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    1. R AA Statement on Sussman Resignation
      1. Louise Lamphere
        Don Brenneis


    1. R Deferred Harvests: The Transition from Hunting to Animal Husbandry
      1. Michael S. Alvard
        Lawrence Kuznar
    2. R Politics with Style: Identity Formation in Prehispanic Southeastern Mesoamerica
      1. Edward M. Schortman
        Patricia A. Urban
        Marne Ausec
    3. R Sports, Gambling, and Government: America's First Social Compact?
      1. Warren D. Hill
        John E. Clark
    4. R Classic Maya State, Urbanism, and Exchange: Chipped Stone Evidence of the Copán Valley and Its Hinterland
      1. Kazuo Aoyama
    5. R The Moral Economy of Water: Equity and Antiquity in the Andean Commons
      1. Paul Trawick
    6. R The Social Mobility of the Haratine and the Re-Working of Bourdieu's Habitus on the Saharan Frontier, Morocco
      1. Hsain Ilahiane
    7. R Evaluating Five Models of Human Colonization
      1. John H. Moore
    8. R A River Runs through Us
      1. Brett Williams


    1. R WHEN: A Conversation about Culture
      1. Robert Borofsky
        Fredrik Barth
        Richard A. Shweder
        Lars Rodseth
        Nomi Maya Stolzenberg
    2. R The Passion of Franz Boas
      1. Herbert S. Lewis
    3. R The Idea of Power and the Power of Ideas: A Review Essay
      1. Stanley R. Barrett
        Sean Stokholm
        Jeanette Burke
    4. R Beyond Theology: Toward an Anthropology of "Fundamentalism"
      1. Judith Nagata


    1. R On Reviews in Anthropology and in Response to Jo C. Scheder's Review of Theorizing Self in Samoa
      1. Jeannette Mageo
    2. R A Response to Jeannette Mageo's Commentary "On Reviews in Anthropology and in Response to Jo C. Scheder's Review of Theorizing Self in Samoa"
      1. Jo C. Scheder


    1. R James Van Gundia Neel (1915-2000)
      1. Susan Lindee
    2. R Kenneth Lee Pike (1912-2000)
      1. Thomas N. Headland
    3. R Laura Maud Thompson (1905-2000)
      1. Nancy J. Parezo

Museum Anthropology

    1. R A Small Exhibit on the Agta and Their Future
      1. P. Bion Griffin
    2. R African Roots of the Amistad Revolt
      1. Monni Adams

