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    1. R Anthropology! Distinguished Lecture—2000
      1. Laura Nader

Contemporary Issues Forum

    1. R The Anthropology in American Historical Archaeology
      1. Charles E. Orser
    2. R The Spiritual Conquest of La Florida
      1. Bonnie G. McEwan
    3. R Mangling Symbols of Gentility in the Wild West: Case Studies in Interpretive Archaeology
      1. Adrian Praetzellis
        Mary Praetzellis
    4. R Public Memory and the Search for Power in American Historical Archaeology
      1. Paul A. Shackel
    5. R Food and Social Relations at Nina Plantation
      1. Elizabeth M. Scott
    6. R The Role of Hunting to Cope with Risk at Saragossa Plantation, Natchez, Mississippi
      1. Amy L. Young
        Michael Tuma
        Cliff Jenkins
    7. R Introduction: Social Welfare and Welfare Reform
      1. Jo Anne Schneider
    8. R Reforming Women in the United States and Aotearoa/New Zealand: A Comparative Ethnography of Welfare Reform in Global Context
      1. Catherine Kingfisher
        Michael Goldsmith
    9. R Transforming the Safety Net: Responses to Medicaid Managed Care in, Rural and Urban New Mexico
      1. Sarah Horton
        Joanne McCloskey
        Caroline Todd
        Marta Henriksen
    10. R The Agency of Welfare Workers: Negotiating Devolution, Privatization, and the Meaning of Self-Sufficiency
      1. Sandra Morgen
    11. R Hard Times on 125th Street: Harlem's Poor Confront Welfare Reform
      1. Katherine S. Newman
    12. R I Helped Build That: A Demonstration Employment Training Program for Homeless Youth in Toronto, Canada
      1. Rae Bridgman


    1. R Germaine Dieterlen (1903-1999)
      1. Luc De Heusch
    2. R Stuart Piggott (1910-1996)
      1. Niall M. Sharples
    3. R Rudolf Schenda (1930-2000)
      1. Regina Bendix

Museum Anthropology

    1. R Gifts of Pride and Love: The Cultural Significance of Kiowa and Comanche Lattice Cradles
      1. Kathleen Whitaker
    2. R How to Not Exhibit Ethnographic Art
      1. William C. Sturtevant
    3. R Seeing Is Believing
      1. Sophia Vackimes

Visual Anthropology

    1. R Stranger with a Camera
      1. Patricia Beaver
    2. R Lafanni Selavi
      1. Erika Bourguignon
        Mary Howard
    3. R A Month in the Life of Ephtim D.: A Portrait of a Bulgaria Pensioner.
      1. Andre Simic
        Sadie Moore
    4. R Sixteen Decisions
      1. Daniel R. Gross
    5. R Homeland.
      1. Thomas Biolsi
    6. R The Mystery of Chaco Canyon
      1. Lauren W. Ritterbush

Book Review Section

    1. R Europe, Continent of Migrants
      1. Jeffrey Cole
    2. R Poverty and Downward Mobility in the Land of Opportunity
      1. Catherine Kingfisher
    3. R Is There a Political Ecology of the Sierra Leonean Landscape?
      1. A. Endre Nyerges
    4. R Politically Compromised Scholars, or What German Scholars Working under Missions, National Socialism, and the Marxist-Leninist German Democratic Republic Can Teach Us
      1. Karla Poewe

Book Reviews

    1. R Models for the Millennium: Great Basin Anthropology Today
      1. Don D. Fowler
    2. R Historical Archaeology: Back from the Edge
      1. Richard Veit
    3. R Sacred Objects and Sacred Places: Preserving Tribal Traditions
      1. Deward E. Walker
        Peter N. Jones
    4. R Assembling the Past: Studies in the Professionalization of Archaeology
      1. Claude N. Warren
    5. R Reading the Body: Representations and Remains in the Archaeological Record
      1. LeRoy McDermott
    6. R The Archaeology Education Handbook: Sharing the Past with Kids
      1. P. Ann Kaupp
    7. R Cahokia: The Great Native American Metropolis
      1. John E. Kelly
    8. R Reinventing Identities: The Gendered Self in Discourse
      1. Robin Queen
    9. R Linguistic Variation as Social Practice: The Linguistic Construction of Identity in Belten High
      1. Kathryn A. Woolard
    10. R The Salish Language Family: Reconstructing Syntax.
      1. David Beck
    11. R The Human Career: Human Biological and Cultural Origins
      1. Milford Wolpoff
    12. R Extinct Humans
      1. Jeffrey K. McKee
    13. R Bugis Navigation
      1. Richard Feinberg
    14. R Potlatch at Gitsegukla
      1. Harry F. Wolcott
    15. R Mass Mediations: New Approaches to Popular Culture in the Middle East and Beyond; New Media in the Muslim World: The Emerging Public Sphere
      1. Doyle Hatt
    16. R The Elusive Embryo: How Women and Men Approach New Reproductive Technologies
      1. Heléna Ragoné
    17. R Central African Hunter-Gatherers in a Multidisciplinary Perspective: Challenging Elusiveness
      1. John W. Fisher
    18. R Irish America
      1. Marilyn Silverman
    19. R International Folkloristics: Classical Contributions by the Founders of Folklore
      1. Gary R. Butler
    20. R Peasants against Globalization: Rural Social Movements in Costa Rica
      1. John Schelhas
    21. R Expectations of Modernity: Myths and Meanings of Urban Life on the Zambian Copperbelt
      1. Karen Tranberg Hansen
    22. R Available Light: Anthropological Reflections on Philosophical Topics
      1. Pauline Turner Strong
    23. R Is America Breaking Apart?
      1. John U. Ogbu
    24. R The Book of Jerry Falwell: Fundamentalist Language and Politics
      1. Simon Coleman
    25. R Two Sisters and Their Mother: The Anthropology of Incest
      1. Lewellyn Hendrix
    26. R Recovering the Nation's Body: Cultural Memory, Medicine and the Politics of Redemption
      1. Ron Loewe
    27. R Gendered Missions: Women and Men in Missionary Discourse and Practice
      1. Karla Poewe
    28. R White Saris and Sweet Mangoes: Aging, Gender, and Body in North India
      1. Julia Thompson
    29. R Blood and Nation: The European Aesthetics of Race; German Bodies: Race and Representation after Hitler
      1. John R. Eidson
    30. R On the Plaza: The Politics of Public Space and Culture
      1. Robert Rotenberg
    31. R Life in Riverfront: A Middle-Western Town Seen through Japanese Eyes
      1. Thomas H. Johnson
    32. R Grandmother's Grandchild: My Crow Indian Life
      1. Rodney Frey
    33. R Defacement: Public Secrecy and the Labor of the Negative
      1. Beryl Bellman
    34. R Ballet across Borders: Career and Culture in the World of Dancers
      1. Elizabeth Chin
    35. R Elusive Culture: Schooling, Race, and Identity in Global Times
      1. James Fraser
    36. R Accounting for Tastes: Australian Everyday Cultures
      1. E. L. Cerroni-Long
    37. R Gesture in Naples and Gesture in Classical Antiquity
      1. Jack H. Prost
    38. R Cultures under Siege: Collective Violence and Trauma
      1. Avram Bornstein
    39. R Tibetan Border Worlds: A Geohistorical Analysis of Trade and Traders
      1. Andrew E. Manzardo


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