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Original Article

    1. R Bbitish Social Anthropology
    2. R Contempobary British Social Anthropology
    3. R Social Status, Wealth and Individual Differences Among the Yoruba1
      1. William R. Bascom
    4. R Ethics and the Structure of Society: an Ethnological Contribution to the Sociology of Knowledge
    5. R The Identity of the"Paduca"; an Ethnohistorical Analysis
      1. FRANK R. SECOY
    6. R Robert Hamilton Barlow, 1918–1951
      1. NORMAN A. McQUOWN

Book Reviews

    1. R General and Theoretical: Area Research: Theory and Practice. Julian H. Steward
      1. Fred Eggan
    2. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Fighting with Property, A Study of Kwakiutl Potlatching and Warfare, 1792–1930. Helen Codere
      1. H. G. BARNETT
    3. R Ethnology and Ethnography: The Book of the Jaguar Priest: A Translation of the Book of Chilam Balam of Tizimin with Commentary. Maud W. Makemson
      1. J. Eric S. Thompson
    4. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Quiroga, A Mexican Municipio. Donald D. Brand, assisted by Jose Corona Nuñez
      1. Oscar Lewis
    5. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Material Culture of Kapingamarangi. Te Rangi Hiroa(Peter H. Buck)
      1. Beatrice Blackwo
    6. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Die Drei Ströme, Züge aus dem Geistigen und Religiösen Leben der Wemale, einem Primitiv-Volk in den Molukken. Ad. E. Jensen
      1. Bruno Lasker
    7. R Folklore: The Kumulipo: A Hawaiian Creation Chant. Trans, and ed. with commentary by Martha Warren Beckwith
      1. Edwin G. Burrows
    8. R Folklore: A Bibliography of North American Folklore and Folksong. Charles Kaywood
      1. Stith Thompson
      1. Paul L. Garvin
    10. R Linguistics: Language of the Sierra Miwok. L. S. Freeland
      1. Stanley Newman
    11. R Linguistics: The Language of the Papago of Arizona. J. Alden Mason
      1. Stanley Newman
    12. R Archeology: The Stratigraphy and Archaeology of Ventana Cave, Arizona. Emil W. Haury
      1. A. V. Kidder
    13. R Archeology: Atlas de Préhistoire. Vol. I: Stations préhistoriques; Archéologie préhistorique de l'Europe. H. Alimen
      1. T. D. McCown
    14. R Archeology: Archaeology of Southern Veraguas, Panama. Samuel K. Lothrop
      1. John M. Longyear
    15. R Physical Anthropology: Varieties of Delinquent Youth, An Introduction to Constitutional Psychiatry. William H. Sheldon with the collaboration of Emil M. Hartl and Eugene McDermott
      1. S. L. Washburn
    16. R Physical Anthropology: Statement on Race. M. F. Ashley Montagu
      1. Gabriel Lasker
    17. R Physical Anthropology: This Is Race. An Anthology Selected from the International Literature on the Races of Man. Selected, Edited and with an Introduction by Earl W. Count
      1. Frederick S. Hulse
    18. R Psychoethnogbaphy: Reality and Dream: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian. George Devereux
      1. William Caudill
    19. R Psychoethnogbaphy: Childhood and Society. Erik H. Erikson
      1. Francis L. K. Hsu
    20. R Other: The Moral Life and the Ethical Life. Eliseo Vivas
      1. Clyde Kluckhohn
    21. R Other: A History of Medicine. Volume I: Primitive and Archaic Medicine. Henry E. Sigerist
      1. T. D. Stewart
    22. R Other: Geography of the Pacific. Edited by Otis W. Freeman
      1. Douglas Oliver
    23. R Other: Race Relations in a Democracy. Ina Corinne Brown
      1. Otto Klineberg
    24. R Other: Unraveling Juvenile Delinquency. Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck
      1. S. L. Washburn

Book Notes

    1. R Book Notes

Publications Received

    1. R Publications Received

Letters to the Editor

    1. R The Declining Descent Rule for Rank in Thailand: A Correction
      1. Mary R. Haas
    2. R Oliver's Review of Riesenfeld: A Reply
      1. Alphonse Riesenfeld
    3. R Anthropology and Scientific Method
      1. Robert S. Hartman
    4. R Nosegear and the Lacandones
      1. Jacques Soustelle

Brief Communications

    1. R A Program for Micronesian Archaeology
      1. Kenneth P. Emory
        Edwarw D. Gifford
        Gordon Macgregor
        Douglaos Sborne
        Alexander Spoehr
    2. R Ethnocentbism and Ingroup Consciousness
      1. Richard N. Adams
    3. R International Labor Office, Resolutions on Indigenous Labor
      1. Horace Miner
    4. R The Mohave"Ghost Doctor"
      1. George H. Fathauer

Notes and News

    1. R Notes and News

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