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    1. R Five Feuds: An Analysis of Homicides in Eastern Kentucky in the Late Nineteenth Century
      1. Keith F. Otterbein
    2. R The Health Consequences of Cultural Consonance: Cultural Dimensions of Lifestyle, Social Support, and Arterial Blood Pressure in an African American Community
      1. William W. Dressler
        James R. Bindon
    3. R Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Power and Powerlessness of Transnational Narratives among Gay Martinican Men
      1. David A. B. Murray
    4. R The Ethnography of Landscape: GIS and Remote Sensing in the Study of Forest Change in West African Guinea Savanna
      1. A. Endre Nyerges
        Glen Martin Green
    5. R Sal/Manteca/Panela: Ethnoveterinary Practice in Highland Ecuador
      1. Lynn Hirschkind
    6. R Moments of Hierarchy: Constructing Social Stratification by Means of Language, Food, Space, and the Body in Pohnpei, Micronesia
      1. Elizabeth Keating


    1. R In Defense of Color Categories in Thought and Language (Hardin and Maffi, eds.): A Response to B. A. C. Saunders's Review
      1. Paul Kay
    2. R Reply to Hardin & Maffi and Kay
      1. Barbara Saunders


    1. R Louis Dumont (1911-1998): A Committed Distancing
      1. Jean-Claude Galey
    2. R Morris Edward Opler (1907-1996)
      1. Anthony K. Webster
        Scott Rushforth

Museum Anthropology

    1. R Expect a Different Story: Portraying the Contemporary Plateau
      1. Rebecca J. Dobkins
    2. R Clay People
      1. J. C. H. King
    3. R The Georgia and South Carolina Coastal Expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore; The East Florida Expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore
      1. John Scarry
    4. R Mande Potters and Leatherworkers: Art and Heritage in West Africa
      1. Olivier P. Gosselain

Visual Anthropology

    1. R Mending Ways: The Canela Indians of Brazil
      1. Donald Pollock
    2. R Katsa Baba: Humorous Dramas
      1. Beth A. Conklin
    3. R Earl's Canoe: A Traditional Ojibwe Craft
      1. Nancy Oestreich Lurbe
    4. R In Whose Honor? American Indian Mascots in Sports
      1. Circe Sturm
    5. R American Gypsy: A Stranger in Everybody's Land
      1. Matt T. Salo
    6. R La Genèse
      1. Paul Stoller
    7. R Inagina: The Last House of Iron
      1. Els A. Baerends

