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Research Articles

    1. R Kinship and Deep History: Exploring Connections between Culture Areas, Genes, and Languages
      1. Doug Jones
    2. R Griddles, Ovens, and Agricultural Origins: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Bread Baking in Highland Ethiopia
      1. Diane Lyons
        A. Catherine D'Andrea
    3. R Transforming Institutions among Pastoralists: Inequality and Land Privatization
      1. Carolyn K. Lesorogol
    4. R Gift Remitting and Alliance Building in Zambian Modernity: Old Answers to Modern Problems
      1. Lisa Cliggett


    1. R Rethinking Global and Area Studies: Insights from Caribbeanist Anthropology
      1. Karla Slocum
        Deborah A. Thomas

Ethics Forum

    1. R The Transatlantic Trade in African Ancestors: Mijikenda Memorial Statues (Vigango) and the Ethics of Collecting and Curating Non-Western Cultural Property
      1. Monica L. Udvardy
        Linda L. Giles
        John B. Mitsanze

Exchange Across Difference

    1. R Margaret Mead, Reo Fortune, and Mountain Arapesh Warfare
      1. Paul Roscoe
    2. R Margaret Mead and the Culture of Forgetting in Anthropology: A Response to Paul Roscoe
      1. Micaela di Leonardo


    1. R The Outsider Within: Margery Wolf and Feminist Anthropology
      1. Lisa Rofel

Visual Anthropology

    1. R Principles, Publicity, and Politics: Notes on Human Rights Media
      1. Meg McLagan

Museum Anthropology

    1. R Reconfiguring Kodiak: The Past and the Present in the Present
      1. Molly Lee
        Nelson Graburn
    2. R Coexistence: Contemporary Cultural Production in South Africa
      1. Mark Auslander
    3. R Aztecs. Royal Academy of Arts, London
      1. George F. Lau

Book Reviews

    1. R Public Environmental Archaeology
      1. David L. Browman
    2. R Arab and Muslim America: Emergent Scholarship, New Visibility, Conspicuous Gap in Academe
      1. Fadwa El Guindi
    3. R Subject to Colonialism: African Self-Fashioning and the Colonial Library
      1. Mary A. Porter
    4. R Medical Anthropology and African American Health.
      1. Andrea Sankar
    5. R Contested Landscapes: Movement, Exile and Place
      1. Denise Lawrence-Zuniga
    6. R The Future of the Past: Archeologists, Native Americans, and Repatriation.
      1. C. Timothy McKeown
    7. R An Island Archaeology of the Early Cyclades
      1. Bernice Kurchin
    8. R Anti-Indianism in Modern America: A Voice from Tatekeya's Earth
      1. Vine Deloria
    9. R Serving the Word: Literalism in America from the Pulpit to the Bench
      1. Wayne Proudfoot
    10. R The European Union and Migrant Labour
      1. Jeffrey Cole
    11. R Elites: Choice, Leadership and Succession
      1. Marisol Pérez Lizaur
    12. R Against Culture: Development, Politics, and Religion in Indian Alaska
      1. Sergei Kan
    13. R The Shadows and Lights of Waco: Millennialism Today
      1. Vincent Crapanzano
    14. R Cis Dideen Kat (When the Plumes Rise): The Way of the Lake Babine Nation
      1. Daniel L. Boxberger
    15. R An Amazonian Myth and Its History
      1. Ellen B. Basso
    16. R The Female Circumcision Controversy: An Anthropological Perspective
      1. Alma Gottlieb
    17. R Archaeology and the Modern World: Colonial Transcripts in South Africa and the Chesapeake
      1. Mary C. Beaudry
    18. R The Teacup Ministry and Other Stories: Subtle Boundaries of Class
      1. Jane Adams
    19. R Llamas, Weavings, and Organic Chocolate: Multicultural Grassroots Development in the Andes and Amazon of Bolivia
      1. Kathleen B. Lowrey
    20. R Developing Poverty: The State, Labor Market Deregulation, and the Informal Economy in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic
      1. Carlos Sandoval-García
    21. R Image Makers: Advertising, Public Relations and the Ethos of Advocacy
      1. Gary McDonogh
        Cindy Wong
    22. R Last Rites for the Tipu Maya: Genetic Structuring in a Colonial Cemetery
      1. Heather McKillop
    23. R War and Slavery in Sudan
      1. Margaret Louise Brown
    24. R Failure of Treatment
      1. Terence E. Hays
    25. R Shaikhdoms of Eastern Arabia
      1. Huda Seif
    26. R Critical Approaches to Fieldwork: Contemporary and Historical Archaeological Practice
      1. Robert Paynter
    27. R The Anthropology of Love and Anger: The Aesthetics of Conviviality in Native Amazonia
      1. Janet Chernela
    28. R Violent Environments
      1. Joel Wallman
    29. R Belonging: Australians, Place and Aboriginal Ownership
      1. Michèle D. Dominy
    30. R Contraception across Cultures: Technologies, Choices, Constraints.
      1. Celia Roberts
    31. R Culture in Practice: Selected Essays
      1. Alexander Alland
    32. R Anthropological Approaches to Psychological Medicine: Crossing Bridges
      1. L. L. Langness
    33. R Gender Archaeology
      1. Elizabeth M. Brumfiel
    34. R The Archaeology of Difference: Negotiating Cross-Cultural Engagements in Oceania
      1. Carmel Schrire
    35. R Social Aging in a Delhi Neighborhood
      1. Satish Kedia
    36. R African Roots/American Cultures: Africa in the Creation of the Americas.
      1. Norman E. Whitten


    1. R John Desmond Clark (1916–2002)
      1. Nicholas Toth
        Kathy Schick
    2. R Munro Sterling Edmonson (1924–2002)
      1. Victoria R. Bricker
    3. R Marvin Harris (1927–2001)
      1. Maxine L. Margolis
        Conrad Phillip Kottak
    4. R Jagna Wojcicka Sharff (1934–2001)
      1. Ida Susser