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    1. R Distinguished Lecture in Archeology: Communication and the Future of American Archaeology
      1. Jeremy A. Sabloff
    2. R Cognitive Tracks of Cultural Inheritance: How Evolved Intuitive Ontology Governs Cultural Transmission
      1. Pascal Boyer
    3. R Re-Evaluating Primate Monogamy
      1. Agustin Fuentes
    4. R Schooling and Skipperhood: The Development of Dexterity
      1. Gísli Pálsson
        Agnar Helgason
    5. R Porotic Hyperostosis and Paleoepidemiology: A Forensic Perspective on Anemia among the Ancient Maya
      1. Lori E. Wright
        Francisco Chew
    6. R Infanticide by Male Lions Hypothesis: A Fallacy Influencing Research into Human Behavior
      1. Anne Innis Dagg

Historical Essay

    1. R Classic Anthropology
      1. John W. Bennett

Research Reports

    1. R The Kilopilopitsofy, Kidoky, and Bokyboky: Accounts of Strange Animals from Belo-sur-mer, Madagascar, and the Megafaunal "Extinction Window"
      1. David A. Burney
    2. R High Paternity Certainties of Jewish Priests
      1. James S. Boster
        Richard R. Hudson
        Steven J. C. Gaulin


    1. R "All Made of Fantasy": A Rejoinder to Paul Shankman
      1. Derek Freeman
    2. R All Things Considered: A Reply to Derek Freeman
      1. Paul Shankman
    3. R Anthropology and Race, Then and Now: Commentary on K. Visweswaran, "Race and the Culture of Anthropology"
      1. Herbert S. Lewis
    4. R Response to: K. Visweswaran, "Race and the Culture of Anthropology"
      1. Elizabeth Stassinos


    1. R Gordon W. Hewes (1917-1997): Scholar, Scientist, General Anthropologist
      1. Dorothea Kaschube
        Duane Quiatt
    2. R Mary Douglas Leakey (1913-1996)
      1. David Pilbeam
    3. R T. Dale Stewart (1901-1997): Anthropologist, Administrator, Educator, Gentleman
      1. Donald J. Ortner
    4. R Alfonso Villa Rojas (1906-1998)
      1. Victoria R. Bricker
        Evon Z. Vogt

Museum Anthropology

    1. R Woven by the Grandmothers
      1. Laurie D. Webster
    2. R Drawing Shadows to Stone
      1. Molly Lee
    3. R Constructing Cultures Then and Now
      1. Nelson H. H. Graburn

Visual Anthropology

    1. R The Garifuna Journey
      1. Mark Moberg
    2. R The Land Is Ours
      1. Thomas F. Thornton
    3. R Trinkets and Beads
      1. Clayton Robarchek
        Carole Robarchek
    4. R Sight Unseen
      1. J. Stephen Lansing
    5. R In Darkest Hollywood: Cinema and Apartheid/In Darkest Hollywood: Exploring the Jungles of South Africa's Cinema
      1. Robert J. Gordon
        Glen Elder
    6. R Bosnia Hotel: Kenyan Warriors in Bosnia
      1. Heidi Ernst-Luseno
    7. R Science or Sacrilege: Native Americans, Archaeology and the Law
      1. Pamela Kendall Stone
        Ventura R. Perez
        Debra Martin
    8. R Cross-Cultural Filmmaking: A Handbook for Making Documentary and Ethnographic Films and Videos
      1. Jayasinhji Jhala

Book Review Section

    1. R Don't Cut the Pi Yet!
      1. Alexander Alland
    2. R Ambiguous Discourses: Performative Approaches to Gender and Race
      1. Kelly M. Askew
    3. R Law and Social Norms in the Comparative Study of Islam
      1. John R. Bowen
    4. R L' Appétit Vient en Mangeant
      1. Sidney Mintz
    5. R How Chiefs Come to Power: The Political Economy in Prehistory
      1. Jonathan Haas
    6. R Chronometric Dating in Archaeology, vol. 2
      1. Jeffrey L. Eighmy
    7. R Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa: Archaeology, History, Languages, Cultures, and Environments
      1. Ann B. Stahl
    8. R The Indigenous People of the Caribbean
      1. Neil L. Whitehead
    9. R Language and Conceptualization
      1. Gary B. Palmer
    10. R Old Age in Transition: The Geriatric Ward Revisited
      1. Gillian J. Harper
    11. R Dominion
      1. Alan Walker
    12. R Primate Cognition
      1. Richard W. Byrne
    13. R The Potlatch Papers: A Colonial Case History
      1. Joseph Masco
    14. R Being Muslim the Bosnian Way: Ideology and Community in a Central Bosnian Village
      1. Robert M. Hayden
    15. R Essential Outsiders: Chinese and Jews in the Modern Transformation of Southeast Asia and Central Europe
      1. Alan Smart
    16. R Spectacular Nature: Corporate Culture and the Sea World Experience
      1. Eric Gable
    17. R Nature and Society: Anthropological Perspectives
      1. Paul Shankman
    18. R Quaqtaq: Modernity and Identity in an Inuit Community
      1. Kirk Dombrowski
    19. R Redefining Nature: Ecology, Culture and Domestication
      1. Bonnie McCay
    20. R Latino Cultural Citizenship: Claiming Identity, Space and Rights
      1. Robert R. Alvarez
    21. R Embodied Progress: A Cultural Account of Assisted Conception
      1. Robbie E. Davis-Floyd
    22. R The New History in an Old Museum: Creating the Past at Colonial Williamsburg
      1. Mark P. Leone
    23. R Fields of Wheat, Hills of Blood: Passages to Nationhood in Greek Macedonia, 1870-1990
      1. Gerald W. Creed
    24. R Social Suffering
      1. Vincanne Adams
    25. R Waiting for Rain: Agriculture and Ecological Imbalance in Cape Verde
      1. Nick Shorr
    26. R Coca, Cocaine, and the Bolivian Reality
      1. Michael Painter
    27. R Marketing and Modernity
      1. Eric Arnould
    28. R The Pastoral Tuareg: Ecology, Culture, and Society, vols. 1 and 2
      1. Sharon Hutchinson
    29. R Societies and Nature in the Sahel
      1. Mamadou Baro
    30. R Contested Arctic: Indigenous Peoples, Industrial States, and the Circumpolar Environment
      1. David G. Anderson
    31. R Uncommon Ground: Cultural Landscapes and Environmental Values
      1. Daniel E. Vasey
    32. R Marginality and Modernity: Ethnicity and Change in Post-Colonial Balochistan
      1. Robert L. Canfield
    33. R Open-Economy Politics: The Political Economy of the World Coffee Trade
      1. Jeffery W. Bentley
    34. R A Concise History of World Population
      1. James W. Wood
    35. R Demographic Diversity and Change in the Central American Isthmus
      1. George L. Cowgill

Index to Volume 100

    1. R Index to Volume 100