Book Review Section

    1. R The Ethnography of Contradiction: Studying Post-Unification Germany
      1. Roberta Fiske-Rusciano
    2. R Culture and the Future
      1. James Peacock
    3. R Archaeology of Prehistoric Native America: An Encyclopedia
      1. George M. Crothers
    4. R Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley Civilization
      1. Kenneth A. R. Kennedy
    5. R Chiefdoms and Chieftaincy in the Americas
      1. Marshall Joseph Becker
    6. R African-American Pioneers in Anthropology
      1. Lee D. Baker
    7. R The Material Life of Human Beings: Artifacts, Behavior, and Communication
      1. Bryan Byrne
    8. R The Early Days of Sociolinguistics: Memories and Reflections
      1. William O. Beeman
    9. R The Primate Anthology: Essays on Primate Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation from Natural History
      1. Natalie Vasey
    10. R Hormones, Health, and Behavior: A Socio-Ecological and Lifespan Perspective
      1. Darna L. Dufour
    11. R Primate Locomotion: Recent Advances
      1. Robert L. Anemone
    12. R Clash of Spirits: The History of Power and Sugar Planter Hegemony on a Visayan Island
      1. Brian Howell
    13. R An Anthropology for Contemporaneous Worlds
      1. John D. Studstill
    14. R Brushed by Cedar, Living by the River: Coast Salish Figures of Power
      1. Brian Thom
    15. R The Woman in the Surgeon's Body
      1. Lucy M. Cohen
    16. R Social Assessments for Better Development: Case Studies in Russia and Central Asia
      1. David Abramson
    17. R Across the Boundaries of Belief: Contemporary Issues in the Anthropology of Religion; Religion and Magic: Approaches and Theories
      1. Michael Winkelman
    18. R Childbirth and Authoritative Knowledge: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
      1. Mary Elaine Jones
    19. R Using Methods in the Field: A Practical Introduction and Casebook; Creative Problem Solving in the Field
      1. Christine L. Fry
    20. R History, Power, Ideology: Central Issues in Marxism and Anthropology
      1. Michael Francisconi
    21. R Missing Persons: A Critique of Personhood in the Social Sciences
      1. James G. Carrier
    22. R Carnival and Culture: Sex, Symbol, and Status in Spain
      1. Mary M. Crain
    23. R The Gift of Life: Female Spirituality and Healing in Northern Peru
      1. Anne C. Larme
    24. R Economic Anthropology
      1. Duran Bell
    25. R Keep Your Head to the Sky: Interpreting African American Home Ground
      1. Evelyn Newman Phillips
    26. R Postcolonial Developments: Agriculture in the Making of Modern India
      1. R. S. Khare
    27. R Sambia Sexual Culture: Essays from the Field
      1. Alexandra A. Brewis
    28. R Cooperative Learning in Context: An Educational Innovation in Everyday Classrooms
      1. Wiluam New
    29. R Images of Savages: Ancient Roots of Modern Prejudice in Western Culture
      1. Deborah Kaspin
    30. R Population, Gender and Politics: Demographic Change in Rural North India
      1. Rebecca L. Upton
    31. R Sex, Sexuality, and the Anthropologist
      1. Meena Khandelwal
    32. R Gender, Law, and Resistance in India
      1. McKim Marriott
    33. R Rural Revolt in Mexico: U.S. Intervention and the Domain of Subaltern Politics
      1. Cheleen Mahar
    34. R New Traditions from Nigeria: Seven Artists of the Nsukka Group
      1. Dele Jegede
    35. R Ritual and Myth in Odawa Revitalization: Reclaiming a Sovereign Place
      1. Nancy Peterson Walter
    36. R Anthropology of Food: The Social Dynamics of Food Security
      1. Beverly Nagel
    37. R Ritual and Religion in the Making of Humanity
      1. Aram A. Yengoyan
    38. R Deadly Developments: Capitalism, States and War
      1. Anna Simons
    39. R Waorani: The Contexts of Violence and War
      1. Klmberley Cook
    40. R Small Wars: The Cultural Politics of Childhood
      1. Jane L. Helleiner
    41. R Heart of Heaven, Heart of Earth and Other Mayan Folktales
      1. Robert M. Carmack
    42. R The Anthropology of Korea: East Asian Perspectives
      1. Soo-Young Chin
    43. R Farmers of the Golden Bean: Costa Rican Households and the Global Coffee Economy
      1. Robert Jarvenpa
    44. R Putting Islam to Work: Education, Politics, and Religious Transformation in Egypt
      1. Andrew Shryock
    45. R Being There: Fieldwork in Anthropology
      1. Shu-Min Huang
    46. R Tribal Epistemologies: Essays in the Philosophy of Anthropology
      1. Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer
    47. R Morality and Cultural Differences
      1. Petra Rethmann
    48. R Playing Indian
      1. Ann McMullen
    49. R Splitting the Difference: Gender and Myth in Ancient Greece and India
      1. Kevin McGrath
    50. R An African Classical Age: Eastern and Southern Africa in World History, 1000 B.C. to A.D 400
      1. N. Thomas Håkansson
    51. R Numbers from Nowhere: The American Indian Contact Population Debate
      1. Cameron B. Wesson
    52. R Seize the Dance! BaAka Musical Life and the Ethnography of Performance
      1. Marjorie A. Franken
    53. R Trading Identities: The Souvenir in Native North American Art from the Northeast, 1700–1900
      1. Molly Lee
    54. R The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: Africa
      1. Thomas Turino

    1. R Annual Report: November 1,1998–October 31,1999
      1. Robert W. Sussman