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Original Article

    1. R The Sociopolitical Organization of Pre-Columbian Cultures on the Gulf Coastal Plain
    2. R Cumulation and Cultural Processes*
      1. HARVEY C. MOORE
    3. R Viking Fund Medalists 1953
        Thomas Dale Stewart
        Gordon Randolph Willey
        EARL H. MORRIS
    4. R Recipient of the Alfred Vincent Kidder Award, 1953


    1. R Time Depths of American Linguistic Groupings

Original Article

    1. R Hominids, Pebble Tools and the African Villafranchian2
      1. F. CLARK HOWELL
    2. R Wenner-Gren Foundation Supper Conference
    3. R The Swaddling Hypothesis: Its Reception
    4. R Caste and Territory in Malabar
      1. ERIC J. MILLER
    5. R Toward an Analysis of the Basic Value System

Brief Communications

    1. R Concerning the Piltdown Hoax and the Rise of a New Dogmatism
      1. Robert W. Ehrich
        Gerald M. Henderson
    2. R Reply: An old theory is supported by new evidence and new methods2
      1. S. L. Washburn
    3. R Further Documentation of"Stone Piling"during the Plateau Vision Quest
      1. Warren W. Caldwell
        Roy L. Carlson
    4. R A Technique for Teaching Ethnology
      1. Nancy Oestreich Lurie
        John W. M. Whiting

Letters to the Editor

    1. R On Bagby's"Culture and the Causes of Culture"
      1. Robert A. Manners
    2. R Reply
      1. Philip H. Bagby
    3. R Comments on"The Application of Ecological Rules to the Racial Anthropology of the Aboriginal New World"
      1. Manuel Beltroy
    4. R Reply
      1. Marshall T. Newman

Book Reviews

      1. Leslie A. White
    2. R book review
    3. R An Introduction to Anthropology. Ralph L. Beals and Harry Hoijer, with Virginia More Roediger
      1. D. L. Olmsted
    4. R Societies around the World. Edited by Irwin T. Sanders, Richard B. Woodbury, Frank J. Essene, Thomas P. Field, Joseph R. Schwendeman, Charles E. Snow
      1. Melvin Tumin
    5. R The Social System. Talcott Parsons
      1. C. W. M. Hart
    6. R Theory of Ritual: A Book of Readings and Cases. Edited by John J. Honigmann
      1. William J. Goode
    7. R Book Reviews
    8. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: The Alaskan Eskimos: As Described in the Posthumous Notes of Dr. Knud Rasmussen. H. Ostermann, assisted by E. Holtved
      1. Margaret Lantis
    9. R Memorial de Tecpan-Atitlan (Solola) Anales de los Cakchiqueles Historia del Antiguo Reino del Cakchiquel Dicho de Guatemala. Edited by Ernst Mengin
      1. Alfred Kidder II
    10. R Chichicastenango: A Guatemalan Village. Ruth Bunzel
      1. Melvin Tumin
    11. R Amazon Town: A Study of Man in the Tropics. Charles Wagley
      1. Clifford Evans
    12. R Survey of African Marriage and Family Life. Edited by Arthur Phillips
      1. I. Schapera
    13. R Mau Mau and the Kikuyu. L. S. B. Leakey
      1. St. Clair Drake
    14. R The Kikuyu and Kamba of Kenya. John Middleton
      1. Harold K. Schneider
    15. R Book Reviews
    16. R Conquerors and Rulers: Social Forces in Medieval China. Wolfram Eberhard, Leiden: E. J. Brill
      1. Marion J. Levy
    17. R Fabric of Chinese Society. Morton H. Fried
      1. Francis L. K. Hsu
    18. R The Kamar. S. C. Dube
      1. Bernard S. Cohn
    19. R The Affairs of a Tribe: A Study in Tribal Dynamics. Dhirendra Nath Majumdar
      1. Bernard S. Cohn
    20. R LINGUISTICS: Oneida Verb Morphology. Floyd G. Lounsbury
      1. C. F. Voegelin
    21. R Die Tasmanischen Sprachen: Quellen, Gruppierungen, Grammatik, Wörterbücher. Wilhelm Schmidt
      1. Isidore Dyen
    22. R The Study of Language. John S. Carroll
      1. Robert A. Hall
    23. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Age, Stature and Weight in Surinam Conscripts. A. B. Droogleever Fortuyn
      1. Mildred Trotter
    24. R PSYCHOETHNOGRAPHY: The Impact of Russian Culture on Soviet Communism. Dinko Tomasic
      1. Alex Inkeles
    25. R ARCHEOLOGY: Field Archaeology. R. J. C. Atkinson
      1. John B. Rinaldo
    26. R Studier i Jernalderens Gaardssamfund. (Studies in the Farming Community of the Iron Age.) Anders Hagen
      1. Gudmund Hatt
    27. R Vä Under Järnåldern. (Vä during the Iron Age.) Berta Stjernquist
      1. Gudmund Hatt


    1. R ERRATUM