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    1. R Anténor Firmin: Haitian Pioneer of Anthropology
      1. Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban
    2. R Rethinking Ancient Maya Social Organization: Replacing "Lineage" with "House"
      1. Susan D. Gillespie
    3. R The Noble House in Colonial Puebla, Mexico: Descent, Inheritance, and the Nahua Tradition
      1. John K. Chance
    4. R Representations of Nature on the Mongolian Steppe: An Investigation of Scientific Knowledge Construction
      1. Dee Mack Williams
    5. R "Husband and Wife Do It Together": Sex/Gender Allocation of Labor among the Qhawqhat Lahu of Lancang, Southwest China
      1. Shanshan Du
    6. R Constructivist Models of Mind, Contemporary Psychoanalysis, and the Development of Culture Theory
      1. Douglas Hollan


    1. R From the Editor
      1. Robert W. Sussman
    2. R What Anthropology Can Do for Psychology: Facing Physics Envy, Ethnocentrism, and a Belief in "Race"
      1. Jefferson M. Fish
    3. R What Psychology Can Do for Anthropology, or Why Anthropology Took Postmodernism on the Chin
      1. Patricia M. Greenfield


    1. R Patrick Edward de Josselin de Jong (1922–1999)
      1. Peter T. Suzuki
        Han F. Vermeulen
    2. R Delmos Jones (1936–1999)
      1. Ida S. Susser
    3. R Ashley Montagu (1905–1999)
      1. Susan Sperling

Museum Anthropology

    1. R Body Art
      1. William J. Peace
    2. R Redefining the Ethnographic Object: An Anthropology Museum Turns Fifty
      1. Saloni Mathur
    3. R Canaan and Ancient Israel
      1. Steven A. Rosen

Visual Anthropology

    1. R Malinowsk's Kiriwina: Fieldwork Photography 1915–1918
      1. Elizabeth Edwards
    2. R Bear's Hiding Place: Ishi's Last Refuge
      1. Brian D. Haley
    3. R Paradise Bent
      1. Lowell D. Holmes
    4. R The Life and Times of Sara Baartman: The Hottentot Venus
      1. Robert Gordon
    5. R For These Eyes
      1. Antonius C. G. M. Robben
    6. R The Third Eye: Race, Cinema, and Ethnographic Spectacle; Experimental Ethnography: The Work of Film in the Age of Video
      1. Ralph A. Litzinger

Book Review Section

    1. R Coming from the Caribbean: Knowledge Production and Cultural Transformations
      1. A. Lynn Bolles
    2. R Authenticating (and Inauthenticating) Local Moral Worlds: Ethnographies of Interpersonal Experience
      1. Joan Cassell
    3. R The Inside Story
      1. Lawrence A. Hirschfeld
    4. R Stress and Emotional Health: Applications of Clinical Anthropology
      1. David Paul Lumsden
    5. R Settlement Pattern Studies in the Americas: Fifty Years since Virú
      1. Barbara L. Stark
    6. R Ancient Oaxaca
      1. Marcus Winter
    7. R Corn in Clay: Maize Paleoethnobotany in Pre-Columbian Art
      1. Frances B. King
    8. R The Land of Prehistory: A Critical History of American Archaeology
      1. Jonathan E. Reyman
    9. R The Peoples of the Middle Niger: The Island of Gold
      1. Kassim Kone
    10. R Eden in the East: The Drowned Continent of Southeast Asia
      1. John Edward Terrell
    11. R Zooarchaeology
      1. Anne Pike-Tay
    12. R The Persistence of Sail in the Age of Steam: Underwater Archaeological Evidence from the Dry Tortugas
      1. Adam I. Kane
    13. R Indigenous South Americans of the Past and Present: An Ecological Perspective
      1. Janet M. Chernela
    14. R Lexical Acculturation in Native American Languages
      1. Margaret Bender
    15. R Function, Selection, and lnnateness: The Emergence of Language Universals
      1. Nick Ciccotosto
    16. R Language, Identity, and Marginality in Indonesia: The Changing Nature of Ritual Speech on the Island of Sumba
      1. Janet Hoskins
    17. R Neandertals and Modern Humans in Western Asia
      1. Joào Zilhão
    18. R Structure and Contingency: Evolutionary Processes in Life and Human Society
      1. Susan Cachel
    19. R Perspectives on Human Sexuality
      1. Wenda Trevathan
    20. R The Origins of Complex Language: An Inquiry into the Evolutionary Beginnings of Sentences, Syllables, and Truth
      1. Philip Lieberman
    21. R The Nonhuman Primates
      1. Marilyn A. Norconk
    22. R Pathways of Memory and Power: Ethnography and History among an Andean People
      1. Daniel M. Goldstein
    23. R Money and Modernity: State and Local Currencies in Melanesia
      1. Webb Keane
    24. R The Need for Enemies: A Bestiary of Political Forms
      1. Usha Menon
    25. R Holy Writ as Oral Lit: The Bible as Folklore
      1. Reuben Ahroni
    26. R The Anthropology of Welfare
      1. Susan Brin Hyatt
    27. R Introduction to Action Research: Social Research for Social Change
      1. David Mills
    28. R Cyborgs @ Cyberspace?: An Ethnographer Looks to the Future
      1. Susan Parman
    29. R The Trading Crowd: An Ethnography of the Shanghai Stock Market
      1. Robert L. Moore
    30. R Kindreds of the Earth: Badaga Household Structure and Demography
      1. Alaka Basu
    31. R AIDS Alibis: Sex, Drugs and Crime in the Americas
      1. Merrill Singer
    32. R Theorizing Self in Samoa: Emotions, Genders, and Sexualities
      1. Jo C. Scheder
    33. R Muslim Rulers and Rebels: Everyday Politics and Armed Separatism in the Southern Philippines
      1. John P. Thorp
    34. R Illness and Culture in the Postmodern Age
      1. James Bell
    35. R The Political Lives of Dead Bodies: Reburial and Postsocialist Change
      1. Deema Kaneff
    36. R The Kalahari Ethnographies (1896–1898) of Siegfried Passarge: Nineteenth Century Khoisan and Bantu-Speaking Peoples
      1. Johannes Raum
    37. R Against Relativism: Cultural Diversity and the Search for Ethical Universals in Medicine
      1. Hans A. Baer
    38. R A Água e o Homem na Várzea do Careiro
      1. Henrique Pereira