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Special Centennial Issue Articles

    1. R Introduction
      1. Regna Darnell
        Frederic W. Gleach
    2. R Anthropology in the 20th Century and Beyond
      1. Ward H. Goodenough
    3. R Missing Links: A Commentary on Ward H. Goodenough's Moving Article "Anthropology in the 20th Century and Beyond"
      1. Laura Nader
    4. R The American Anthropological Association and the Values of Science, 1935-70
      1. Susan R. Trencher
    5. R The Four Subfields: Anthropologists as Mythmakers
      1. Robert Borofsky
    6. R Linguistic Magic Bullets in the Making of a Modernist Anthropology
      1. Charles L. Briggs
    7. R Anthropological Professionalization and the Virginia Indians at the Turn of the Century
      1. Frederic W. Gleach
    8. R The Peabody Museum, Frederic W. Putnam, and the Rise of U.S. Anthropology, 1866-1903
      1. David L. Browman
    9. R The First Boasian: Alfred Kroeber and Franz Boas, 1896-1905
      1. Ira Jacknis
    10. R "Mrs. Landes Meet Mrs. Benedict": Culture Pattern and Individual Agency in the 1930s
      1. Sally Cole
    11. R A Gifted Amateur: The Case of George Washington Ellis
      1. Vernon J. Williams
    12. R First Recipients of Anthropological Doctorates in the United States, 1891-1930
      1. Jay H. Bernstein
    13. R Lessons from Appalachia in the 20th Century: Poverty, Power, and the "Grassroots"
      1. Mary K. Anglin
    14. R Patch Choice Decisions among Ifaluk Fishers
      1. Richard Sosis
    15. R Anthropological Knowledge and Native American Cultural Practice in the Liberal Polity
      1. James P. Boggs
    16. R Why Don't Anthropologists Like Children?
      1. Lawrence A. Hirschfeld


    1. R Picturing Culture: A Response to a Review
      1. Jay Ruby


    1. R Joseph Harold Greenberg (1915-2001)
      1. Michael Silverstein
    2. R James Bennett Griffin 1905-97
      1. Richard I. Ford
    3. R Morton Klass (1927-2000)
      1. Herbert S. Lewis
    4. R Herbert C. Kraft (1927-2000)
      1. Charles A. Bello
        Richard Veit

Museum Anthropology

    1. R Remembering Our Indian School Days: The Boarding School Experience
      1. Karl A. Hoerig

Visual Anthropology

    1. R Fredrik Barth: From Fieldwork to Theory
      1. Janet E. Benson
    2. R High Noon in the Rain Forest
      1. Edgardo Krebs
    3. R Making Forest of Bliss: Intention, Circumstance, and Chance in Nonflction Film
      1. Roderick Coover
        Lucien Taylor
    4. R The Ethnographer's Eye: Ways of Seeing in Modern Anthropology: Visual Methods in Social Research
      1. Lucien Taylor
    5. R Herdsmen
      1. John Bishop
        Naomi Bishop
    6. R Padlei Diary, 19S0. An Account of the Padleimiut Eskimo in the Keewatin District West of Hudson Bay during the Early Months of 1950 as Witnessed
      1. Sarah Elder

Book Review Section

    1. R Historical Archaeologies of Global Capitalism and Colonization
      1. Paul R. Mullins
    2. R Drawing on Cultural Memory: Self and Other in Native American Ledger Art
      1. William K. Powers

Book Reviews

    1. R American Muse: Anthropological Excursions into Art and Aesthetics
      1. Hildred Geertz
    2. R Animal Traditions
      1. Thelma Rowell
    3. R On the Move: How and Why Animals Travel in Groups
      1. Marilyn A. Norconk
    4. R Twelve Thousand Years: American Indians in Maine
      1. Harald E.L. Prins
    5. R Unity of Heart: Culture and Change in a Polynesian Atoll Society
      1. Alan Howard
    6. R Primate Conservation Biology
      1. Lisa M. Rose
    7. R Remaking a World: Violence, Social Suffering, and Recovery
      1. J. Christopherkovats-Bernat
    8. R Fleeting Identities: Perishable Material Culture in Archaeological Research
      1. Angela Gordon
    9. R Linguistic Anthropology: A Reader
      1. Patrick Eisenlohr
    10. R Human Natures: Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect
      1. Robert W. Sussman
    11. R On Fertile Ground: A Natural History of Human Reproduction
      1. Nadine R. Peacock
    12. R To Die in This Way: Nicaraguan Indians and the Myth of Mestizaje, 1880-1965
      1. Thomas Maloney
    13. R Culture: The Anthropologists' Account
      1. Aram A. Yengoyan
    14. R Cultivating Dissent: Work, Identity and Praxis in Rural Languedoc
      1. Thomas K. Schippers
    15. R Encompassing Others: The Magic of Modernity in Melanesia
      1. Don Gardner
    16. R The Maya Diaspora: Guatemalan Roots, New American Lives
      1. Tracy Duvall
    17. R Coming of Age in Post-Soviet Russia
      1. Christopher Kaplonski
    18. R Taking a Stand in a Postfeminist World: Toward an Engaged Cultural Criticism
      1. Françise Dussart
    19. R Prayer Has Spoiled Everything: Possession, Power and Identity in an Islamic Town of Niger
      1. Erin Stiles
    20. R Audit Society: Rituals of Verification: Audit Cultures: Anthropological Studies in Accountability, Ethics and the Academy
      1. David Lempert
    21. R Archaeology and Created Memory: Public History in a National Park
      1. Lu Ann de Cunzo
    22. R Infanticide by Males and Its Implications
      1. Agustin Fuentes

    1. R AA Annual Report: November 1, 2000-October 31, 2001
      1. Robert W. Sussman
        Linda K. Sussman