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Original Article

    1. R Wenner-Gren Foundation Supper Conference
    2. R Archeological Theory and Method: Some Suggestions from the Old World
    3. R Interdisciplinary Research and the Concept of Culture
      1. JOHN W. BENNETT
    4. R Use of Cluster Analysis with Anthropological Data
    5. R A Reconstruction of Northern Rio Grande Prehistory1
    6. R Nyakyusa Ritual and Symbolism
    7. R The Sons of Turimpi
      1. C. W. M. HART
    8. R Dreams and Dream Interpretation in Haiti*
    9. R WENDELL CLARK BENNETT 1905–1953
      1. Alfred Kidder II
    10. R RALPH LINTON 1893–1953
      1. John Gillin
    11. R ROBERT SPOTT 1888–1953
      1. A. L. Kroeber

Brief Communications

    1. R Some Critical Observations concerning Analyses of Chippewa"Atomism" and Chippewa Personality
      1. Bernard J. James
    2. R Comments on the Piltdown Affair
      1. E. A. Hooton

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Cultural and Physical Evolution
      1. M. F. Ashley Montagu
    2. R On Beach's Review ofSexual Behavior in Western Arnhem Land
      1. Ronald M. Berndt
        Catherine H. Berndt

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: The Primitive World and Its Transformations. Robert Redfield
      1. Clyde Kluckhohn
    2. R Human Relations: Concepts and Cases in Concrete Social Science. Hugh Cabot and Joseph Kahl
      1. Walter R. Goldschmidt
    3. R An Introduction to Social Science: Personality, Work, Community. Selected, written and edited by Arthur Naftalin, Benjamin N. Nelson, Mulford Q. Sibley, Donald C. Calhoun; assisted by Andreas G. Papandreou
      1. Francis X. Sutton
    4. R The Gates of the Dream. Geza Roheim. New York: International Universities Press, Inc., 1953. viii, 554 pp. $10.00
      1. David M. Schneider
    5. R The Decline of the Roman Empire in the West. Frank W. Walbank
      1. Francis X. Sutton
    6. R Feudal Order: A Study of the Origins and Development of English Feudal Society. Marion gibbs
      1. Wilson D. Wallis
    7. R Indian Tribes of Aboriginal America. Sol Tax (ed.)
      1. Erik K. Reed
    8. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY:The Hopi: Portrait of a Desert People. Walter Collins O'Kane
      1. John Connelly
    9. R La Región de Perijá y sus Habitantes. Sociedad de Ciencias Naturales La Salle
      1. Thomas L. Norris
    10. R Changing Military Patterns on the Great Plains, 17th Century through Early 19th Century. Frank Raymond Secoy
      1. William W. Newcomb
    11. R Buzios Island: A Caiçara Community in Southern Brazil. Emilio Willems, in cooperation with Gioconda Mussolini
      1. James B. Watson
    12. R Indian Tribes of Northern Mato Grosso, Brazil. Kalervo Oberg
      1. Emilio Willems
    13. R The Primitive City of Timbuctoo. Horace Miner
      1. Ralph L. Beals
    14. R The Administration of Justice and the Urban African: A Study of Urban Native Courts in Northern Rhodesia. A. L. Epstein
      1. E. Adamson Hoebel
    15. R Israel between East and West: A Study in Human Relations. Raphael Patai
      1. Morton Rubin
    16. R Caste in Modern Ceylon: The Sinhalese System in Transition. Bruce Ryan
      1. CORA BOIS
    17. R Handbook of Latin American Studies: 1949, no. 15. Edited by Francisco Aguilera
      1. Arden R. King
    18. R Chacaltianguis: Comunidad Rural en la Ribera del Papaloapan. Fernando Cámara Barbachano
      1. George M. Foster
    19. R Los Kogi, una Tribu de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff
      1. Barbara Dahlgren
    20. R Calendar of the Manuel E. Gondra Manuscript Collection. Edited by Carlos Eduardo Castañeda and Jack Autrey Dabbs
      1. John Howland Rowe
    21. R Las Dimensiones de la Cultura: Historia de la Etnología en los Estados Unidos entre 1900 y 1950. Charles Erasmus
      1. Elman R. Service
    22. R LINGUISTICS: A Survey of Verb Forms in the Eastern United States. E. Bagby Atwood. ("Studies in American English," No. 2.) Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1953. viii, 53 pp. $2.50
      1. Harold B. Allen
    23. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry into Its Laws and Consequences. Francis Galton
      1. J. N. Spuhler
    24. R ARCHEOLOGY: New Light on the Most Ancient East. V. Gordon Childe
      1. Robert M. Adams
    25. R The Sobaipuri Indians of the Upper San Pedro River Valley, Southeastern Arizona. Charles C. Di Peso
      1. Albert H. Schroeder
    26. R Les Civilisations Précolombiennes. Henri Lehmann
      1. Wendell C. Bennett
    27. R Faunal and Archeological Researches in Yucatan Caves. Robert T. Hatt and Harvey I. Fisher, Dave A. Langebartel, George Brainerd
      1. Erik K. Reed
    28. R Danish Antiquities, Vol. IV. The Late Bronze Age. H. C. Broholm
      1. Hugh Hencken
    29. R Archeology in the Field. O. G. S. Crawford
      1. Robert F. Heizer
    30. R Spadework in Archaeology. Sir Leonard Woolley
      1. Clark Hopkins
    31. R OTHER: Man's Foods: Nutrition and Environments in Food Gathering Times and Food Producing Times. L. B. Jensen
      1. Natalie F. Joffe
    32. R Book Reviews
    33. R The Natural Superiority of Women. M. F. Ashley Montagu
      1. Ray L. Birdwhistell
    34. R The South Seas in Transition: A Study of Post-War Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Three British Pacific Dependencies. W. E. H. Stanner
      1. Felix M. Keesing
    35. R Wall-Paintings by Snake Charmers in Tanganyika. Hans Cory
      1. Irving Kaplan
    36. R Folk Tales from Korea. Collected and translated by Zong In-sob
      1. Cornelius Osgood
    37. R Chinese Thought from Confucius to Mao Tse-tung. H. G. Creel
      1. Joseph R. Levenson
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      1. Ward H. Goodenough
    39. R Adjustment to Physical Handicap aud Illness: A Survey of the Social Psychology of Physique and Disability. Roger G. Barker in collaboration with Beatrice A. Wright, Lee Meyerson and Mollie R. Gonick
      1. S. G. Vandenberg
        J. N. Spuhler
    40. R The American Church of the Protestant Heritage. Edited by Vergilius Ferm
      1. Gerhard E. Lenski
    41. R American Life: Dream aud Reality. W. Lloyd Warner
      1. Robin M. Williams
    42. R Indians of the Southwest: A Survey of Indian Tribes and Indian Administration in Arizona. William H. Kelly
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      1. Alexander Marchant
    45. R Primitive Art. Franz Boas
      1. Lucretia Nelson
    46. R Der Signalismus in der Kunst der Naturvoelker: Biologisch-psychologische Gesetzlichkeiten in den Abweichungen von der Norm des Vorbildes. Katesa Schlosser
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    47. R The Philosophy of Psychiatry: Psychiatric Prolegomena. Harold Palmer
      1. A. Irving Hallowell
    48. R The Therapeutic Community: A New Treatment Method in Psychiatry. Maxwell Jones et al.
      1. Robert N. Rapoport
    49. R The Next Million Years. Charles Darwin
      1. Marston Bates
    50. R Man's Search for Himself. Rollo May
      1. Edward T. Hall