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    1. R Introduction: From the "New Ecology" to the New Ecologies
      1. Aletta Biersack
    2. R Cognizing "Cognized Models"
      1. Eric R. Wolf
    3. R The New Ecological Anthropology
      1. Conrad P. Kottak
    4. R Green Dots, Pink Hearts: Displacing Politics from the Malaysian Rain Forest
      1. J. Peter Brosius
    5. R Of Shrimps and Spirit Possession:Toward a Political Ecology of Resource Management in Northern Madagascar
      1. Lisa L. Gezon
    6. R The Mount Kare Python and His Gold: Totemism and Ecology in the Papua New Guinea Highlands
      1. Aletta Biersack
    7. R Land, Stories, and Resources: Discourse and Entification in Onabasulu Modernity
      1. Thomas M. Ernst
    8. R Explaining Religion without Explaining It Away: Trust, Truth, and the Evolution of Cooperation in Roy A. Rappaport's "The Obvious Aspects of Ritual"
      1. John M. Watanabe
        Barbara B. Smuts

Research Articles

    1. R Non-Boserupian Ecology and Agricultural Risk: Ethnic Politics and Land Control in the Arid Southwest
      1. Glenn Davis Stone
        Christian E. Downum
    2. R The Magdalenian Colonization of Southern Germany
      1. Michael Jochim
        Cynthia Herhahn
        Harry Starr

Research Report

    1. R Where Will the Baby Sleep? Attitudes and Practices of New and Experienced Parents Regarding Cosleeping with Their Newborn Infants
      1. Helen L. Ball
        Elaine Hooker
        Peter J. Kelly


    1. R Alfred Gell (1945–1997)
      1. Eric Hirsch
    2. R Jesse D. Jennings (1909–1997)
      1. C. Melvin Aikens
    3. R Roy A. "Skip" Rappaport (1926–1997)
      1. Keith Hart
        Conrad Kottak
    4. R Elman Rogers Service (1915–1996)
      1. Thomas G. Harding

Museum Anthropology

    1. R Dimensions of Native America: The Contact Zone
      1. Bonnie G. McEwan
    2. R Native Visions: Evolution in Northwest Coast Art from the Eighteenth through the Twentieth Century
      1. Aldona Jonaitis
    3. R Weaving New Worlds: Southeastern Cherokee Women and Their Basketry
      1. Catherine S. Fowler
    4. R Reflections of a Culture Broker: A View from the Smithsonian
      1. Eric Gable

Visual Anthropology

    1. R Sacrifice of Serpents: The Festival of Indrayani in Kathmandu
      1. Steven M. Parish
    2. R We Are Not Beggars
      1. Andrea Louie
    3. R Creencias de Nuestros Antepasados
      1. Frank Cancian
    4. R Soothsayers, Cigars and San Simon
      1. Walter Randolph Adams
    5. R Chronicle of a Savanna Marriage
      1. Lewis Lama
    6. R Taafe Fanga
      1. Emilie De Brigard
    7. R Keep Her under Control: Law's Patriarchy in India
      1. Lina Fruzzetti
    8. R Crow Indian Photographer: The Work of Richard Throssel
      1. Beatrice Medicine

Book Review Essays

    1. R I Shop, Therefore I Am
      1. Russell Belk
    2. R On the Margin of the Periphery: Culture and Race in Latin America and the Caribbean
      1. Edward F. Fischer
    3. R Nearby Ethnography from the American Heartland
      1. Benita J. Howell

Book Reviews

    1. R The Great Law and the Longhouse: A Political History of the Iroquois Confederacy
      1. Dean R. Snow
    2. R Gifts of Power: Lordship in an Early Indian State
      1. Kathleen D. Morrison
    3. R Pottery in Rajasthan: Ethnoarchaeology in Two Indian Cities
      1. Michel Dietler
    4. R Eastern Shore Indians of Virginia and Maryland
      1. Marshall Joseph Becker
    5. R The Cities of the Ancient Andes
      1. Marc Bermann
    6. R Anthropological Linguistics: An Introduction
      1. Janet Dixon Keller
    7. R Bones in the Basement: Postmortem Racism in Nineteenth-Century Medical Training
      1. Anne L. Grauer
    8. R The Origins of Native Americans: Evidence from Anthropological Genetics
      1. Stephen Zegura
    9. R National Past-Times: Narrative, Representation, and Power in Modern China
      1. Xin Liu
    10. R Africa's Ogun: Old World and New
      1. Misty L. Bastian
    11. R Religions in Practice: An Approach to the Anthropology of Religion
      1. Robert Hefner
    12. R From Duty to Desire: Remaking Families in a Spanish Village
      1. Heidi Kelley
    13. R Women among Women: Anthropological Perspectives on Female Age Hierarchies
      1. Ernestine Friedl
    14. R Water, Culture, and Power: Local Struggles in a Global Context
      1. Thayer Scudder
    15. R Population Dynamics of a Philippine Rain Forest People: The San Ildefonso Agta
      1. Alexandra A. Brewis
    16. R Fieldwork and Families: Constructing New Models for Ethnographic Research
      1. David Sutton
    17. R Between Marriage and the Market: Intimate Politics and Survival in Cairo
      1. Jenny B. White
    18. R Hunger and Shame: Child Malnutrition and Poverty on Mount Kilimanjaro
      1. Miriam S. Chaiken
    19. R Two-Spirit People: Native American Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Spirituality
      1. Ann McMullen
    20. R Indigenous Legal Issues
      1. Howard J. De Nike
    21. R Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara
      1. Glenn Davis Stone
    22. R New Directions in Economic Anthropology
      1. E. Paul Durrenberger
    23. R A Different Kind of War Story
      1. Paul Richards
    24. R The Struggle for Amazon Town: Gurupá Revisited
      1. William H. Fisher
    25. R Europe in the Anthropological Imagination
      1. Jonathan Hearn
    26. R The Convict and the Colonel
      1. Frances E. Mascia-Lees
    27. R Molded in the Image of Changing Woman: Navajo Views on the Human Body and Personhood
      1. Carolyn Epple
    28. R King Kong on 4th Street: Families and the Violence of Poverty on the Lower East Side
      1. James Diego Vigil
    29. R The Force of Irony: Power in the Everyday Life of Mexican Tomato Workers
      1. Deborah Sick
    30. R Usable Pasts: Traditions and Group Expressions in North America
      1. F. Allan Hanson
    31. R From Indians to Chicanos: The Dynamics of Mexican-American Culture
      1. Robert R. Alvarez
    32. R Rethinking Nationalism and Ethnicity: The Struggle for Meaning and Order in Europe
      1. Catherine Wanner
    33. R African Women: A Modern History
      1. Mary H. Moran
    34. R In the Shadow of Marriage: Gender and Justice in an African Community
      1. Jacqueline S. Solway
    35. R The Ephemeral Civilization: Exploding the Myth of Social Evolution
      1. John M. Steinberg