A. Spaulding
      1. John M. Roberts
    57. R OTHER: Winter. Cornelius Osgood
      1. Robert McKennan

This Issue, and Others

    1. R This Issue, and Others