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Original Article

    1. R Language and the Analysis of Social Laws
    2. R Reaction and Interaction: A Food Gathering People and European Settlement in Australia
      1. A. P. ELKIN
    3. R The Economics of Pilagá Food Distribution1
      1. JULES HENRY
    4. R Acculturation at Caughnawaga: A Note on the Native-Modified Group1
      1. FRED VOGET
    5. R Patterns of Gesture Among the Levantine Arabs1
      1. W. D. BREWER
    6. R The Ethnological and Archeological Significance of Zamia
      1. HALE G. SMITH

Book Reviews

    1. R Social Anthropology. J. S. Slotkin
      1. Joseph B. Casagrande
    2. R An Introduction to Social Anthropology, Vol. 1. Ralph Piddington
      1. E. Adamson Hoebel
    3. R Der Urmensch und sein Weltbild. Wilhelm Koppers
      1. Paul L. Garvin
        Karl Schmitt
    4. R Social Organization of the Western Pueblos. Fred Eggan
      1. George P. Murdock
    5. R Tribe under Trust: A Study of the Blackfoot Reserve of Alberta. Lucien M. Hanks, Jr. and Jane Richardson Hanks
      1. John J. Honigmann
    6. R Nomads of the Long Bow: the Siriono of Eastern Bolivia. Allan R. Holmberg
      1. James B. Watson
    7. R Book Reviews
    8. R The Megalithic Culture of Melanesia. A. Riesenfeld
      1. Douglas L. Oliver
    9. R The Technology of a Modern Stone Age People in New Guinea. Beatrice Blackwood
      1. E. W. Gifford
    10. R The Alphabet: A Key to the History of Mankind. David Diringer
      1. A. L. Kroeber
    11. R Maya Hieroglyphic Writing: Introduction. J. Eric S. Thompson
      1. Lawrence Roys
    12. R Amerikanistisches Wörterbuch. Georg Friederici
      1. Paul Kirchhofp
    13. R Early Man in the New World. Kenneth Macgowan
      1. Wm. Duncan Strong
    14. R The Moa-Hunter Period of Maori Culture. Roger Duff
      1. Ralph Linton
    15. R Prehistoria de América. Salvador Canals Frau
      1. John Howland Rowe
    16. R Genetics and the Races of Man. An Introduction to Modern Physical Anthropology. William C. Boyd
      1. J. N. Spuhler
    17. R Hollywood, The Dream Factory–An Anthropologist Looks at the Movie-Makers. Hortense Powdermaker
      1. Ralph Linton
    18. R White Settlers and Native Peoples. A. Grenfell Price
      1. Morris E. Opler

Book Notes


Letters to the Editor

    1. R Letters to the Editor
      1. A. L. Kroeber

Brief Communications

    1. R Levirate among the Cheremis as Reflected by Their Songs*
      1. Thomas A. Sebeok

Original Article

    1. R The Viking Fund Summer Seminars in Physical Anthropology
      1. Robert W. Ehrich
    2. R UNESCO AND Anthropology*
      1. A. Metraux
    3. R An Early Precursor of Anthropology–J. R. Forster
      1. George M. Sheahan

Notes and News

    1. R Notes and News


      1. Elman R. Service

Report of the Editor

      1. William H. Gilbert