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Original Article

    1. R Urbanism, Urbanization and Acculturation*
      1. Ralph L. Beals
    2. R Lewis H. Morgan's Western Field Trips*
      1. Leslie A. White
    3. R An Historical Résumé of the Concept of Differences in Indian Types
      1. T. D. Stewart
        Marshall T. Newman
    4. R Murngin Social Organization
      1. A. R. Radcliffe-Brown
    5. R Resistance to Acculturation and Assimilation in an Indian Pueblo
      1. Edward P. Dozier
    6. R Frank Gouldsmith Speck, 1881–1950
      1. A. Irving Hallowell

Book Reviews

    1. R General and Theoretical: Ortsbestimmung der Gegenwart. Eine universalgeschichtliche Kulturkritik. Erster Band: Ursprung der Herrschaft. Alexander Rüstow
      1. W. Eberhard
    2. R ETHNOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY: American Indian Sculpture. PAUL S. WINGERT
      1. F. H. Douglas
    3. R World Renewal. A Cult System of Native Northwest California. A. L. Kroeber and E. W. Gifford
      1. Erminie W. Voegelin
    4. R A Village that Chose Progress: Chan Kom Revisited. Robert Redfield
      1. Ralph L. Beals
    5. R The Teda of Tibesti, Borku, and Kawar in the Eastern Sahara. Walter Cline
      1. Helen E. Hause
    6. R Lushai Chrysalis. Anthony Gilchrist McCall, O. B. E
      1. John F. Embree
    7. R Book Reviews
    8. R Forgotten Religions. Vergilius Ferm, editors
      1. John J. Honigmann
    9. R FOLKLORE: The Funk and Wagnails Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Vol. I, A-I. Maria Leach, editor
      1. Gladys A. Reichard
    10. R Russian Folklore. Y. M. Sokolov. Translated by Catherine Ruth Smith
      1. D. B. Shimkin
    11. R Maui-of-a-Thousand-Tricks: His Oceanic and European Biographers. Katharine Luomala
      1. J. E. Weckler
    12. R Linguistics: A Word Geography of the Eastern United States. Hans Kurath
      1. G. Bonfante
    13. R Physical Anthropology: Races, A Study of the Problems of Race Formation in Man. Carleton S. Coon, Stanley M. Garn, and Joseph B. Birdsell
      1. L. C. Dunn
    14. R ARCHEOLOGY: Franciscan Awatovi. The Excavation and Conjectural Reconstruction of a 17th-Century Spanish Mission Establishment at a Hopi Indian Town in Northeastern Arizona. Ross Gordon Montgomery, Watson Smith, and John Otis Brew, with an Appendix by J. Franklin Ewing, S.J
      1. George Kubler
    15. R Archeology of the Florida Gulf Coast. Gordon R. Willey
      1. Philip Phillips
    16. R Maranga: Contribución al Conocimiento de Los Abortgenes del Valle del Rimac, Peru. Jacinto Jijon y Caamaño
      1. Gordon R. Willey
    17. R The Neolithic Period in Bulgaria. James Harvey Gaul
      1. Robert W. Ehrich
    18. R Ancient Man in North America. H. M. Wormington. With an Appendix by Ernst Antevs
      1. John L. Cotter
    19. R Book Reviews
    20. R OTHER: Good Will and Ill Will. A Study in Moral Judgments. Frank Chapman Sharp
      1. Clyde Kluckhohn
    21. R Mesure de I'Homme. Remy Collin
      1. J. N. Spuhler
    22. R The Nature of Natural History. Marston Bates
      1. Clyde Kluckhohn
    23. R Social Science Research Methods. Wilson Gee
      1. Baur Jackson

Book Notes


Letters to the Editor

    1. R Applied Anthropology and the Administration
      1. John L. Fischer
    2. R National Character and War
      1. Jules Henry
    3. R Re: Ethnocentric Anthropologists
      1. Douglas G. Haring
    4. R Historical Sequences on Bougainville
      1. R. Thurnwald
    5. R More on the Origin of Incest Rules
      1. Frederick Rose

Brief Communications

    1. R United Nations Economic and Security Council, Statement by Experts on Problems of Race
      1. A. Metraux
    2. R The Girls' Puberty Ceremony of Umnak, Aleutian Islands
      1. Charles I. Shade
    3. R Lacandon Nasal Ornaments
      1. Sol Tax
    4. R A Trephined Indian Skull From Illinois?
      1. J. C. McGregor
        W. L. Wadlow

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