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Original Article

    1. R The Manifest Content of Dreams: a Challenge to Social Science
    2. R Evolution and Historical Process
      1. KENNETH E. BOCK
    3. R Ghosts, Ifaluk, and Teleological Functionalism
    4. R The Population as a Unit of Study1
    5. R Intercultural Relations at Great Whale River*
    6. R The Nature of Myth and Society

Book Review

    1. R General and Theoretical. The Civilizations of Ancient America: Selected Papers of the XXIXth International Congress of Americanists. Edited by Sol Tax, with an introduction by Wendell C
      1. Robert Wauchope
    2. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Heritage of Conquest: The Ethnology of Middle America. Sol Tax and others
      1. Arden R. King
    3. R Ethnology and Ethnography: The Four Ages of Tsurai: A Documentary History of the Indian Village on Trinidad Bay. Robert F. Heizer and John E. Mills
      1. P. Drucker
    4. R Ethnology and Ethnography: The Tsimshian: Their Arts and Music. Viola E. Garfield, Paul S. Wingert, and Marius Barbeau
      1. June McCormick Collins
    5. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Freshwater Fish and Fishing in Native North America. Erhard Rostlund
      1. Fred Kniffen
    6. R Ethnology and Ethnography: The Black Carib of British Honduras. Douglas MacRae Taylor
      1. Charles Wagley
    7. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Minangkabau and Negri Sembilan: Socio-Political Structure in Indonesia. Patrick Edward de Josselin de Jong
      1. Fred Eggan
    8. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Property, Kin, and Community on Truk. Ward H. Goodenough
      1. William A. Lessa
    9. R Ethnology and Ethnography: L'lle de Pâques. Alfred Métraux
      1. Robert H. Lowie
    10. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Song, Dance, and Customs of Peasant Poland. Sula Benet
      1. Earl W. Count
    11. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Life Is With People: The Jewish Little-Town of Eastern Europe. Mark Zborowski and Elizabeth Herzog
      1. Raphael Patai
    12. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Plantation County. Morton Rubin
      1. George E. Simpson
    13. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Psychoethnography. The Psychosocial Analysis of a Hopi Life-History. David Friend Aberle
      1. Victor Barnouw
    14. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Chamorros and Carolinians of Saipan. Alice Joseph and Veronica F. Murray
      1. Ernest Beaglehole
    15. R Folklore: A Mohave Historical Epic. A. L. Kroeber
      1. George H. Fathauer
    16. R Archeology: Excavations at the Njoro River Cave: Stone Age Cremated Burials in Kenya Colony. M. D. Leakey and L. S. B. Leakey. Foreword by W. E. Le Gros Clark
      1. Hallam L. Movius
    17. R Archeology: Cave Explorations in Iran 1949. Carleton S. Coon
      1. Robert J. Braidwood
    18. R Archeology: Early Man in the Eden Valley. John H. Moss in collaboration with Kirk Bryan, G. William Holmes, Linton Satterthwaite, Jr., Henry P. Hansen, C. Bertrand Schultz, W. D. Frankforter
      1. Frank H. H. Roberts
    19. R Archeology: Greenhouse: A Troyville-Coles Creek Site in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana, James A. Ford
      1. Jesse D. Jennings
    20. R Archeology: Kincaid: A Prehistoric Illinois Metropolis. Fay-Cooper Cole and others.: The Woodland Cultures in Southern Illinois: Archaeological Excavations in the Carbondale Area. Moreau S. Maxwell
      1. David A. Baerreis
    21. R Other: Radiocarbon Dating. Willard F. Libby
      1. Donald Collier
    22. R Other: Personality and Government: Findings and Recommendations of the Indian Administration Research. Laura Thompson
      1. Edward A. Kennard
    23. R Other: Communication: The Social Matrix of Psychiatry. Jurgen Ruesch and Gregory Bateson
      1. William Caudill
    24. R Other: Mathematical Biology of Social Behavior. Nicolas Rashevsky
      1. Gordon D. Gibson
    25. R Other: War and Human Progress: An Essay on the Rise of Industrial Civilization. John U. Nef.: Tensions Affecting International Understanding: A Survey of Research. Otto Klineberg.: Psychological Factors of Peace and War. Edited by T. H. Pear
      1. Marian W. Smith

Book Notes

    1. R American Social Insects. A Book about Bees, Ants, Wasps, and Termites. Charles D. Michener and Mary H. Michener

Letter to the Editor

    1. R Head-Hunting in New Guinea
      1. Stephen W. Reed

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Rejoinder
      1. Justus M. Kroef
    2. R On Goldschmidt's "Ethics and the Structure of Society"
      1. Lloyd A. Fallers
    3. R Anthropology and Public Health
      1. Arne Barkhuus
    4. R Rejoinder
      1. George P. Murdock

Brief Communications

    1. R On Daifuku's New Conceptual Scheme for the Prehistoric Southwest1
      1. John B. Rinaldo
    2. R Keresan Witchcraft
      1. E. Adamson Hoebel
    3. R A Survival of the Meso-American Bachelor House*
      1. Richard N. Adams
    4. R Witchcraft in Menomini Acculturation1
      1. Louise S. Spindler
    5. R On the Origin of North Indo-Europeans
      1. Marija Gimbutas