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    1. R Three Tips for Making Peer Review Work for You
      1. Tom Boellstorff


    1. R A Sea Change in Anthropology? Public Anthropology Reviews
      1. Melissa Checker
        David Vine
        Alaka Wali


    1. R Direct Male Care and Hominin Evolution: Why Male–Child Interaction Is More Than a Nice Social Idea
      1. Lee T. Gettler
    2. R The Soviet Sausage Renaissance
      1. Neringa Klumbytė
    3. R Precarious Subjects: Anticipating Neoliberalism in Northern Italy's Workplace
      1. Noelle J. Molé
    4. R A Moment Dead, a Moment Alive: How a Situational Personhood Emerges in the Vegetative State in an Israeli Hospital Unit
      1. Nurit Bird-David
        Tal Israeli
    5. R The Absorption Hypothesis: Learning to Hear God in Evangelical Christianity
      1. T. M. Luhrmann
        Howard Nusbaum
        Ronald Thisted
    6. R Producing Absolute Truth: CSI Science as Wishful Thinking
      1. Corinna Kruse
    7. R Revisiting Hrdlička and Boas: Asymmetries of Race and Anti-Imperialism in Interwar Anthropology
      1. Robert Oppenheim
    8. R A Conflicted Legacy: Paul Sidney Martin as Museum Archaeologist, 1925–38
      1. Stephen E. Nash
    9. R A Method for Measuring the Motion of Culture
      1. Greg Urban


    1. R Blogging Anthropology: Savage Minds, Zero Anthropology, and AAA Blogs
      1. David H. Price
    2. R Anthropologist as Prognosticator: Gillian Tett and the Credit Derivatives Market
      1. Michael G. Powell
    3. R Human Rights on the Border
      1. Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz
    4. R Archaeology and the Problem of the Public
      1. Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh
    5. R Sidewalk Radio: Anthropology as Resource to Promote Health, Labor Rights, and Visual Media (
      1. Jim Igoe
    6. R Ethnography for the Digital Age: http://www.YouTube/ Digital Ethnography (Michael Wesch)
      1. Alaka Wali


    1. R Kabul Transit edited by David Edwards, Gregory Whitmore, and Maliha Zulfacar
      1. Bill Nichols
    2. R Dani Films edited by Karl G. Heider
      1. Richard Baxstrom
    3. R Born into Brothels edited by Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski
      1. Joshua Hotaka Roth
    4. R Fate of the Lhapa edited by Sarah Sifers
      1. David K. Jordan
    5. R WOYO TV ("Inside Oyotunji") edited by Oyotunji
      1. Colin Townsend


    1. R Histories and Anthropologies of Citizenship by James Holston
      1. Brodwyn Fischer
    2. R Material Cultures, Material Minds: The Impact of Things on Human Thought, Society, and Evolution by Nicole Boivin
      1. Susan D. Gillespie
    3. R Pillars of the Nation: Child Citizens and Ugandan National Development by Kristen Cheney
      1. Sverker Finnström
    4. R Rancheros in Chicagoacán: Language and Identity in a Transnational Community by Marcia Farr
      1. James H. McDonald
    5. R The Archaeology of Native-Lived Colonialism: Challenging History in the Great Lakes by Neal Ferris
      1. Kurt A. Jordan
    6. R The Modern Period: Menstruation in Twentieth-Century America by Lara Freidenfelds
      1. Patricia Whelehan
    7. R Dilemmas of Modernity: Bolivian Encounters with Law and Liberalism by Mark Goodale
      1. Bret Gustafson
    8. R Spirits and Letters: Reading, Writing and Charisma in African Christianity by Thomas Kirsch
      1. Kristina Wirtz
    9. R The Politics of Women's Rights in Iran by Arzoo Osanloo
      1. Ilana Feldman
    10. R Speaking with the Ancestors: Mississippian Stone Statuary of the Tennessee-Cumberland Region by Kevin Smith and James Miller
      1. Timothy R. Pauketat
    11. R Island of Shame: The Secret History of the U.S. Military Base on Diego Garcia by David Vine
      1. Katherine McCaffrey
    12. R Modern Noise, Fluid Genres: Popular Music in Indonesia, 1997–2001 by Jeremy Wallach
      1. Henry Spiller
    13. R The Mermaid's Tale: Four Billion Years of Cooperation in the Making of Living Things by Kenneth Weiss and Anne Buchanan
      1. John H. Relethford
    14. R Households and Hegemony: Early Creek Prestige Goods, Symbolic Capital, and Social Power by Cameron Wesson
      1. David Hally


    1. R Rhoda Halperin (1946–2009)
      1. William P. Mitchell
    2. R John Francis Marchment Middleton (1921–2009)
      1. Deborah Pellow