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    1. R Departures and Arrivals
      1. Tom Boellstorff


    1. R Editorship, Value, and American Anthropology
      1. Tom Boellstorff
    2. R Response: Editorship, Generous Anthropology, and American Anthropologist
      1. Agustín Fuentes
    3. R Response: Beyond the "Monumental“ Role of Journal Publication
      1. Michael Silverstein
    4. R Editorial Work as Public Anthropology
      1. Barbara Rose Johnston
    5. R Anatomy of an Article: The Peer-Review Process as Method
      1. Neha Vora
        Tom Boellstorff
    6. R Reflections on American Anthropology: A Conference at UC Irvine
      1. Chima Michael Anyadike-Danes
        Michael Briante
        Emily Brooks
        Benjamin Cox
        Padma Govindan
        Ellie Harmon
        Melissa King
        Lisa Newon
        Justin Dieter Andres Perez
        Simone Popperl
        R. Lila Steinberg
        Lisa Thorne
        Leah Zani


    1. R What Is Science in Anthropology?
      1. Peter Peregrine
        Yolanda T. Moses
        Alan Goodman
        Louise Lamphere
        James Lowe Peacock


    1. R Career Subjectivities in U.S. Anthropology: Gender, Practice, and Resistance
      1. Keri Vacanti Brondo
        Linda A. Bennett
    2. R Managing Muslim Visibility: Conversion, Immigration, and Spanish Imaginaries of Islam
      1. Mikaela Rogozen-Soltar
    3. R Brand, Citationality, Performativity
      1. Constantine V. Nakassis
    4. R The Virtuous Tourist: Consumption, Development, and Nongovernmental Governance in a Mozambican Village
      1. João Afonso Baptista
    5. R Hunting in Ancient and Modern Amazonia: Rethinking Sustainability
      1. Glenn H. Shepard Jr.
        Taal Levi
        Eduardo Góes Neves
        Carlos A. Peres
        Douglas W. Yu
    6. R Multiple Ontologies and the Problem of the Body in History
      1. Oliver J. T. Harris
        John Robb


    1. R Digital Himalaya and the Collaborative Publishing Experience
      1. Georgina Drew
    2. R PUKAR and the Human Right to Research
      1. Manissa McCleave Maharawal
    3. R Living among "Things of Value“: Stephan Schwartzman, Indigenous Restitution, and Forest (Carbon) Conservation
      1. Sian Sullivan


    1. R Mi Chacra (My Land) by Jason Burlage, dir.
      1. Cathy Costin
    2. R Roots of Love by Harjant Gill, dir.
      1. Jennifer Cool
    3. R Pink Saris by Kim Longinotto, dir.
      1. Geoffrey Clarfield
    4. R We Still Live Here—Âs Nutayuneân by Anne Makepeace, dir.
      1. Amy E. Den Ouden
    5. R Dancing for the Dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan by Marc L. Moskowitz, dir.
      1. Gary Seaman
    6. R The Polyphony of Ceriana: The Compagna Sacco by Hugo Zemp, dir.
      1. Anna L. Wood


    1. R Social Anthropology and Human Origins by Alan Barnard
      1. Mary Prendergast
    2. R Neoliberal Frontiers: An Ethnography of Sovereignty in West Africa by Brenda Chalfin
      1. Adia Benton
    3. R Pushing for Midwives: Homebirth Mothers and the Reproductive Rights Movement by Crista Craven
      1. Khiara M. Bridges
    4. R Masquerade and Postsocialism: Rituals and Cultural Dispossession in Bulgaria by Gerald W. Creed
      1. Ilia Iliev
    5. R Maya Nationalisms and Postcolonial Challenges in Guatemala: Coloniality, Modernity, and Identity Politics by Emilio del Valle Escalante
      1. Abigail E. Adams
    6. R Saigon's Edge: On the Margins of Ho Chi Minh City by Erik Harms
      1. Christina Schwenkel
    7. R Holy Harlots: Femininity, Sexuality, and Black Magic in Brazil by Kelly Hayes
      1. Gina Hunter
    8. R Networking Futures: The Movements against Corporate Globalization by Jeffery J. Juris
      1. Maple Razsa
    9. R Spirits of Protestantism: Medicine, Healing, and Liberal Christianity by Pamela E. Klassen
      1. Ellen Badone
    10. R Apprenticeship in Critical Ethnographic Practice by Jean Lave
      1. Michael Herzfeld
    11. R Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State by David H. Price
      1. Gretchen Schafft
    12. R Gray Panthers by Roger Sanjek
      1. Laura Nader
    13. R Islam and Modernity in Turkey by Brian Silverstein
      1. Ilay Romain Ors
    14. R Dangerous or Endangered: Race and the Politics of Youth in Urban American by Jennifer Tilton
      1. Alford Young Jr.


    1. R Elizabeth M. Brumfiel (1945–2012)
      1. Jeffrey R. Parsons
        Deborah L. Nichols