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Original Article

    1. R Observations on the Study of Kinship
    2. R The Concept of Myth and the Problem of Psychocultural Evolution1
    3. R Ulithi and the Outer Native World*
    4. R A Shoshone Innovator1
      1. FRED VOGET
    5. R John Montgomery Cooper, 1881–1949

Book Reviews

    1. R General and Theoretical: General Anthropology. Harry Holbert Turney-High
      1. Harry Hoijer
    2. R General and Theoretical: Mirror 170r Man. Clyde Kluckhchn
      1. Erna Gunther
    3. R General and Theoretical: Social Structure. George Peter Murdock
      1. Morris Edward Opler
    4. R General and Theoretical: Primitive Art. Leonhard Adam
      1. D. B. Stout
    5. R Ethnology and Ethnography: The Kalingas, Their Instilulions and Custom Law. R. F. Barton
      1. Cora DuBois
    6. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Adat Law in Indonesia. B. Ter Haar
      1. I. Schapera
    7. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Tuamotuan Religious Structures and Ceremonies. Kenneth P. Emory
      1. E. G. Burrows
    8. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Aranda Traditions. T. G. H. Strehlow
      1. D. S. Davidson
    9. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Die Bambuti-Pygmaen vom Ituri, Vol. 2, Part 2. Paui Schebesta
      1. Erika Eichhorn
    10. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Land Hotding and Land Usage among the Plateau Tonga of Mazabuka District. W. Allen, Max Gluckman, D. U. Peters, C. G. Trapnell, with additional sections by J. H. M. Mcnaughton and D. W. Conroy
      1. Kalervo Oberg
    11. R Ethnology and Ethnography: Chopi Musicians: Their Music, Poetry atid Instrumenls. HUGH TRACEY
      1. Richard A. Waterman
    12. R Archeology: Andean Culture History. Wendell C. Bennett and Junius B. Bird
      1. Gordon R. Willey
    13. R Archeology: An Ancient Site at Borax Lake, California. Mark Raymond Harrington
      1. L. S. Cressman
    14. R Physical Anthropology: Tepexpan Man. Helmut De Terra, Javier Romero, and T. D. Stewart
      1. Robert Wauchope
    15. R Physical Anthropology: Indian Skeletal Material from the Central Coast of Peru. Marshall T. Newman: A Comparative Racial Study of the Papago. Norman E. Gabel: The Physique of Young Adult Males. W. J. Martin
      1. Frederick S. Hulse
    16. R Physical Anthropology: Physical Anthropology of a Mexican Population in Texas. A Study in Race Mixture. Arthur Randolph Kelly
      1. Marcus S. Goldstein
    17. R Other: The Philosophy of Ernst Cassirer, Edited by Paul Arthur Schilpp
      1. A. Irving Hallowell
    18. R Other: The Vertical Man: A Study in Primitive Indian Sculpture. W. G. Archer
      1. Marian W. Smith
    19. R Other: The Proper Study of Mankind: An Inquiry into the Science of Human Relations. Stuart Chase: Human Relations in a Changing World: Observations on the Use of the Social Sciences. Alexander H. Leighton
      1. John Useem
    20. R Other: The Uniform of Colour: A Study of White-Black Relationships in Swaziland. Hilda Kuper
      1. Walter R. Goldschmidt
    21. R Other: Cybernetics, or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine. Norbert Wiener
      1. Eliot D. Chapple
    22. R Other: Metaphysik des Untergangs: eine Kulturkritische Studie über Oswald Spengler. Manfred Schröter
      1. A. L. Kroeber
    23. R Other: The Family Revolution in Modern China. Marion J. Levy
      1. Robert F. Spencer
    24. R Other: Gegenwarts-Probleme Berliner Familien; eine soziologische Untersuchung an 498 Familien. Hilde Thurnwald
      1. Robert H. Lowie

Book Notes

    1. R Book Notes

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Letters to the Editor: Language "and" Culture: A Protest
      1. Charles F. Hockett
    2. R Comment on Taylor's "A Study of Archeology"
      1. Robert F. Burgh
    3. R Rejoinder
      1. Walter W. Taylor

Brief Communications

    1. R A New Method of Choreographic Notation
      1. Gertrude P. Kurath
    2. R On the Reliability of Some Written Sources of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
      1. A. Lipschutz
    3. R Annual Report, 1948–1949, Division of Anthropology and Psychology, National Research Council
      1. A. Irving Hallowell

Notes and News

    1. R Notes and News


    1. R Report

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