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This Issue, and Others

    1. R This Issue, and Others

Original Article

    1. R The Ethnology of Religion and the Problem of Human Evolution*
    2. R Human Nature in Its Psychological Dimensions*
    3. R Some Early Speculations on the Origin of Human Races
      1. JOHN C. GREENE
    4. R On the Concept of Types
    5. R The Ethnological Theory of Marcel Mauss*
    6. R The Changing Character of a Hindu Festival

Brief Communications

    1. R On Redfield and Foster1
      1. Sidney W. Mintz
    2. R Comments on the Piltdown Remains
      1. Robert F. Heizer
        Sherburne F. Cook

Technical Notes

    1. R Picture Testing: An Aid to Ethnological Field Work*
      1. Jacob Fried
    2. R Analysis of Exotic Recordings
      1. Jan La Rue
    3. R Punch Cards Applied to Ethnobotanical Research
      1. Vorsila L. Bohrer
    4. R Punch Cards and Dentition Data
      1. Albert A. Dahlberg

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Australian Local Organization
      1. A. R. Radcliffe-Brown
    2. R A Note on Rouse's"The Circum-Caribbean Theory, An Archeological Test"
      1. Theodore Stern
    3. R Reply
      1. Irving Rouse
    4. R Spaulding's Review of Ford I
      1. James A. Ford
    5. R Boas, Space and Time
      1. Peter Kunkel
    6. R The International Directory of Anthropological Institutions
      1. George L. Trager

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL AND THEORETICAL: Structure and Function in Primitive Society: Essays and Addresses. A. R. Radcliffe-Brown. With a foreword by E. E. Evans-Pritchard and F. Eggan.
      1. George Caspar Homans
    2. R Book Reviews
    3. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: American Indians in the Pacific: The Theory behind the Kon Tiki Expedition. Thor Heyerdahl.
      1. Ralph Linton
    4. R Book Reviews
    5. R Race and Class in Rural Brazil. Charles Wagley (ed.).
      1. James B. Watson
    6. R African Folktales and Sculpture. Folktales selected and edited by Paul Radin with the collaboration of Ellnore Marvel; introduction to the tales by Paul Radin
      1. Richard A. Waterman
    7. R Verwanischap, Stand en Sexe in Zuid-Celebes. H. Th. Chabot.
      1. John M. Echols
    8. R Florentine Codex, General History of the Things of New Spain, Book 3: The Origin of the Gods. Fray Bernadino de Sahagun. Translated by A. J. O. Anderson and C. H. Dibble.
      1. J. Eric S. Thompson
    9. R History of the Calumet and of the Dance. Jacques le Sueur. Translated by Richard P. Breaden.
      1. John Witthoft
    10. R Tarascan Folk Religion: An Analysis of Economic, Social, and Religious Interactions. Pedro Carrasco
      1. George M. Foster
    11. R La Formation des Grands Domaines au Mexique: Terre et Société aux XVI-XVII Siècles. François Chevalier.
      1. Ralph L. Beals
    12. R Die Religiösen Vorstellungen der Mordwinen. Uno Harva.
      1. D. B. Shimkin
    13. R Säden Torkar: Sädesuppsättningar i Sverige 1850–1900: en ethnologisk undersokning (Grain Drying: Sheaf Arrangement in Sweden, 1850–1900: An Ethnological Investigation). Eerik Laid.
      1. Sven Liljeblad
    14. R The Lozi Peoples of North-Western Rhodesia. V. W. Turner.
      1. Lloyd Fallers
    15. R Ethnographie der Belu in Zentral Timor. B. A. G. Vroklage, S.V.D. Leiden: E. J. Brill
      1. Cora Du Bois
    16. R Vorgeschichte der Lausitz. Jiri Neustupny. Translated from Czech by Ernst Palm.
      1. Marija Gimbutas
    17. R Backgrounds of Human Fertility in Puerto Rico: A Sociological Survey. Paul K. Hatt.
      1. Frederick P. Thieme
    18. R Book Reviews
    19. R Porto Rican Prehistory: Introduction: Excavations in the West and North: Excavations in the Interior, South, and East: Chronological Implications. Irving Rouse.
      1. Gordon R. Willey
    20. R Kiva Mural Decorations at Awatovi and Kawaika-a, with a Survey of Other Wall Paintings in the Pueblo Southwest. Watson Smith.
      1. Edward P. Dozier
    21. R The Spiro Mound. Henry W. Hamilton.
      1. William G. Haag
    22. R The Near East and the Foundations for Civilization. Robert J. Braidwood.
      1. W. F. Albright
    23. R The Pleistocene Geology and Prehistory of Uganda, Part II: Prehistory. C. Van Riet Lowe.
      1. Carleton S. Coon
    24. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Evolution Emerging: A Survey of Changing Patterns from Primeval Lqe t o Man, WILLIAM KING GREGORY.
      1. William L. Straus
    25. R LINGUISTICS: La Langue Berbere. Andre Basset.
      1. Joseph H. Greenberg
    26. R Languages of West Africa. Dietrich Westermann and M. A. Bryan.
      1. William E. Welmers
    27. R Bibliography of Child Language. Werner F. Leopold.
      1. Thomas A. Sebeok
    28. R Bibliographie des Langues Aymará et Kioua, Vol. 2. Paul Rivet and Georges de Créqui-Montfort.
      1. Allan Holmberg
    29. R OTHER: Intelligence and Cultural Differences. Kenneth Eells, Allison Davis, Robert J. Havighurst, Virgil E. Herrick, and Ralph Tyler
      1. Charles F. Harding III