Visual Anthropology

    1. R Beyond Picturing Culture: A Critique of a Critique
      1. Fadwa El Guindi

Book Review Section

    1. R The Connecting Sea: History, Anthropology, and the Mediterranean
      1. Henk Driessen
    2. R Anthropology and Globalization
      1. E. Paul Durrenberger
    3. R "Our" Anthropology of Technoscience?
      1. David Hakken
    4. R Dancing the Nation
      1. Anya Peterson Royce
    5. R The Machete and the Cross: Campesino Rebellion in Yucatan: The Conquest of the Last Maya Kingdom: Río Azul: An Ancient Maya City
      1. Anabel Ford
    6. R Clovis Blade Technology; Clovis Revisited: New Perspectives on Paleoindian Adaptations from Blackwater Draw, New Mexico; Folsom Lithic Technology: Explorations in Structure and Variation
      1. Robson Bonnichsen
    7. R The Archaeology of Regional Interaction: Religion, Warfare and Exchange across the American Southwest and Beyond
      1. Edward Schortman
    8. R Beyond Chiefdoms: Pathways to Complexity in Africa
      1. Adria La Violette
    9. R Star Gods of the Maya: Astronomy in Art, Folklore, and Calendars
      1. Norman Hammond
    10. R Inigo of Rancho Posolmi: The Life and Times of a Mission Indian
      1. Edward M. Luby
    11. R Ants for Breakfast: Archaeological Adventures among the Kalinga
      1. P. Bion Griffin
    12. R Manifesting Power: Gender and the Interpretation of Power in Archaeology
      1. Traci Ardren
    13. R Metaphor and Material Culture
      1. Gerald L. Pocius
    14. R The Languages of Native North America
      1. Willem J. De Reuse
    15. R The Irish Language in Northern Ireland: The Politics of Culture and Identity
      1. Karen V. Armstrong
    16. R Patterns of Human Growth
      1. Francis E. Johnston
    17. R Forensic Osteological Analysis: A Book of Case Studies
      1. Marc R. Feldesman
    18. R Why Sex Matters: A Darwinian Look at Human Behavior
      1. Steven Gaulin
    19. R The Mentalities of Gorillas and Orangutans: Comparative Perspectives
      1. Agustin Fuentes
    20. R Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior
      1. Carol R. Ember
    21. R Lawrence of Arabia: A Film's Anthropology
      1. Don Conway-Long
    22. R Cooperation and Community: Economy and Society in Oaxaca
      1. Ronald Waterbury
    23. R The Pleasure of the Crown: Anthropology, Law and First Nations; Incorporating the Familiar: An Investigation into Legal Sensibilities in Nunavik
      1. Jo-Anne Fiske
    24. R Reflexive Ethnography: A Guide to Researching Selves and Others
      1. Tamar Diana Wilson
    25. R The European Family: An Historico-Anthropological Essay
      1. Mary Kay Gilliland
    26. R The Estuary's Gift: An Atlantic Coast Cultural Biography
      1. David J. Bernstein
    27. R Representations of Blackness and the Performance of Identities; Signs of Diaspora, Diaspora of Signs: Literacies, Creolization, and Vernacular Practice in African America
      1. Charles V. Carnegie
    28. R Culture of Stone: Sacred and Profane Uses of Stone among the Dani
      1. John E. Dockall
    29. R Racial Situations: Class Predicaments of Whiteness in Detroit
      1. Lorraine D. Kenny
    30. R What Causes Men's Violence against Women?
      1. Kersti Yllo
    31. R Lady Friends: Hawaiian Ways and the Ties That Define
      1. Judith S. Modell
    32. R Drive Dull Care Away: Folksongs from Prince Edward Island
      1. Roger DeV. Renwick
    33. R Dying for Growth: Global Inequality and the Health of the Poor
      1. Spencer Moore
    34. R Theorizing the City: The New Urban Anthropology Reader
      1. Ruth H. Landman
    35. R Of Two Minds: The Growing Disorder in American Psychiatry
      1. Seth D. Messinger
    36. R Lushootseed Culture and the Shamanic Odyssey; An Anchored Radiance
      1. Brian Thom
    37. R Some Spirits Heal, Others Only Dance: A Journey into Human Selfhood in an African Village; Everyday Spirits and Medical Interventions: Ethnographic and Historical Notes on Therapeutic Conventions in Zanzibar Town
      1. Judy Rosenthal
    38. R Cloth, Dress and Art Patronage in Africa
      1. Helen Callaway
    39. R The Loss of Innocents: Child Killers and Their Victims
      1. Jill E. Korbin
    40. R Hunters and Gatherers in the Modern World: Conflict, Resistance and Self-Determination
      1. James Suzman
    41. R The Population of Europe: A History
      1. John W. Sheets
    42. R Managing the Historic Rural Landscape; Managing Historic Sites and Buildings: Reconciling Presentation and Preservation
      1. Donald Hardesty
    43. R Iceman: Uncovering the Life and Times of a Prehistoric Man Found in an Alpine Glacier
      1. Janet E. Levy
    44. R Nature and Culture in the Andes
      1. Karl Zimmerer
    45. R Material Culture
      1. Hkokazu Miyazaki

    1. R Annual Report: November 1, 1999-October 31, 2000
      1. Robert W. Sussman